Ikea Room Design App

Ikea Room Design App – IKEA’s latest AR app can clean your furniture to visualize it on its own, using LiDAR to scan the entire room and create a 3D replica.

IKEA already lets you preview the furniture in your home via AR, but its latest AI-powered iOS app offers a big leap forward in capabilities. Called IKEA Kreativ, it uses LiDAR to scan your rooms and create a full 3D replica of them, then you can remove the existing furniture. From there you can try out new IKEA beds, tables, etc. and get a better idea of ​​how they will look in your home.

Ikea Room Design App

Ikea Room Design App

Scanning is done via something IKEA calls the Creative Scene Scanner, which uses LiDAR if you have your iPhone. It will also work on an iPhone or iPad without LiDAR, though it allows the app to “capture additional spatial detail,” IKEA said.

Design Your Room

To use it on the web or on a mobile device without LiDAR, you need to import a series of room photos. They are then “automatically processed and assembled in space as a wide-angle, interactive replica with accurate dimensions and perspective,” IKEA said in a press release. From there you can clean out existing furniture and put in new IKEA pieces, quickly try out alternatives and completely redesign the room. All our ideas can be saved for later or shared with others. Of course, the app allows you to add your favorite pieces to your cart.

If you’re looking for more inspiration, IKEA has also unveiled 50 new 3D showrooms. They allow you to virtually browse the IKEA catalog and try out products in 3D settings, “by quickly changing, moving, rotating, stacking and hanging IKEA products,” the company said.

The app is the latest high-tech move from IKEA, which has released connected speakers, smart home hubs, connected lights, chargers and more in recent years. Additionally, IKEA has joined a new team formed by Microsoft, Meta and others to create the Metawares standard – so at least you can find furniture in VR / help you imagine what the furniture might look like in your home.

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Ikea: A Brand That Immerses Itself Into Augmented Reality

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Today, Ikea is launching a new virtual design tool that makes it easy to imagine how its furniture will look in your home. Ikea Kreativ’s Scene Scanner feature allows you to scan a room using Ikea’s iOS app, clean existing furniture and replace it with virtual furniture. If you don’t want to scan your own home, there are more than 50 virtual furniture fitting rooms. Of course, the process is designed to encourage you to actually order this furniture after viewing the virtual versions.

After playing around with the pre-release of the Ikea Kreativ Scene Scanner app developed by Ingka Group (Ikea’s largest store owner), I can say that the new experience is very useful, even if it is a bit more than the company’s proposal. makes it appear. There’s no ability to walk around a virtual piece of furniture in augmented reality, as seen in the previous Ikea Place app, but overall Kreativ does a good job of accurately depicting its virtual furniture in your home environment. This won’t let you skip the tedious process of measuring your rooms to make sure the furniture will fit, but it’s a great way to see if the overall design and color scheme of the item matches the surroundings.

Ikea Room Design App

The Ikea Kreativ tent scanner starts with a somewhat cumbersome scanning process. To create a panoramic photo, take a series of photos of the room and shake the phone in a figure-eight motion to capture the visual data. The process is currently limited to iPhones (you don’t need a lidar-equipped model — most modern iPhones should work), but an Android version is planned for release this summer. After scanning, you will have an image to edit directly in the app or on the Ikea desktop website.

Ikea Latest Ar App Can Erase Your Furniture To Showcase Its Own

If you don’t have an empty room to offer, the first step in Ikea’s virtual designer is to empty the existing furniture. The effect is similar to the Magic Eraser tool found on Google’s Pixel 6 devices, and like Google’s Magic Eraser tool, the results can be inconsistent. For example, in the image below, after removing the armchair, Ikea’s software doesn’t understand where my carpet ends and has trouble filling in the hidden left side of the TV cabinet.

Despite some messy edges, the empty spaces worked when I started adding fake furniture to the room. According to spokeswoman Kelly Gardiner, Ikea Kreativ currently includes “thousands” of items from furniture, rugs, accessories and wall decor, and plans to add support for additional product categories such as ceiling furniture and fabrics next year.

I moved into my living room with a pair of Laiva bookshelves, which Ikea’s software allowed me to rotate and move around the space—and held the floor in place just fine. For the most part, Ikea’s software displayed the bookcase in proportion, although it was occasionally interrupted by various pieces of furniture in the room. It’s hard to confirm that it matched the exact dimensions of my room, but after checking with a tape measure, they were about right.

Ikea Kreativ has the potential to be a solid tool. While it may seem limiting to only see virtual furniture in a 2D photo, it seems to give a very accurate impression of how it would actually look in the space. In contrast, Ikea’s old Place app displayed virtual furniture at random levels in augmented reality, making it difficult to imagine how it fit into the environment.

Interactive 3d Wallspace Planner

Ikea Kreativ is now active in the US, with plans to expand to other countries next year. You can access it through Ikea’s existing iOS app (required for room scanning) or its website.

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