Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas – Our lives have many needs, but we have many rooms in the house to satisfy them. So, if you are lucky enough to have a spare room, give it multiple functions: from a home office to a recreation area. It’s easy with the help of a few simple design tips.

It’s very easy to turn an empty room into a storage place for all your treasures. But if you don’t need a full-time home office (or living room or entertainment area), the key is to create a space that can be adapted from one function to another. Our space makes particularly good use of sloped ceilings, but you can use our suggestions with any room shape.

Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas

Treat your guests to your special room when they arrive and know they will have a peaceful place to stay. Turn the sofa bed into a bed, make a sheet and move the coffee table into a nightstand. Use the suspended ceiling to create a hanger by hanging a small rope from a stylish leather belt and add a rod for storage.

Small Guest Room Ideas

Even if you don’t need a fully dedicated home office, you can certainly benefit from a dedicated space for paying bills or doing paperwork. Save space by placing a small table behind the sofa and keep most of the clutter by keeping most of the essentials in the closet. When you are not using the desk and want to sit on the sofa, turn the reading lamp to provide direct reading light.

Having an outlet for your creative pursuits has a way of motivating you and fueling your passion. For aspiring painters, all you need is an easel (which can be hung on the wall when not in use), a cart for materials, and a place to dry and display your work.

When all you want to do is relax, head to your quiet space for some privacy. A comfortable sofa to lie on with a coffee is important, especially when it is filled with many pillows and soft boots. A personal library filled with your favorite books transports you around the world, while Zen-like decor and soft music bring you back to your center.

We love to see our customers get creative with our products. Go! But please note that altering or altering the products so that they cannot be resold or used for their original purpose means that the trade guarantee and your right to return the product will be lost. This country-style room is always ready for friends and family, making them feel at home. It also serves as a hobby and craft room during quiet times. With cozy rugs, storage and versatile furniture, this is a room with a welcoming heart.

Get Cozy, Stay Awhile: 7 Easy Steps To The Perfect Guest Room

This whimsical day bed easily converts into a spacious double bed – perfect when friends or family are around. With soft blankets and soft pillows, they will be cozy and comfortable in their home away from home.

This bed has a large drawer underneath to store extra blankets and pillows. When you have overnight guests, why not clean out one of the drawers for them? They will certainly appreciate the extra space and can use it as a nightstand.

From a double bed to a sofa in no time. The versatile bed is fantastic for small spaces. Add blankets and sheets to make your corner cozy.

Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas

Make the most of your space with this stylish storage combination. You can store craft supplies, bed linens and towels there and display your favorite things or lamps in it.

Beds At Ikea Houston

Say goodbye to messy drawers! These fabric organizers keep your belongings organized and can easily slide in and out of drawers. Versatile and easy to use, they transform cluttered spaces into organized grids so you can quickly find what you need.

Feeling inspired? This is the product you need to create a warm and cozy bedroom for you and your guests.

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How To Decorate With Ikea’s Floating Picture Shelves

Finally our bedroom is put to good use! With the help of the amazing team at IKEA Australia, we transformed this beautiful light-filled room into a new guest bedroom. #Wildlandhouse is open for guests!

I love the IKEA catalog every time it comes out because it’s full of inspiring bedroom ideas and especially creative storage solutions and ways to maximize the space you have. So when we finally got around to designing our bedrooms, I knew that partnering with IKEA would be the perfect way to bring all our ideas to life.

IKEA is known as the bedroom specialist and has many inspiring and informative solutions to share. I’m excited to show you how I implemented their creative solutions in our bedroom!

Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas

I’m so happy with how a few pieces can turn a room into a beautiful little sanctuary that not only doubles as a guest bedroom, but is versatile enough to be enjoyed as an everyday bedroom by day by day. There is plenty of space on the side to put things like our clothes when we need to dry them inside.

Clever Conversion: Create An Office And Guest Bedroom In One

The most important decision we had to make for this room was the arrangement of our bed. This room is quite small, about 12 square meters and while we like a queen or double bed in here, I’m not sure it’s the best use of space and it seems a bit cramped! However, I managed to find the perfect solution with the UTÅKER stackable bed. This bed is two single beds (and 2 mattresses) placed on top of each other and this is how we will keep our bed every day, so that if we want to use it also as a bed, with space on the side. If we have more than one guest, it can be unfolded and used as 2 single beds, or you can put two beds together to make one large bed!

In terms of the ambience of this space, I want to keep this space bright and inviting by using bedding, blankets and pillows to reflect the sunlight coming in from the windows during the day.

Here I used beautiful decorative rugs (Sanela, Skold, Aina, Veketåg) – I chose them for their different textures and neutral colors to suit anyone’s style when they come to visit and add interest at the same time .

Along with the bed itself, we have Nattjasmin rugs and Ängslilja blankets and pillowcases. Just plain white pieces that make the hotel look white. The blanket used is Hönsbär, which is a multi-purpose blanket recommended by the IKEA team, as a warm blanket and a cold blanket with buttons that you can loosen depending on the season and the level of warmth you want. Bonus: If you need two blankets for two guests, you can even unwrap them to make two separate blankets!

A Family Office And Guest Room In One!

I love a variety of boots thrown on the bed to add a sense of warmth and coziness, so of course I ended up with two of my favorites: the soft pink Ingabritta and the pretty cotton Jofrid.

I love having rugs in my home and I think they can transform the look of a space tremendously. For our bedroom, I went with Överallt rugs made from natural jute fibers. The structure gives the room a truly natural look and is perfect for the space.

I love the idea of ​​a simple side table for the guest bedroom, so the Mastholm Rattan Table was the perfect choice for us. It has a minimal design so it doesn’t make the room feel cramped or crowded. I love rata, so of course I have to weave it somewhere in the room.

Ikea Guest Bedroom Ideas

I love decorating our space with wall art – there are so many talented artists in our home that I want to share and showcase. These beautiful prints are by the talented Jan Skácelík, who I’ve been following on Instagram for a long time. I framed them in a Hovsta frame. I still have two small pieces that I’m focused on.

How To Create A Multi Purpose Room With A Daybed

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