Ikea Home Decor Australia

Ikea Home Decor Australia – I am very excited to share with you 50 IKEA home storage ideas. Because let’s face it, we spend a lot of time at home thanks to Covid19. What else is left to do, except to take the hands and organize everything?

Whether it’s a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom or home office, there are many ways to keep every room clean and de-cluttered. Since I moved at the end of last year, I was faced with a small room with less stuff compared to my old house. So I have to be more aware of how I live. Small space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice storage space. You just have to think outside the box sometimes.

Ikea Home Decor Australia

Ikea Home Decor Australia

You’d be surprised how overwhelming the chaos can be. This can have a positive effect on your mental health. I’m not much of a minimalist (I do like to stock up, after all), but I like things to have their own home. So I hope today’s post inspires you to get your room right. You’ll feel a huge weight off your shoulders when you’re done, I promise!

Tufjord Upholstered Bed Frame, Gunnared Blue, Queen

And here’s the best part: Click at the bottom of this article to enter to win $500 at IKEA. Also all the money you have to put in to save and set up your pieces.

Whether it’s under your bed or in your closet, you can find many unexpected things in the store. Above are 12 of God’s favorite organizations. Product links are below.

I love the color block in the above sentiment (that cat matches the vibe!). This is a calm material in white, soft gray, beige and black colors. In fact, it’s best to avoid color when you’re trying to fit a lot of storage into a small space. It makes the whole experience bad.

Another thing I love about IKEA home storage ideas is that they are multi-purpose. I really encourage you to think outside the box when trying to store things. This beautiful rug can be used in many rooms of the house. Even the shoe box that comes in the set does not need to store shoes. Put whatever you like here.

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The only thing I need is to pick out a jacket. I have many different colors and materials. There’s even a few (ugh) dangling cables mixed in! I love the look of all white pendants so they are at the top of my shopping list.

Next in our series of home storage ideas, we’ll look at the bathroom. Like many of you, I live in a small bathroom that is too cramped for storage. Enter these gems. Links to all the products you see above are shown below.

The idea of ​​using standing space is great if your bathroom is small. If you can squeeze into a trolley or van, by all means do it. But if you can’t handle it, you have to get something out of the ground. So you should definitely look for solutions such as wall units, behind-the-door storage systems and compact items that can be easily moved (such as a towel drying system for convenience).

Ikea Home Decor Australia

I also love the idea of ​​bringing accessories like bamboo into the bathroom. With all the tiles and flooring in a room like this, the whole room can get cold quickly. Adding warm woods is a great way to create balance. The same goes for plain linen and baskets. They will definitely make the bathroom look like a clinic.

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I couldn’t do a review of IKEA’s best home storage ideas without including some smart kitchens. It’s a place for home, but unfortunately, it’s a place that can turn chaotic and chaotic in an instant. These 12 storage ideas should help you stay organized. All links to them are below.

My favorite idea above is one that really separates wasted space in drawers and cabinets. When I moved into my apartment last December, I was shocked at how poorly made the kitchen cabinets were. Storage can’t be changed and lots of unused space.

Corner tiling is another painting style that I know a lot of you don’t get to do, so it’s nice to see an archived solution for that as well. And a bonus is the white trash can that can be clipped in front of the closet. I need one of those. And also an organizer for the lid. Thank the design gods for creating this bad boy.

Since many of us work from home, I had to add some smart information for your office. And I really appreciate that some of you may not be overweight. Maybe a little. Regardless, the 12 ideas above should help you get this part of your home in order. Links to the rest of them are below.

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I have to admit that I will always be obsessed with office furniture and a well-designed home office. I hate that the modern word is too technical and sloppy.

. Well, I still love everything and I’m so glad there are so many great ways to store and display these things.

I have been working a lot on the blog lately because I know that Covid19 is making you hungry at work. Let me know if you need help in this area and I’ll show you a new post

Ikea Home Decor Australia

Extra tip: Look for indoor units that do double duty. The Friheten storage table and sofa bed below are great examples of this. They serve the original purpose, but they also hide (or don’t hide) the deleted syllable. An added bonus for those who need it.

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I have a Frihiten sofa bed and I am reviewing it here for you if you want to purchase it.

Confused by some of the ideas here or interested in making a quick IKEA purchase? You are blessed. I’m joining the team to give away a $500 gift card to one lucky TLC reader.

Competition open to Australians only. Competition closes at 23:59 on Monday 31 August. The winner has been emailed and announced here.

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Ikea Home Decor Australia

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Our living room was put to good use! With the help of the wonderful team at IKEA Australia, we transformed this beautiful, light-filled room into a brand new guest room. #wildlandhouse is now accepting guests!

I love looking through the IKEA catalog every time it comes out because it’s always full of bedroom design ideas, especially creative storage solutions and ways to maximize the space you have. So we finally got around to doing a guest room, just me

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