Ikea Living Room Ideas India

Ikea Living Room Ideas India – Relax in a living room filled with warm fabrics and materials, thoughtful lighting and curtains that provide privacy and block harsh sunlight.

A cozy living room can be turned into an even more comfortable bedroom thanks to a spacious sofa bed, comfortable linen and a side table that is also a bedside table.

Ikea Living Room Ideas India

Ikea Living Room Ideas India

Make things easy to find, even if the rest of the room is dark and cozy. A small lamp next to the TV cabinet illuminates your multimedia devices, and light strips in the drawers help you find what you’re looking for.

Small Space Living Ideas

Remove the glare on the TV during the day and get a dark room when it’s time to sleep on the sofa bed – two types of curtains allow you the light that enters the room – living room change.

The BERGSHULT / PERSHULT combination offers plenty of space for books and decorative items, but is shallow enough to fit behind a sofa – don’t worry about bumping your head!

GAMLEHULT is a footstool with storage that can be used in many ways: as a chair (of course!), an extra seat and a coffee table. It’s also lightweight, so you can easily carry it around when you need to. Dare to be different with a bold and eclectic room. Mix and match materials, fabrics and colors for a fun, modern look. By using furniture wisely, one room can be turned into separate rooms, and smart storage solutions fit into the interior. The functional and unique result is to live around the clock.

New NIMM storage box with lid, 32x30x30 cm (12 ½x11 ¾x11 ¾”) 329,- Rs. 649 (32) Other options

PoÄng Rocking Chair, Knisa Light Beige

Comfort never looked so good! Thanks to new colors and enhanced patterns, sitting on the sofa becomes a way to recharge and stimulate creativity. Add bold cushions and rugs to express yourself. It’s show time!

We have lowered the prices. KVISTBRO Storage table, 44 cm (17 3/8″) Previous price Rs 2,990 Rs 2,390 (341) More options

We believe that a better life begins at home. That’s why, to help you get the most out of it, we’ve slashed the prices of some of our most popular products and the delivery service is now just Rs 99!

Ikea Living Room Ideas India

We have lowered the prices. BILLY Bookcase, 40x28x202 cm (15 3/4x11x79 1/2″) Previous Price Rs 5,990 Rs 4,790 (1,008) Alternatives

PoÄng Rocking Chair, Skiftebo Dark Gray

We have lowered the prices. ITALINNEA pillow, 50×50 cm (20×20″) Previous price 299, – 199, – (4)

We have lowered the prices. LOHALS Rug, Flat, 160 x 230 cm (5′ 3″ x 7′ 7″) Previous Price Rs. Rs 4,990 3990 (693) Other Options

We have lowered the prices. Artificial potted plants FEJKA 9 cm Previous price 549 rupees. 399 (112)

We have lowered the prices. VALLENSVED door mat, indoor use, 40×60 cm (1’4″x2’0″) Previous price Rs. 699 rupees 549 (16)

A Living Room For Relaxing Moments

We have lowered the prices. BORGHILD sheer curtains, 1 pair, 145 x 250 cm (57 x 98″) Previous price Rs 2490 1990 (28)

BESTÅ storage system – modern living room furniture with a clean, elegant look in a style you like

Make sure you properly secure large, tall or heavy furniture with the included wall brackets. This is to prevent tipping over. Learn more about potential home risk factors and how to avoid accidents.

Ikea Living Room Ideas India

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