Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist

Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist – It’s not about being low on style for this couple. It’s living on less. Learn how taking small steps towards this lifestyle can create a happy environment and fond memories.

This question became a mystery when Julia and Andre moved into their apartment 8 months ago. Their new space had high ceilings that created a sense of space that they were trying to use. “We don’t want to fill the room or be a burden with our stuff,” Julia says. “I started with a vengeance and realized how good it is to be small and the feeling started to spread.”

Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist

Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist

The couple’s style is to not dress up at all. They found that having less money helped them focus on things that improved their lives. “For me, they are plants, they have a calming effect,” said Julia. And giving them has become a hobby – I bring a small gift as a gift to every party I go to!

A Modern And Cosy Living Room

Choosing the essentials for their living space was the first stage of preparation. The KIVIK sofa was inherited from their old apartment and their mid-century table was purchased after months of searching. A statement monochrome carpet (their dog Nala’s favorite spot) came later. “Since moving here, we’ve never bought anything we weren’t sure about,” Julia said.

Andre says: “People are afraid of losing things, because they think they will lose their good life. But really, there are a lot of things you don’t need. Are you going through your attic to find things you haven’t used or needed in the last five years? Get inspired to take things out and sell them or give them away to someone who might use them.

When you enter the dining room, there are two things that will surprise you; The big, empty walls and the long wooden table of the place are beautiful. A hero’s room. Julia says: “We started looking for a dining table and found our first love on the internet. “It makes sure you can still speak clearly when you buy old stuff. It’s exactly what we want, and it leaves a smaller carbon footprint than buying new.”

“I’m not a very flexible person. It’s easy to feel better by taking things a step further. I’m glad I can say no to good things we don’t want now.”

Living Room Tv Ideas To Cleverly Disguise Your Tech

“We started using a tool that connects food marketers with residents, and they organize and take perishable food, and using these ingredients, especially seasonal vegetables, counts as a meal. We are making an extra effort to encourage us to eat together at the table instead of eating on the couch,” says Julia.

Open shelves run the length of one wall in the kitchen. “We don’t need a lot of furniture in other rooms because we don’t have enough things to store! But I like open shelves, and the kitchen is one of those places where they give permission,” says Julia. With the external appearance, you will find another place to open the shelf so that the couple can see what you have, so there is no chance of overbuying.

“Conscious living is becoming more and more popular. But I don’t like the idea of ​​it being a habit, because that makes it feel temporary. These are the decisions we make for our future. “

Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist

A couple’s bedroom should fulfill different functions, but still be calm and organized. To ensure a deep sleep, a self-made mezzanine bed has nothing but a mattress, soft fabrics and a collection of small books. Downstairs is their closet and home office, with a desk and two chairs. “I digitize all my documents to keep my workspace clear,” says Andre.

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“I use Instagram to talk about the changes we’ve made. I don’t call myself an expert, but I’m happy to share our story and hope someone can take something good from it.”

Julia and Andre’s rented house was rare. The only change that was needed was maintenance. “The contemporary features of old buildings in Düsseldorf are in high demand,” says Julia. Their house now has a corridor in the middle, and all the rooms open onto it.

We love watching our customers create their products. do it! However, please note that changing or altering the goods so that they are not sold or used for their original purpose will void the warranty and your right to return the products. Their budget is huge. Here’s how to create this versatile space that meets all your needs without breaking the bank.

Make two rooms into one by placing a dining table and chairs behind the sofa. It provides more space for different activities and people. You can easily avoid clutter by being crafty and painting your furniture the same color. Take the table a step further by setting up coordinating colors.

This Media Wall Ikea Hack Adds Besta Cabinets To Slatwall

“If you can’t find the right style of furniture you love, use color to complement what you have.”

Although the exterior of the cabinet is low, everything inside is usually organized. There’s plenty of room for your kids’ toys, art supplies and books, thanks to durable storage. your things Keep it organized with labeled journal files and jewelry boxes. See how we designed these IVAR cabinets to match the color scheme of the room and how you can do the same.

Organize your entertainment space by choosing an ottoman (doubles as storage) under the wall-mounted TV. Lots of soft fabrics make it cozy, side tables with removable trays are perfect for games or movie nights with the family, and blackout curtains keep the light on the TV to a minimum.

Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist

Display the most decorated pieces on a shelf that ensures views remain in their beauty. But by criss-crossing the sides, create a trellis for your best plants and give it a fun and interesting feel.

One Ikea Sofa With So Many Different Looks

If you want more tips to help you create a budget-friendly living room, check here.

We love watching our customers create their products. do it! However, please do not alter or repair the product so that it cannot be sold or used for its original purpose, as this will void the warranty and your right to return the products. , for inspiration and tips for decorating your living room in a calm, cool, signature style.

This is how we can describe Susan’s unique interior. “I love the combination of Japanese and Finnish aesthetics. Both have a natural feel, lots of wood and white.” Suzanne’s main inspiration for this living room is a quiet love of silence and silence.

These walls can be neutral, but they are far from bright. Create a sense of harmony by using two colors instead of one color. “It’s an easy way to make a space feel special,” says Suzanne. Adding mirrors to play with light and reflection is also a popular way to give a room more depth (if it’s your floor, make sure to attach it to the wall, like we did).

Ikea Home Storage Ideas For An Organised Life

“Finding your style is not about magazines or programs. Sit down and think about where your life should be. How are you going to use it? Think about your ideas and go from there.”

Measure the lines and softness of the fabric. Here Susan used the curtains in two ways. They hung two heavy planks each to help control the natural light in the window. On the other hand, he chose to use curtains in a very unusual way: he hung them on a bare wall to add texture.

Avoid too many straight lines and give a refreshing look to a rectangular coffee table with two circles. “I love the combination of glass, wood and white. These three tables together give you a lot of space and can be easily moved to create small islands if someone needs one next to the sofa.”

Ikea Living Room Ideas Minimalist

For someone like Suzanne, who often works from home, a good focal point, including a suitable living room, is essential. There is enough space in this workspace to spread out photos, laptop, books and enough space for the other person to work here.

Minimalist Home Organization & Decluttering Tips

What about all those work tools and magazines? “Remember that everything has shape and color. Everything adds space and can make it feel cramped or cramped.” That is why storage space is needed. We even paint these cabinets in the same color (NCS 0500-N).

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