Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Ikea Home Decor Hacks – We’ve given home decor a new look (like this vintage chandelier and a set of bedside lamps), and even repurposed clothing and accessories.

Can you believe this was a rectangular table? Most tulip tables are smaller than the one above (or too expensive), so Laura made her own dining room table with this IKEA DOCKSTA table.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

There was certainly nothing wrong with this wooden bench, but it looks much better with the woven leather on top – and it’s more comfortable to sit on. Here’s how to make your own woven leather bench.

Ikea Kallax Hack Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

If you have a spare piece of furniture that needs a fresh coat of paint, but still wants it to look shabby, Mandy’s guide to painting cabinets is the best!

We love the canister look, especially on the IKEA IVAR cabinet doors. If you love this look as much as we do, check out our Wicker Candle DIY!

Having trouble finding a TV console that matches the feel of your living room? You can easily turn the IKEA BESTA console into something more medieval like Laura did above.

Some of you have told us that you want your kitchen to look Just like a bohemian play kitchen, and we totally understand why! Elsie used this IKEA play kitchen hack and transformed it

Ikea Hacks For Your Kitchen That You Can Actually Do

This entry table started with a glass top, but we love the marble look even more. This spreadsheet hack

Manda needed a solution to store toys and other things in her living room, so she put together this amazing side table using wall cabinets from IKEA!

Laura made a beautiful wooden star-shaped learning tower for her daughter to use in the kitchen, and it all started with an IKEA BEKVAM ladder.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Add some extra greenery to your space with an artificial living room coffee table. Can you guess where this board came from? Also, here are some of our favorite fake plants (that look like the real thing) if you’re curious.

Ikea Wedding Hacks That Look Awesome

Adding campaign hardware to your dresser is the easiest way to give it a new look. Here’s another mid-century dresser option that only requires a few steps.

This cool (but simple) crib frame turned into a Palm Springs-inspired dream bed. Isn’t it amazing? There’s even hidden storage under those sentimental plants.

Instead of using bar carts, you could turn an IKEA cabinet into a bar cabinet. We’re pretty sure you won’t find anything like it anywhere else! Use IKEA furniture to transform your home. These IKEA hacks will help you do it on a budget.

IKEA is one of my favorite stores because you can find so many things on a budget. Although most of them are pretty boring, there are several ways you can transform them.

Ikea Besta Hack

Today I want to share with you 20 beautiful IKEA hacks that you can use to decorate your home!

Get an Ikea Kallax shelf and turn it into an entryway organization unit. We all have a lot of things that have to go somewhere.

With this organizational unit, you can forget that things are everywhere. Now you can keep them in one place and you have a nice entrance to the house.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Insert IKEA drawers and hand-woven baskets, like here, into the lower shelves. Use each drawer for different types of items to stay organized.

Simple & Easy Ikea Hacks

Get a standard bedside table from IKEA and transform it into something that matches the energy of your bedroom. First, get some paint – preferably gray.

Then buy a marble effect plastic sheet like this one and tape it to the top of the table. Here, a much more interesting bedside table that is also a great design piece!

You don’t have to buy industrial shelving to look industrial! Get this cheap Hyllis bookcase, spray paint it black and add wooden boards to the shelves.

The wooden boards will remain intact as you loosen the shelves slightly and then tighten the screws. For the top wooden board, you need to drill holes to secure it.

Best Ikea Hacks For Every Budget

Get an IKEA Expedit and a long bookcase and turn them into this amazing long storage unit. It also happens to look pretty amazing.

Oak stain and shellac primer are needed to do this. Also, choose colors that match your room – choose lighter colors if your home doesn’t have brighter areas.

You can turn the Ikea Kallax into a beautiful storage unit that the whole family will love. It can also be used as a bench, which makes it perfect for the hall.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Sit on it to put on your shoes or when you’re waiting for the family to get ready. For this you will need a long wooden board or several large wooden boards for a more rustic look (like the ones here).

Fabulous Contemporary Farmhouse Ikea Hacks

You can simply glue them together or connect and attach them to the top of the Ikea Kallax. Of course, you’ll also need a few storage baskets.

You can make collapsible gray storage cubes made of fabric or these beautiful wire baskets. Either way, there are many options when it comes to choosing the right storage basket.

Do you love all kinds of stones and crystals? If you collect them, it might be nice to display them.

Get a simple black frame from IKEA, arrange a card and hold on to some jewelry. It will make a beautiful design piece at home, and will also have spiritual value.

Stylish And Smart Ikea Hacks For Your Entryway

If you don’t collect minerals but would like to have a piece like this on your wall, find a large pile of crystals here.

Take these BEKVAM spice containers and paint them white. You can use them for books, photos and more!

Ikea is full of metal shelves! They are cheap and, if they are decorated with flowers and other decorations, they can make a beautiful design in your room.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

These shelf brackets aren’t just for shelves! Use them to hang your clothes and thus design your bedroom.

Wait Until You See These Built In Bookshelves

This Ikea cart will be a great addition to your office space. Especially if you have a wallboard!

Just roll it under the desk and keep your documents, pens, notebooks and other office supplies there. It makes a beautiful design piece and you can always move it to another room when inspiration strikes.

Who said wall hooks are only for coats and other clothes? No way, organize your shoes with them and your home will look more interesting.

It is a very practical way to store shoes because you can save your walls from being reinforced with dirty shoes. Also, make sure you get enough big hooks!

Smart Ikea Nursery Hacks For A Small Nursery

Get some white buckets, black hooks and a black rod! Put it all together and you have a beautiful craft space.

Also you can put a shelf on it and increase the storage space! Beautiful, simple and very functional.

If you have children, this is the perfect place to store your markers, pencils and pens. So children will be able to perform and be art.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Get a slatted bed base for just $10 and turn it into a beautiful wall. Hang it on the wall, just make sure you get a nice hook.

Ikea Hacks For Kids & Nursery

After that, you can hang various items and decorations on it. Even your own wire baskets to create even more storage!

Here’s a nice old basket that you might want to include in this piece. Overall, it’s a great bedroom decor project.

Nice tables can get expensive very quickly and it’s very difficult. Because a beautiful workspace is so important to being productive and organized.

Get a large work surface from IKEA, smaller bookcases and just put the lid on them. An IKEA cash drawer will also work well here as it will create extra storage space.

Ikea Hacks That Look Like Expensive Living Room Decor

All in all, it’s just a very cheap and practical way to create your office. And it looks amazing!

This is one of the DIY furniture makeover ideas that you will want to try. IKEA’s Expedit bookshelves are simply amazing.

All you have to do is get the fabric and turn it into a beautiful donut. The good thing here is that you can always put some baskets into the rack and create the extra storage that you definitely need.

Ikea Home Decor Hacks

Get gold shelf brackets and wooden boards to create your own shelves. Stack them on top of each other and you have a beautiful shelf.

Ikea Kallax Hacks

You know that IKEA shelves are very cheap. So you can definitely get one and use your own imagination to make it look a little more interesting.

Use wrapping paper or wallpaper and attach it to the back of the shelf as you assemble it. The end result – a beautiful and original bookcase.

Get a cheap lampshade from Ikea and give it a little makeover. Also buy some world map wrapping paper (or any other wrapping paper) as well as Mop Podge

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