Ikea Room Design Software

Ikea Room Design Software – Ikea’s new virtual design tool takes your furniture and replaces it with Ikea / to mirror the appearance of the furniture in your home

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Ikea Room Design Software

Ikea Room Design Software

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Ikea Launched A New Interior Design Service That Starts At Just $99

Ikea is launching a new virtual design tool today to make it easier to visualize how its furniture will look in your home. Ikea Kreativ’s Scene Scanner feature lets you scan a room with Ikea’s iOS app, remove your existing furniture, and replace it with virtual furniture. If you don’t want to scan your own home, there are more than 50 virtual showrooms where the items can be placed. checking virtual versions.

After playing with a pre-release version of the Ikea Creative Scene Scanner app, developed by Ingka Group (the largest corporation of Ikea stores), I can say that the experience is very useful new, even if it’s a little smaller than the company positions. . There doesn’t seem to be the ability to move virtual objects like we saw in the previous Ikea Place app, but in general Creative does a better job of displaying its virtual objects properly to the context of your home. This won’t let you skip the tedious task of measuring your room to fit the furniture, but it’s a good way to see if the furniture’s design and color scheme will fit in with the environment. .

The Ikea Creative Scene Scanner starts with a fairly complex scanning process. Take a series of photos of a room to create a panoramic image, and rotate your phone in a figure-of-eight motion to capture additional visual data. This works for iPhones only (you don’t need a model equipped with a lidar sensor – most new iPhones should work), but an Android version will be released this summer. Once the scan is complete, a photo will be added directly to the app or the Ikea website on the desktop.

If you don’t have an empty room, the first step with Ikea’s virtual designer is to get rid of the existing furniture. The effect is similar to the Magic Eraser tool found on Google’s Pixel 6 devices, and just like Google’s Magic Eraser tool, the results will not be the same. In the image below, for example, the Ikea software can’t figure out where my rug is behind the chair shade, and it also has trouble filling the hidden left side of the TV.

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Despite the curved edges, the empty spaces look the same if I start adding virtual objects to the room. IKEA Creative currently includes “thousands” of furniture, rugs, furniture and wall decorations, according to spokeswoman Kelly Gardiner, and plans to add support for other product categories such as furniture. and roof seeds later this year.

I went with a pair of Leiva bookcases for my living room, Ikea’s software allows me to change and move around the space – and it does a great job adjusting my floor. Most of all, the Ikea computer shows the shape of the bookcase, although sometimes it cuts off other items in the room. It was difficult to verify that the app measured my rooms correctly, but after checking with a tape measure they were very accurate.

Ikea Creative has a useful tool. Although you can see the virtual objects in the 2D image as a small object, it is a more accurate representation of the scene. In contrast, Ikea’s old Place app showed virtual objects at an arbitrary scale in augmented reality, making it difficult to see how they would fit into their surroundings.

Ikea Room Design Software

Ikea Kreativ is currently based in the US, and a launch in other countries is planned for next year. It can be accessed through Ikea’s current iOS app (required for room scan) or its website. The Ikea Kreativ immersive design tool allows customers to see how furniture will look in their living room, bedroom or kitchen.

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Customers can download current items from the virtual display of the scanning room and download products from the Ikea catalog.

Virtual objects can be moved to the published position and rotated to the desired angles.

In 2013, Ikea used a smart home furniture camera and augmented reality to allow customers to preview furniture placement in their homes. Now the creative tool moves on, removing existing items and replacing them with selected items from the customer’s inventory.

The idea behind the AI-powered digital design tool Ikea Kreativ is to let customers try before they buy, by helping them visualize possible purchases by placing items selected in one of 50 virtual showrooms or customized in their own personal living space.

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The technology uses machine learning, computer imaging technology, stereo vision transformations and realistic 3D graphics. Users activate the Creative Scene Scanner in the Ikea mobile app and snap a series of images to create a “large, interactive representation of the space, with accurate dimensions and perspective.”

Existing objects can be removed from the virtual space thanks to AI algorithms and replaced by selections from a list, which can be moved into a virtual environment that is separated and changed to fit the space.

The new format can be saved to the client’s account for later editing or shared with friends and family for feedback. Virtual rooms reserved in the cloud, accessible from anywhere with a network connection, customers can bring to the brick-and-mortar Ikea store, using the size of the eggs when checking the routes.

Ikea Room Design Software

At the end of the virtual design process, the necessary items can be added to the cart and the order is completed.

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The Ikea Creative Tool for mobile or laptop was developed by Silicon Valley’s Geomagical Lab, which owns Ikea’s largest store, the Inka Group, and is now available for iOS users and laptops in the US, followed by the Android version in the North. summer in the hemisphere. Customers in other countries will have access next year.

“The Inca Group is passionate about helping people build better lives at home, and we’re always looking to add value to our customers’ experiences, both online and offline,” said Parag Parekh, head of the group. “Through Geomagical Labs’ innovative and intelligent technology and a seamless digital experience, we believe that Ikea Kreativ will break down the barriers to purchasing home furnishings, enabling people to move from inspiration to reality and design his perfect home.”

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