Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas – I love the Ikea hack. I love the versatility of being able to take cheap, functional furniture and turn it into something beautiful and special. I’ve had these IKEA Trofast units for about 5 years now… I’ve moved them around the house many times. I’ve never liked the way they look, but I’ve had a hard time getting rid of them because they work so well!

Not bad right? But not necessarily a beautiful ornament. My first plan when updating something… a room or furniture… is always to paint. Color is always the answer. With these words, I hesitated to pick up the brush because of all the sniffling. Also, I was hesitant to use regular spray paint because of the durability…I have 4 kids under the age of 9 who use it every day!

Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas

The solution came when I was introduced to Rust-Oleum Chalked Paint earlier this year. It has the coverage and durability of chalk paint… with the ease of spray painting! I’ve used it for several projects over the past few months, so I already knew how much I liked it.

Ikea Toy Storage Hacks (to Make Your Home Beautiful Again)

As with any paint project, the first step was to clean the equipment of any dust or dirt. I took them into my garage and put them under a wire to spray. This color goes on so well! I ended up using just one coat and a few touch ups when needed. The trick with this or any spray paint is to not be too thick to stop the drips! Slow and steady!

There are many reasons why I love this spray paint, but one of the biggest is that in most cases you don’t need to apply a base because of the stickiness. It sticks to everything and gives great coverage!

After painting them all… (which took no more than 10 minutes) I was ready to make the top to blend them all together. My goal was to make it look like furniture. While testing, I had the idea of ​​increasing the storage space between some books. I made it about 15 inches higher than my furniture to leave plenty of room for the kids’ favorite displays and books.

I used 3/4 inch plywood and stuck with a straight edge to get a nice clean cut. I made the top 1/4 inch wider than the units. I cut 3 shelves from the same material and sanded them with 220 sandpaper.

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Plywood is a great inexpensive option for construction, but it can leave a raw edge that doesn’t look good. You can use veneer and nail the raw edges of the plywood to give it a very finished look!

I sampled a few tins and mixed a few until I got the color I wanted. That’s the beauty of stains… they’re so easy to customize!

On clear matte units. This gives it more durability and protection while still maintaining the same finish.

Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas

I chose to assemble the shelves on two outdoor units on a flat surface. I started using a nail gun and then replaced the screws so I could easily change the length if I wanted to in the future.

Toy Storage Tips And Ideas

I moved all the equipment into the room I was going to shut down and turned the equipment upside down. I added a 2×4 block to the front corners to attach the legs. The legs are only decorative and do not support the weight of the device.

The tools have a lip that I used to remove the knots from the rods. I used 3″ screws to make sure there was a good connection to support the weight of the device and to make sure the center unit was formed.

I used clamps and 1 1/4″ screws to attach the other units – make sure everything is straight before attaching to the wall.

I used screws to attach the top and attached it from the bottom so I could take the whole unit apart if needed.

Playroom Storage Ideas: What We Used In Ours And Why

Honestly, the whole project only took a few hours and I couldn’t be happier with the results. The kids have loved their newly organized play area and I love that their creative area is beautiful to look at!

Wife, mother, renovator, DIY teacher and founder of Creating Beautiful Spaces. If you are ready to build your own lovely home with your own hands, I am your girl. Children need space to play – and good storage for toys, such as TROFAST – durable wooden frames and lightweight plastic boxes that are suitable for your child. It can be easily taken out, carried and put back.

The frame has several poles, so you can place the boxes and shelves where you want and change them at any time.

Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas

Not just for kids! Megan W. I own a small business and purchased this unit for storage and I am very happy with it! I put it together myself and was so happy with how easy it was to put together (love the snap and screw fasteners!) I will definitely be buying more for my space. I highly recommend! 5

Toy Room Storage Ideas: Tips For A Clutter Free Space

Classroom Use Lauren I love this shelf. I use it to prepare some things for students in my classroom. The drawer slides very smoothly and works perfectly.5

Great Storage LegoJeannetteI was looking for a storage solution for my sons Legos and this is perfect! You can choose what size bins you want to use and they are readily available and can be dragged to the floor for playtime. The top is also a good height for a playroom. I add it easily myself.5

I have three of these styles, I have three and I use them in my kindergarten classroom. I love that my 5 year old can use it independently. I love that I can use dry erase markers on the ends of the names and it washes off easily too. Sure win. 5

She couldn’t find all the parts Sandra couldn’t put together because she didn’t have all the pieces. I contacted customer service and was told that I should receive the product within a few days. After a week passed and nothing arrived, I was called again and told that the product was out of stock and to return on August 16th. I am very disappointed because this feature was for my class.2

Easy Toy Storage Ideas For Small Spaces

We waited 2 months Leanne We waited 2 months for the Tronst unit to be in stock! I signed up to receive text messages and order online for in-store pickup. They sold out in 2 days! We were delighted to find one. This replaced my 5 year old son’s old barrel system that had barrels barreling and his Legos falling to the floor. He really likes this new option. All his LEGOs are separated by color and he can build on them!5

Perfect for LEGOsMeg. I bought this trofast for my 6 year old grandson who is new to LEGO! His collection is growing and needs to be organized. In addition, he wanted a job opportunity and a chance to show his creativity. Trofast checks all three boxes without taking up too much space in your room. It went together easily and is surprisingly durable! The drawer slides in and out easily and so far so good!5

Makes a great Lego desk and storage space. It works very well.5

Ikea Toy Room Storage Ideas

It is good to use but broken. Zulmi was really excited to put it together for my boys’ Lego collection, but a large piece (either the top or the bottom) was damaged. A fragment is taken from it, which is very visible. I’m confused because I paid $49 for shipping from a local store and when I try to call I can’t get anyone to figure out how to do the exchange. I paid $49 for shipping to avoid going to the store and now I don’t know how to exchange it for a new one. I think it will work better for us if I can find an alternative.3

Trofast Storage Combination With Boxes, White/gray, 39×173/8×22

Perfect storage under the window for me and the kids and low enough for my grandkids and their toys5

I finally settled! LB123 I took an oddly shaped extra closet that had extra toys and blankets in it, with no closet hardware, and replaced it with these closets. So far, I have two stacked on top of each other and I plan to add three more to the other walls of the room. It has given me the opportunity to organize all the things that don’t have a specific place. I use it to analyze toys, things, yarn, special papers, choose uniforms, etc.

Lego Table Hack! Since being a sack biz kid, I’ve come to appreciate furniture even more. Our oldest has taken to Legos in earnest. This piece was perfect! 4

Wood is a material that is often associated with furniture and for that

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