Ikea Living Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Living Room Storage Ideas – You don’t need a place to store your things, be creative with the space you have. Consider going under the stairs. It is often overlooked as a competitor for storage, but it is a natural winner to keep chaos under control. Perfect for living room or hallway storage, depending on which room has the stairs, try making your own custom storage with a modular system like this one.

Sloped ceilings can spoil this possibility. Not so with the cornice. Adjust the range of rails to take advantage of the different widths of the space, and install custom shelves. Suddenly, it’s your favorite corner of the room.

Ikea Living Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Living Room Storage Ideas

We use ALGOT, one of our modular storage systems, to make smart use of some invisible areas. It goes up vertically on the wall, add as many baskets and small shelves as you want and set the right height. Perfect for storing small items such as toiletries, make-up and hair accessories.

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Reclaim unused surfaces to create a space-saving bathroom. A drying rack above the washing machine makes perfect sense. The ironing board is out of the way and a container hanging behind the door provides space for the cleaner.

Corner cabinets turn difficult spaces into useful ones. Advanced cabinets like these take up very little space. Perfect for small rooms or hallways. It’s a cozy living room where you can do all your favorite things: read, do yoga, watch a movie together, or do nothing at all. It’s a place to relax and recharge, with everything in its place thanks to the elegant design and smart storage.

And what’s more wonderful than putting your feet up after a long day? A sofa with a chaise longue is not only comfortable, but can quickly add a touch of beauty to a small space.

For small spaces, furniture that doubles as a function is key. There is storage space under this sofa to keep your clothes and yoga gear close to where you practice. You can arrange them in a compartmentalized case for easy dressing and undressing.

Living Room Furniture Easily Copes With Extra Guests

Our adorable BILLY bookcase comes in a new color. Placing your favorite books and items behind glass doors gives them the right amount of love while maintaining visual peace. It also protects them from dust.

Keep your TV organized by placing storage cabinets below and above the TV. This makes efficient use of storage wall space. Place your belongings in a woven bamboo basket for a calm and organized look.

The range of tables is flexible, suitable for small spaces. With their timeless design, you’ll use and love them for years to come.

Ikea Living Room Storage Ideas

Feeling inspired? Here’s everything you need to recreate the look of your living room.

A Small Space Living Room For Big Adventurers

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