Ikea Girl Room Ideas

Ikea Girl Room Ideas – When Cecilia in Sweden renovated her son Maxime’s room, she made sure he had plenty of wall storage for all his toys. Cecilia said: “Maxim (7) takes pride in his room and likes to keep it clean. “He has a lot of bricks in the house and he likes to keep everything in place.” Here are six more fun and functional kids bedroom ideas from homes we’ve visited over the years…

When we visited Stina in Spain, she showed us one of her favorite space-saving tips. “Our house is small but we always have room for creativity,” he says. “We used an ugly corner of Ulrikke (9) and Johanne (11)’s room by making a traditional table from a dead kitchen.”

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

Encouraging her children’s sense of individuality is important to Laura in the Netherlands. “We touch the kids when we decorate their rooms,” she says. “Max (10) loves nature so we painted the walls in his room with nature pictures.”

Big Girl Room Mini Makeover With Beddy’s Beds

Alberto (8), to be creative by letting him create his own space. “Alberto used stickers to add a personal touch to his toy boxes,” he says. “A fun, colorful bedroom is great for your imagination.”

She likes to decorate her daughter Chiara’s (8) room with clothes. “Chiara loves all colors,” says Francesca. “You want to add more textiles to make your bed cave-like.”

“Kids learn about equality from an early age, so when they share a room, it’s important to give each sibling the right amount of space.”

Catarina in Portugal says, “I’m happy in a house where my family is close. It’s the same with his children, Jaime (12) and Vasco (8), who share a room.

Rainbow Decals For Kura Bed Ikea Pastel Orange Rainbow Wall

“A KALLAX storage unit and two bedspreads are a fun way to share a boy’s bed – it gives them their own space, but at the same time gives them a place to sit and play together.”

Ineke in the Netherlands encourages her son, Mick (9), to be creative in his room. “Now that he’s older, we can use the wall next to his bed more,” she says. “And since you probably don’t play with all your soft toys anymore, you have a special shelf where you can display them as well.” Need furniture for the nursery but want to do it on a budget? Check out these IKEA kids room hacks!

I love nursery makeovers! Unlike grown-up rooms, you can play with color and patterns and crazy themes in a small room – and kids love it regardless of the result.

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

I also love IKEA! Who doesn’t?! They vary in size a lot and are a great store for home DIY decorations and hacks.

Kids Bedroom Furniture

In this post, I’ve combined my love of both into a list of ideas transformed using ordinary pieces to create extraordinary spaces.

Pretend play is something that kids of all ages never get tired of. Little girls really like to imitate mom in their pretend kitchen.

Let your little princess pretend play in style by updating the standard Ikea Duktig. Simply paint the outside of the kitchen the color of your choice (my favorite is this bright candy pink) and line the countertops with marble contact paper, as seen here.

Complete the elegant look by painting the metallic gold color on the utensils and pots and pans. This is it, a kitchen fit for a princess!

Romantic Girl’s Room Ikea Bed

Toy storage boxes sure are full of clutter. But if you make your decorative cards right, you can create a beautiful and chaotic balance.

Simply adapt your storage solution to the theme of your child’s room to create an expensive look (despite the clutter between the drawers).

To save on painting costs, make sure you get the right color for all surfaces, ​​like the calming blue I found here.

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

Turn an IKEA bookcase into a pantry and fill it with whatever your little one wants to “sell” for the day. Sweets, drinks, pastries, burgers, you name it!

Fun And Functional Bedroom Updates For Kids Ages 8 12

You have two choices for your kitchen equipment. You can prepare a meal plan like this. Or you can DIY using a collection of craft supplies like this set here.

I personally love the DIY route because it makes for a fun bonding activity with kids. Also, we can make and add more food than we want. You know, if they change their mind about the food stall next week.

But wait, there’s more. You can also use it as a small toy storage or hanging rack to display your child’s cute clothes.

If you want a pattern on your bookshelf, try wallpaper instead. You don’t need to cover much so you can get a test pattern, like the animal pattern here.

A Flexible Room For Two Siblings

Create a special space for your older child so they can focus only on their work. This example uses a wall-mounted Swellness table and a straight Swellness wall.

Enjoy playtime and innovation every week with the Ikea Flisat kids table. This table is the perfect gem for encouraging sensory play in young children.

Change table contents every two weeks as your little one is active and interested. This example uses colored rice like this, but you can also use glitter sand or water beads like the ones I found here.

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

Dress up the white stuva dressers and chests of drawers by painting them a color that matches your child’s bedroom decor.

Shared Bedroom Ideas

For a pastel room, you can paint your stupa with a pastel spray paint like this one. Or if you want a little texture, use the pastel wallpapers available here.

Encouraging your kids to crawl to bed early is every parent’s dream. This is a difficult feat, but not difficult.

Try turning their bed into a playhouse and see if it works. Use colored paper like this to repeat the flags for this check to see if you are tricking your child into going to bed early.

Create this beautiful wardrobe with two Ikea products. Use an IKEA Besta TV bench for a wardrobe base and reading nook. The IKEA Stove can be placed on the far left side and can be installed on the opposite side.

A Cool Blue Bedroom For Your Tween

Buy inexpensive upholstery foam like this for extra comfort in the reading area. If you’re not worried about makeup, get a dress that’s a little looser than the pretty colored dresses I found here.

The Kura Rollaway Bed is already a cute loft for the kids to cuddle up in, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal touch to it.

Go ahead and recreate the look of Kura’s bed. You will need wallpaper, curtain clips, banner holders, cafe curtains, scissors, measuring tape and of course your creativity. Check out this post if you want to learn the process in detail.

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

This unit is another combination of IKEA Kura combined with sturdy storage. Add a whimsical feel with safe and elegant fairy lights, like the ones here.

Ikea Hacks For Kids & Nursery

Make it look like a real house with the house number next to your child’s name with a personalized book like this one.

Create a game look by turning your trusty squares into giant dominoes. Make dominoes using sticky contact paper, which you can get here.

Throw in a black and white checkered rug and pick up some black and white pompom ornaments like this one to complete the domino color scheme.

Use colorful shades like the ones here to make muffins and cakes, and choose colorful silicone cookie cutters from this range as table decorations.

Best Ikea Furniture For Your Small Bedroom

I’ve never met a kid who didn’t like Lego. Why not make a larger version of this popular block to make room for their desk storage?

All you need are some Ikea Eket cubes, wood for the doors, the craft wood discs found here, and some pastel-colored spray paint like this set.

Simply assemble “Lego” pieces using hot glue, paint on them and hang them on the wall.

Ikea Girl Room Ideas

Setting up a child’s sensory desk can seem like a stressful and expensive affair, if not for Ikea Flisat. Try the sensory table set to introduce your little one to the world of pandas and orangutans.

A Bedroom With Pink Hues And Natural Materials

Use the green sensory rice found here to recreate the landscape, and add artificial plants to enhance the outdoor feel. The great thing about this table is that it can transform into different animals once your little one is used to what they are now.

Another way to renovate a food warehouse or kiosk is to use cheap KNAGGLIG containers, as seen in this example. All you need is a set of nuts and bolts to connect the boxes, and the rest is up to you and your child’s creativity.

The Ikea Mala Easel is great because it has a blackboard on one side and a white board on the other. The only thing is that it is available in one color, which makes it an incoherent item in your child’s bedroom or playroom.

But the problem with this decoration is a

Kura Bed Decal Boho Decals For Kura Bed Ikea Kura Decal

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