Ikea Home Decor Items

Ikea Home Decor Items – Today I’m sharing all the best new home decor products from Ikea’s new 2020 catalog! Read on to learn more!

It should go without saying that I love IKEA. My nearest Ikea store is over an hour away, so I don’t get there often, but when I do, I like to make my favorite staples, like these bins and frames. Ikea is an affordable way to update your space, and most importantly, it offers great solutions to organize your home.

Ikea Home Decor Items

Ikea Home Decor Items

Their new 2020 catalog has just been released and I wanted to share some of my favorite items to incorporate into your modern beach decor. Sometimes going through Ikea can be overwhelming, so you can use my guide to new Ikea decor items to make your next trip amazing!

The Best Of Ikea For Your Short Term Rental Property

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about 18 new interior items from Ikea’s 2020 catalog. They are perfect for a modern beach house!

Today I’m talking about home decor – specifically Serena and Lily’s new beach decor! Come see all the new beauties that just came out! *Affiliate links will be used. Buying through my links does not add cost, but helps me maintain this site. As always, thoughts and opinions are my own!…

Man! I can’t believe it’s already Friday again. These weeks are flying by! Today we have friends at a pool party. Their kids are almost the same age as ours and we always have fun together! So I’ve been cleaning, shopping and getting ready for company all this week. You know, do…

Last week we were up north at my aunt’s house so I didn’t get a chance to write my usual Friday post, I’m in love. It’s been a busy week with my birthday + the last week of my daughter’s dance + trying to catch up at home. My babies are only a week away….

A Small Bedroom With Big Organization Ideas

Have you ever wondered how to tie ribbons to your Christmas tree? Well, this post is for you! Today I’m sharing a tutorial on how to add ribbon to your tree – the easy way! *Affiliate links may be used – you can read my full privacy policy here. By popular demand, today I am sharing…

Affiliate links are used for ease of purchase. You can read my full disclosure here. So how is everyone doing? As in most countries, I’m focused on two things: Hamilton and deciding on a back-to-school plan for my kids. I’ve seen Hamilton several times now…

Since our weather here in Michigan changes so quickly from fall to fall, I started thinking about some summer decorating ideas. I’ve mentioned before that I’m not usually a fall decorator, but I knew I had to put together a simple + easy fall design. I had a very pleasant shopping…

Ikea Home Decor Items

We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site, we will assume that you are satisfied with it. 20 of IKEA’s best exclusive decor items at affordable prices to decorate your home in a timeless, modern farmhouse style.

Furniture & Decor I’ve Purchased Thus Far For My New House

This post is one I wrote in my head before. Too often when I look around our house I think, “Oh my God. I really love IKEA decor.”

I’m not sure if it’s my Swedish background or I just love it so much, but when I walk into our local IKEA,

I would say you have to do it right. Because there is a fine line between stylish home decor and student accommodation.

So if you’re ever feeling lost, I thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite IKEA items that look great at low prices.

Inspiration & Ideas

(No, this is not a sponsored post or anything. IKEA followers probably don’t even know I’m alive. I just want to give you all the useful information I can.)

Best IKEA decor items for stylish homes on a budget 1. Vadolma plate rack/stand

This plate rack I got at IKEA has been discontinued (called Galemby), but they have a similar one now. It’s $70 and I swear I couldn’t even do it for less than that. I painted ours in Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black.

Ikea Home Decor Items

I love IKEA curtains! Most home improvement stores only carry curtains that are 84 inches long, so this is the only place I go to get them. IKEA has several options at 96 inches or longer, so you can get the perfect floor-to-ceiling step . These are $25 per pair! My favorite part is their linen design. They can’t even make a sheet.

The Best Ikea Decor Items For A Stylish Home On A Budget

You can leave them on the floor or wrap them with simple duct tape or heat n bond. (I think mine has to go around, but we have a million other projects going on.)

These Lenda curtains are my go to IKEA decor. They have good connections. I cut the tabs from the top and hung them with cleats to make them look prettier.

These curtains are my favorite in a playroom or children’s room because they are light and flowy and have a nice upscale look. I added pom pom trim to these in our old room to look like the more expensive version at Anthropologie.

They have very cheap base frames and many come already saddled which is a bonus. I love black and white framed prints because they are timeless. I’m adding free public domain vintage clothing photos to our laundry room.

This Unique Ikea Collection Is All Handmade By Artisans

I hung black and white photos of our family on the gallery wall.

I swear it’s hard to find cute artificial plants, especially cheap ones. Most of the ones I’ve seen at IKEA are really convincing. They also have some very nice plants, but they can’t stand my black thumb.

I got a couple of fake boxwood trees (these cypresses would work too) for our front porch. No one would guess it was completely fake, not even close. (They were only seasonal and discontinued, but they have new artificial plants every 6 months or so.)

Ikea Home Decor Items

I have dedicated two blog posts to this sofa and how it holds up as it is a winner in my book, especially if you have kids and pets. When I need it, I just tear off the fabric, throw it in the wash and it’s like a new sofa. I

One Ikea Sofa With So Many Different Looks

I’ve seen something like this at Pottery Barn, but of course the PB version costs $1000 more.

We have two of these slip-on chairs from the Stocksund line that we absolutely love. It is very spacious, almost like a chair and a half, and very easy to put together.

We had an Ectorp sofa in the playroom in our last house and the cover was easy to wash. Usually I can wash a pillowcase if it’s all dirty instead of the whole thing. It’s not as comfortable as the Farlow, and it’s on the smaller side, but we like it.

We installed this floating light in Olivia’s new playroom and it’s so cute! Sounds like something from West Elm. Light fixtures are some of the best IKEA decorations you can buy. This feature is a little on the dark side, so unless there are other lights in the room to help dim it, it might not be bright enough for you.

Of The Best Ikea Design Ideas We’ve Ever Seen

We love using Billy’s bookshelves for built-ins so much we installed them twice! It is easier and cheaper to use what is already made than to build completely from scratch.

I always forget the art and posters in the IKEA decor, but they have some really good ones that change regularly. I found a cute poster of them in our old playroom that I cut up to attach to the corkboards prepared for color splash.

These lamps that sat on the nightstands in our old bedroom were only $40, compared to the $100 versions I’ve seen in high-end stores.

Ikea Home Decor Items

My favorite container is this large glass container I found there that I like to double as a hurricane lamp with a large candle in it.

Home Decor: Ideas To Inspire You

If you’re a fan of Farmhouse, their white jars are my favorite for flowers and for use in the kitchen.

We love this stool so much we bought two, one up and one down. We are all painted now

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