Ikea Home Decor Haul

Ikea Home Decor Haul – Back in October, while quarantined at home in my childhood bedroom, I decided I needed a major upgrade. I’m not just talking about a new pair of sheets, I mean.

. So this winter break I took it upon myself to give my space an extreme makeover with the help of IKEA!

Ikea Home Decor Haul

Ikea Home Decor Haul

I want to give a huge thanks to our folks at Baltimore IKEA for sponsoring today’s post and making our shopping experience safe and smooth despite Covid. I couldn’t love my new place more and I’m excited for you to check it out!

Cottage Style Finds From Ikea

Here’s a first look at the room! While I got new furniture, there were a lot of things in my room that I wanted to keep like my old ones. My room is quite small and since it is a perfect square, there are many ways to move the furniture around. I knew for sure that I wanted to keep the same design except for my gallery wall. I just hung these pictures in the spring and I love them. I also kept the paint color the same – I have a soft gray on the walls and love how sophisticated it is.

My goal was to change my bedding to something more polished and find furniture that had even more bedding than before. I decided to keep my color scheme black and white with some gold accents and some gray mixed in. Thanks to IKEA and a few new things, my space turned out exactly how I imagined it.

I was debating between a few different dresser sets and finally decided on the Hagua in White from IKEA. The dresser is a foot shorter than my last one and still the drawers fit very well. I was able to easily find a home for all my jeans, t-shirts, joggers and more. I picked up a matching nightstand to go with it and it currently holds all my crop tops, bodysuits and bikinis. I’m so grateful for the extra drawer space and it holds a lamp, my Alexa, and a sentimental photo.

Here’s a look at my dresser top! My last dresser was filled with these clear plastic containers and many miscellaneous items. I wanted to keep it super sleek and streamlined. I picked up two matching lamps from Bed Bath & Beyond that help light up the space more often. I was able to condense my makeup and beauty products into just two containers and I keep matching jewelry plates on either side.

What To Buy At Ikea 2022

Since my room is so small, I don’t have extra space for a vanity/desk area, so the top of my dresser is used for just about everything. To keep the top of the piece in good condition, I picked up a black table to throw away. That way, if any makeup spills, I can just throw it in the wash.

After years of having a wooden bed frame, I decided it was time for a change. I picked up the Sagstua from IKEA and the metal frame completely transformed the space. I also exchanged my old clothes for new ones. To give the room a lighter feel, I pulled out my gray comforter and went with a bright white. I also took white sheets and a white skirt from the bed.

To keep things from being too monotonous, I picked up a black blanket for the edge of my bed. As for the pillows, I have some new ones from IKEA. Their pillows and covers are sold separately so you can easily change the color palette. I also picked up some charcoal grays in addition to my gold polka dot pillow cushions.

Ikea Home Decor Haul

I originally got this white Nissedal mirror from IKEA to hang horizontally above my dresser, but it was too big for that. Madison and I decided that the space between my dresser and nightstand looked a little tight and was the perfect size for a mirror. Although I already have a full-length mirror on the back of my door, I love having a second one and can’t wait to shoot lots of test sessions in front of it.

Best Finds From Ikea For 2021

I’ve always had a shelf full of shoes on the wall next to my closet, but it was time for a little update. I got the cat from IKEA and even though it’s huge, it ended up being the perfect size to store all my heels in color order. However, I had a well of all my old Seventeen magazines with #: (Anyway, I think this thread is really nice to look at and I’m excited to use it as a background while shooting videos.

I get questions on my gallery wall all the time, so I wanted to touch on this for a second before closing this blog post. I actually had all these pictures hanging in my freshman year of college, but I decided to put them back in the dorm in March.

All images are from Desenio, which is from Mapiful, except for the map of my hometown. However, all the frames are different sizes from IKEA. They are attached to the wall using velcro command strips.

In my latest video, I share part 1 of my end bedroom makeover. I’m sharing a little IKEA shopping vlog + a collection of all the furniture I started building before I moved. My final room tour will be live tomorrow afternoon. Be sure to click the subscribe button so you don’t miss out!

Co Warto Kupić W Ikea

Well do you like it?! I sure hope so! I have to admit, I was a little nervous about the final product when I bought my furniture, but it turned out exactly as I imagined, if not better. Another big thank you to IKEA for sponsoring today’s post; always a pleasure to work with. Attention, we have an upcoming apartment to convert! 😉

*This is a sponsored post. IKEA kindly provided some of the prints featured in today’s blog post and video for review purposes.

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Ikea Home Decor Haul

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Updating My Parent’s Living Room With Ikea

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Eco Chic: 6 Favorite Finds From Ikea’s April Collections

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Doors are as much about security as they are about decoration – choose a door that suits your home and your storage combination.

The doors open with a gentle push and close smoothly and quietly as the hinges work to both open and close smoothly.

Ikea Home Decor Haul

The doors and drawers do not line up with the Alien D. This is not a good quality product and looks terrible when assembled. Even when assembled correctly, the doors and drawers do not line up. The only possible adjustments are to move the drawers in and out and up, and even then they are rudimentary and ineffective. There is no L/R adjustment on the drawer.1

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Total NightmareChristopher A. I would give it 0 stars if possible. It’s like playing the lottery on the quality of the items you get. The drive doesn’t seem smooth at all and the doors won’t stay open no matter what. This product should not be advertised as such.1

Not perfect, but sweet Hannah Overall, I love my Beast. It’s sweet and simple, but not boring. My two biggest complaints are that the doors don’t fit perfectly (a common problem I’ve heard from other people) and that the wood veneer doesn’t match the pattern in the picture. We have tried several things to fix the doors but they don’t want to go straight. It’s not a big deal to notice unless you’re testing the console, as there’s only a subtle drop in 2/3 ports with the issue, but

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