Ikea Home Decor Plants

Ikea Home Decor Plants – Our realistic artificial flowers and plants don’t smell like the real thing, but they will give your home a real boost. They never wilt and look fresh year after year. And if you keep some fake flowers hidden, you can change them according to the season or spruce up a room whenever you want.

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Ikea Home Decor Plants

Ikea Home Decor Plants

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Decorate Your Office With Plants

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When you just don’t have luck with potted plants but love the look, choose realistic artificial plants and flowers that add color and warmth to any indoor or outdoor space. Find affordable, maintenance-free options in artificial plants that offer versatility as a year-round decor solution.

Artificial plants are a great solution because there is no need to water, pick up dead leaves or have someone take care of your plants while you are on vacation or at work.

Think of decorative artificial plants as multifaceted tools that help you highlight and dramatically change the look of any area of ​​your home. Whether they span rustic wood or stucco, these artificial plants will add color and life to otherwise plain spaces.

Surprisingly Chic Ikea Hacks For Plants In Your Life

Let potted plants hang over a white cage in the bathroom or a planter on a white wall in your yard. Hang jars of falling leaves from the ceiling by the kitchen window to liven things up. Choose realistic vines and vines in artificial garlands that you can arrange over mantles or along stone or wooden walls. Or choose square or rectangular wall-mounted faux vines to place between elegant framed artwork in your living room or den.

Use picture frames, glass cabinets or shelves to house exotic artificial plants such as fake cacti or succulents in high-ceilinged, light-filled living rooms or dens to enhance the room’s airy feel. Add even more wow with a beautiful artificial dome terrarium that will look incredible on a bookshelf or windowsill.

Welcome guests in your entrance hall with a colorful bouquet of artificial flowers in a stoneware vase with minimalist design elements in the style of traditional Scandinavian decor. Or add color to the depth of your bathroom with artificial roses or fake potted orchids.

Ikea Home Decor Plants

Use artificial ferns to anchor sofas in your basement or den or to border both ends of your garden. Combine them with houseplants that resemble the young trees in your local environment, or use something more tropical to put on your balcony or to liven up the empty corners of your living room. Speaking of lively, there’s no more fun option in carefree artificial greenery for the home than a messy ball of plants that would be right at home on a side table.

Fejka Artificial Potted Plant, Indoor/outdoor Fiddle Leaf Fig

Enhance your dining room buffet with an artificial bonsai that can fool your guests into thinking it requires hours of care per week. Use rectangular pots that hold tall, light green artificial grass to help divide spaces in your backyard or create visual blocking in low panels or windows.

Decorate dark corners with artificial flowers, trees and plants without worries. And forget them when you’re on vacation. Simply wipe with a dry cloth. Gently apply a gentle microfiber wipe. Place in dark corners or areas with indirect or filtered natural light to prevent fading.

Artificial plants, trees, flowers and indoor creepers are great for adding low-maintenance color and life to concrete or brick balconies and patios. They are perfect for adding greenery to areas with indirect or low light that are inhospitable to plants that need a lot of direct sunlight.

All artificial plants and flowers have a fantastic, realistic look that adds a cozy warmth to any room. FALS artificial houseplants don’t require a green thumb. Perfect when you have better things to do than water plants and pick up dead leaves. You will fool everyone because it looks so real.

Best Places To Buy Fake Plants Online In 2023

Beautiful AccentWendy We had a small space between the sink and the wall in our bathroom and this silk bamboo plant added a great pop of color and made the bathroom feel more relaxing.5

Office DecorDanI bought 7 of these for office decor. It provided the necessary greenery for our new office space. 5

Love this fake bamboo plant for a holiday apartment! MARY wanted a fake plant in a corner of our den and this one is amazing.5

Ikea Home Decor Plants

It’s big and bright!NiurkapaoladiazIt’s big and bright! It really makes your room look nice and homely!! I buy 2 love them!!5

Artificial Plants That Look Real From Ikea!

Great value, Timothy. I bought 4 of these for my deck. They realized I just couldn’t pass up the prize. They look great and I know they will last for many years.5

Favorite!TiffanyI love this tree so much I have three of them in my house. Good price for a quality fake tree.5

Looks good Silvia It’s a bit expensive but after killing some real plants it’s worth the money. Gives a splash of life to my living room. 4

Fills the space, a little EDWARDFills the space, looks a little softer than I hoped, but good for the price4

Buskbo Plant Stand, Rattan, 23 ½

I got it from Maria. I got this from the clearance section – but it’s a perfect addition to my tiny house! Enjoy!! 5

Artificial potted plants give the same cozy and green feeling as live plants – but you don’t need to water and care for them. You can put them in a dark corner, go on holiday or simply forget them – and still have fresh plants at home. FALS artificial houseplants don’t require a green thumb. Perfect when you have better things to do than water plants and pick up dead leaves. You will fool everyone because it looks so real.

Good quality! Olivia B. We have 4 cats in the house, so it’s almost impossible to find plants that aren’t toxic to them and won’t make a mess if they get into them. We’ve bought a bunch of fake plants, including this one, and we’re obsessed! From a distance it’s hard to tell it’s fake – added this and a bunch of others to the top of our dining room and it looks incredible!5

Ikea Home Decor Plants

Real Artificial Plant – Perfect decorative addition! jose c. I bought a real artificial plant to enhance my home decor and it exceeded my expectations. The plant’s realistic appearance, vivid green leaves and real texture give any room a fresh and inviting feel. Its versatility allows for different placement options, and the high-quality craftsmanship ensures a natural appearance. The best part is that it does not require special maintenance or care. This real artificial plant is the perfect hassle-free solution for an elegant interior design. 5

Interior Decorating Tips Using Indoor Plant Decor

Looks real Debbie I have a cat that wants to chew my live plants it looks real without worrying about it getting chewed5

It looks real! James Bought for my windowless office where plants cannot survive. Added a splash of color and looks pretty authentic…just want some help buying the bigger version.5

For the price I paid, MART For the price I paid, the plant should be fuller. I went to hobby lobby and for $10 more the rig looked much better.2

One of my favorites Valri C. The key to making this plant look really good is to put it in a slightly larger pot. Fortunately, the container it comes in is small enough that you can easily do this. I have several of these in different planters and they all look great. One is the very centerpiece of a large floor planting arrangement. Very versatile plant. I am back to buy more!5

Dracaena Marginata Potted Plant, Dragon Tree/3 Stem, 8

One of the best fake plants Heidi So I’m not very good at keeping plants alive. I just don’t have the skills. But I often have a hard time finding fake plants that don’t look like plastic. This one is actually pretty good at it. You have to have it in direct light and look close enough to see it’s fake. 4

Not bad Jacqueline. It looks pretty nice for a fake plant, but it’s smaller than I expected and the pot could have been bigger to make it look more balanced; imagine looking at a grown man in small shoes. The plant looks a little sparse and could use an extra branch with a few leaves to make it look fuller. I’d like to see less of the wall behind him. I also wish the leaf color was a darker green. I added fake moss to the pot to hide the shiny plastic dirt and make it look better. It came fully assembled and the branches are flexible enough to reshape. The price was very reasonable for what is available. He regrets nothing but a few things

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