Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas – IKEA is the source of many home improvement and decorating ideas. Here we share tips and ideas on how to use IKEA products that haven’t necessarily been laundered to get the most out of your laundry.

Chris combined two popular IKEA systems with amazing results. For the storage cabinets above the washer and dryer, he used IKEA kitchen wall cabinets (AKSTAD SECTION with doors). On the other hand, she built built-in storage with pax frames, shelves, drawers and KOMPLEMENT rails. The final touch of these acrylic rods completes the style.

Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas

They wanted to renovate Melissa’s laundry quickly and cheaply. And in addition to shelves for baskets and bins, they need a shelving unit that can air dry and fold clothes. The solution was the IKEA ELVARLI shelving system. She chose the freestanding version of ELVARLI and built a combination of open shelves and drawers. They added a train of air dry clothes. The top of the drawer serves as a folding station. This is a simple and easy do-it-yourself solution. And the best option for renters.

Best Laundry Room Design Ideas For 2021

If you don’t have a separate laundry room, divide your bathroom space for this purpose. Install shelving systems like IKEA JONAXEL or BOAXEL to create your laundry storage solutions. Then close off the space with two doors or curtains.

Mabel opted for a winning combination of matte white and wood grain in her laundry room. These are semi-handmade doors added to IKEA SECTION cabinets. The combination of two different materials transforms this room from a simple laundry room to a beauty.

Chris hacked this pedestal from IKEA kitchen cabinets to minimize flex to accommodate a front-loading washer and dryer. Not only that, it also hides a clever shelf. Pull out the shelf on the drawer and you have space for a laundry basket. This makes loading and unloading quick, convenient and saves your back.

It’s a small laundry room, but that doesn’t stop Gilg from picking up all the rooms. From the stackable washer-dryer to the IKEA LACK shelves on the right, the spinning washers and the tall, narrow cabinets, there’s something special about this small laundry room.

NÄmmarÖ Shelving Unit, Outdoor, Light Brown Stained, 327/8×291/2

In a small apartment, every little thing is important. And if you want to fit a small laundry room, I recommend a balcony (if you have one). There’s already a lot of light here, so it’s a great place to do laundry! You can easily set up the BOAXEL Shelving System for a small laundry room. Check out the BOAXEL planner to find out how you want to organize your laundry space. BOAXEL is made from powder coated steel and IKEA says it is suitable for use in wet areas.

The sink is always a good idea for hand washing, whether you’re washing dishes, cleaning surfaces, or just washing your hands after being contaminated with chemicals. The laundry mary is made from IKEA SECTION cabinets with half doors and drawer fronts. Unfortunately, he didn’t mention the source of the beautiful shell fountain, but I found one here.

Judging by Rifat’s photo, the NORDKISA bamboo wardrobe is perfect for a laundry room. NORDKISA has clothes hangers, laundry racks, towels, baskets and bins for drying clothes. The wooden panel frame and doors provide good ventilation.

Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Attach the IKEA SKADIS perforated panel to the wall for frequently used items. With multiple shelves, hooks and holders, SKODIS is very versatile and can easily be adapted to your laundry needs.

Laundry Room Storage Solutions To Freshen Up Your Space

Use wall space for hooks and hang dryers, ironing boards and more. If there is no blank wall, behind the door is the main room for some warehouse organizations.

Andy and Laura take laundry very seriously. By lining up three Trofast warehouses, they marked the containers and turned them into an identification station. They said they sometimes have too much laundry at home, three children and several pets. With plenty of work space, the laundry room always looks good, even if you haven’t done your laundry in a week. New linen cupboards, new lighting and storage solutions have completely transformed our laundry room – let’s go!

After remodeling our kitchen a few years ago, I decided it was time to give our laundry room a makeover. We added a lot of storage space using IKEA cabinets and wardrobes and it made such a big difference! Today I’m sharing more IKEA details on our laundry room and other little additions we’ve added. Hopefully you found an idea or two that you can use to do your own laundry!

Our laundry room is not very large (7ft 5in x 5ft 6in) and when we bought our house some prime real estate was unused and the wall above the washer and dryer was completely devoid of cabinets or shelves. Here’s what “before” looks like:

Laundry Room Storage Made Smart

It is not only a beautiful place for laundry, but also a more functional and spacious storage space! I wanted to keep the cost of this mini makeover low by using IKEA for storage in our new laundry room. Above the washer and dryer, we added IKEA SEKTON wall cabinet frames with Axstad doors – we usually use two in the middle and one on each side:

The cabinet frame is articulated for easy hanging. You mount the hanging rail to the wall, check the level, and attach the cabinet frames to the rail and snap into place. To give it a more finished, built-in look, we added small fillers on each side of the body (cut into the top) and molding on top.

When you get cabinets from Ikea, everything is ordered separately, so you need to buy cabinet door hinges and shelves for the cabinet interior (which I used).

Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas

I wanted open shelving between the two outer cabinets, and Ikea has plenty of wood shelving options, luckily I had a piece of white oak plank left over that I bought to make corner shelves for our kitchen.

A Colorful, Organized Laundry Room

So that’s what I used! The oak plank was cut to size to fit between the two side cabinets and then secured to the inside of the cabinet with screws going into the sides of the board. It has a wicker basket (a pair of missing socks 😊) and two containers with soap powder and dryer balls.

They put the finishing touches on my new champagne gold cabinetry in the laundry room – love it!

The last great addition to this laundry room is the large butler in washer and dryer. It rests on simple wooden slats (horizontally mounted wooden panels) mounted on the back and side walls. Having this flat surface for washing and folding clothes was a game changer:

I bought a butcher from IKEA and it looks very similar, although they don’t seem to have the one I have.

Ikea Laundry Room Hacks For A Stylish Space On A Budget

Our laundry room had some small additions and we installed it on the wall. It’s great for air drying Jeff’s shirts – you pull it in and it gives you 10 inches of hanging space.

When I bought mine, it was only in silver, but now it’s also available in white (that color is my wish!).

Having a wheeled trolley allows you to carry laundry essentials such as detergent, detergent, stain remover and more. I also have dryer lint on the bottom shelf.

Ikea Laundry Room Storage Ideas

I’m sure you’ve seen the beautiful mandalas on the wall – these are simple peel and sticks I bought! They are very easy to put on and take off without damaging the walls when you are ready for a change. I share step by step instructions for installing vinyl decals.

Five Ikd Customer Tips For A Functional Ikea Laundry Room

The other side of our laundry room has had some big changes – the previous owner had open shelves that stretched up half the wall to store kitchen utensils and shoes.

We removed the shelves and installed an IKEA PAX wardrobe with drawers for outerwear and shoes (we don’t have a wardrobe, so space was needed for outerwear!) – this is what the laundry room looks like today:

I shared all the details on how we used PAX wardrobes to store outerwear and shoes in the IKEA hallway. And if you’re thinking about switching from saltillo to wood, we’ve made that change as part of our kitchen and dining room renovations.

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