Ikea Home Decor Products

Ikea Home Decor Products – 20 of IKEA’s best design ideas for a timeless and modern farmhouse design at an affordable price.

I wrote this post in my head first. Because when I look around our house, I think, “Oh my god, I’m so in love with IKEA furniture.”

Ikea Home Decor Products

Ikea Home Decor Products

I don’t know if it’s my Swedish roots or my obsession, but when I walk into my local IKEA,

Best Ikea Products

I will say that you have to do it right. Because stylish home decor and I live in a dorm in college.

So I thought it might be fun to round up some of my favorite IKEA items that look good at a bargain price, just in case you’re feeling lost.


The best IKEA furniture for stylish home decor at affordable prices. Vadholma rack/plate rack

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This plate rack I saw at IKEA is actually discontinued (it’s called Galembi), but they have a very similar one now. It’s $70 and I swear I couldn’t build it for less. I painted ours with Fusion Mineral Paint Charcoal Black.

I love the IKEA wardrobe! This is really the only place I go because most home improvement stores have shelves that are 84 inches long. IKEA offers many options from 96 inches or longer, so you can get the best floor-to-floor functionality. That’s $25 together! My favorite part is the matching outfits they have. That’s why I can’t even go to bed.

You can let them do the sealing on the floor or stick it with duct tape or Heat n Bond. (I thought I’d have to remove mine, but we’ve got a million more.)

Ikea Home Decor Products

Another of my favorite pieces of IKEA furniture is the Lenda cabinet. They have really detailed stitching. For a cute look, I cut out the tabs on the top and attached them with snap rings.

Ikea Products Hi Res Stock Photography And Images

This fabric is my favorite for playrooms or nurseries because it’s so soft and flowy and has a very elegant feel. I added pom pom throws to the old sofa so they look like an expensive version of Anthropologie.

They have a lot of great shots aimed at a really cheap line, and most of them are already matte, which is a bonus. I’m a big fan of dark black and white prints because they’re timeless. I’ve included some free vintage laundry basket images.

I hung them on the foyer gallery wall with black and white family photos.

I swear it’s hard to find good plants that look good, especially cheap ones. Most of the ones I’ve seen at IKEA look really good. They also have strong stems, but they don’t sit well on my black fingers.

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I even got some faux boxes for the front porch (cypresses would work too). No one would ever guess that it was completely fake, not even close. (It was only seasonal and discontinued, but it always has a new product every 6 months.)

I’ve devoted two blog posts to the couch and how it works because it’s a WINNER in my book, especially if you have kids and pets. When needed, I remove the cover and throw it in the wash, like a new bed. i

I found almost the same at Potter, but of course the PB version is $1000.

Ikea Home Decor Products

We also have two open spaces in Stocksund, which we are very excited about. It’s really roomy, like a seat and a half, and easy to roll.

Home Decor: Ideas To Inspire You

Our playroom at our last house had an Ecktorp sofa, and the cover was easy to clean. I can usually go out and wash one pillow if every one of them is dirty. It’s not as deep as the Farlow and is on the shorter side, but we liked it.

We installed a lot of light in Olivia’s new room and it’s amazing! It’s like a West Elm thing. Lamps are one of the best IKEA products you can buy. It’s small, so if you don’t have other lights in the room to help, it might not be for you.

We loved using Billy’s rugs for built-in storage, so we made them double! It’s much easier and cheaper to use prefabs than to build from scratch.

I always forget about IKEA design artwork and posters, but they are really cool and change it up often. I found a beautiful poster in our old living room and cut it up to mount the cork boards.

Other Ways To Decorate Your Home With Ikea Products

These hand lamps that we used to sleep in our bedroom were only $40 and look just as good as the $100 lamps I found at many high end stores.

My favorite vase is a large glass vase, and I love that it doubles as a chandelier with a large pillar candle inside.

If you’re a fan of the garden, their white pots are my favorite for flowers or kitchen use.

Ikea Home Decor Products

We love this chair so much we bought two, one for the floor and one for the floor. We’re both painting now because it’s the perfect height to paint our rooms. We keep it in the bathroom so Olivia can reach the sink and use it often in our kitchen to help us prepare and cook whenever she wants.

Brilliant Ikea Living Room Ideas To Design Your Dream Space

Their “Korken” jars are for storing dry goods in our refrigerator. And it’s glass, so we don’t have to worry about any plastic chemicals. I also use the Byholm bin often because I love the gray wash.

We brought a little extra love to the dining room because we love the look of these outdoor dining chairs that can hold a messy baby. It’s been 5 months since we bought these Henriksdal chairs and we couldn’t be happier! The covers are machine washable and I wipe and wipe away all the oil from the skin to get rid of stains. They are really happy.

I went crazy for Christmas last year because all their artificial green grass was so cheap! I knew we would use it again and again. I have this white poinsettia on our wall.

I bought a package of their ginger cookies in the grocery section and had fun decorating them to hang as garland. Now Scandinavia.

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Aaaaand I have a list of things in my basket for my next trip to IKEA. I’ll tell you… I have a problem. 😉

Do you have a favorite IKEA? I think next time we’ll focus on outerwear to get ready for summer here. Today I’m sharing all the cute home accessories from the new Ikea catalog! Read more!

I can’t say I love Ikea. My nearest Ikea store is over an hour away, so I don’t go there very often, but when I do, I like to stock up on things like these baskets and frames. Ikea is an affordable way to update your space, and most importantly, they offer the best solutions for organizing your home.

Ikea Home Decor Products

Their new 2020 collection is out and I wanted to share some of my favorite pieces that are perfect for your modern decor. Sometimes a trip to Ikea can be overwhelming, so you can use our guide to the best new home decor from Ikea to make your next trip a breeze!

Get The Perfect Space For Work, Study And Hobbies

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about the 18 best new Ikea home decor items from the 2020 catalog. Perfect for a modern home!

Serena and Lily do it again! They have launched a new collection of home decor and as always everything is perfect! * Connections can be used. There is no cost to buy through my site, but it helps to maintain the site. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own! Poof |

I’m always looking for new ideas for home decor! So today I’m featuring some new beachwear in store! * Connections can be used. Shopping

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