Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas – We spoke to many WFH builders around the world, and here are the top five reasons why they choose these storage devices for their home office.

Below you’ll find 34 authentic IKEA ALEX drawer desk layouts, plus direct quotes from home office owners about the pros and cons of their options.

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

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Kallax Shelf Unit, White, 57 7/8×57 7/8

One of them is used for the main desk, where the monitor and computer are located, and the other goes along the left wall. I recently received the Flexispot E7 frame to convert my main desk into a sit/stand desk and I love it!

I am inspired by the growing use of IKEA desks and ALEX drawers. Since my computer is all white, I decided to create a table in that color.

I needed storage, so ALEX drawers were a must and I wanted plenty of space on the table, so I opted for the L-shaped layout.

I’ve looked at several other IKEA bench/desktop options, but none of them are manufactured to the same quality in all-white or the right size that I searching.

Kallax Shelving Unit With Underframe, White Stained Oak Effect/white, 577/8×503/4

“The IKEA KARLBY I have is 74 inches long and 25 5/8 inches deep, and the overall height should be about 29 inches.

I chose ALEX drawers because I need a lot of storage space on my desk and they look good with most desk tops or plate surfaces.

At first, I thought about buying a standing desk, but they are too expensive. I’m not sure if I’m actually using the stand function.

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

Table set up costs only about $370: $180 for ALEX drawers and $190 for KARLBY countertops. If you include the computer, monitor, and peripherals, it will probably cost around $4.5-5k.”

Ready For Competition And Modification

Free Download: Home Office Checklist A complete checklist to help you organize your home office (50+ ideas, 2-page PDF document). Maker Stations Editorial Team

“The table consists of two white SÄLJAN IKEA table tops. The longest side of the table is 246 cm, which is the full length you can buy from IKEA.

The short side was originally 186 cm long, but I shortened it to 140 cm to fit the desired size. The desk is 74 cm high and 63 cm deep from the wall.

I choose ALEX drawers because their height is suitable for placing a desk on top without a lift bar. The depth of the ALEX unit is also closest to the depth of the SÄLJAN workbench.

How To Create The Ideal Gaming Room

Another reason I chose ALEX was that I wanted my mainframe to fit inside the device and its size allows for that.

I only had to cut the back of the device to get the cable. I bought a pair of hinges and attached the drawer sides (front) to the door.

I’ve looked at other drawers/units from IKEA, but the ALEX units meet all of my criteria and offer plenty of storage space.

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

I had to drill a few holes in the SÄLJAN worktop to facilitate neat cable management, and I used rubber washers in those holes to keep it looking clean.

The Ultimate Setup With Ikea Desk For Gaming

The components of the table itself, as well as the three lamps on it, cost me €595. I had to purchase a number of non-Ikea accessories, such as a monitor stand, microphone stand, and laptop basket parts (almost all of which were purchased from Amazon).

“Ikea kitchen table iron measures 186×62 cm. I chose it because it’s more durable and easier to clean than a regular desktop.

I decided on ALEX drawers because they are well built and offer enough storage space. Also, I don’t have to worry about the table legs as they are just the right height for me.

I added some kickstands at the top of each drawer to make the table taller and sleeker.

Best Video Game Room Ideas For 2023

I also choose ALEX drawers because they have enough space for both work and hobbies. Now I can dedicate one side to work and the other to draw.

All in all, drawers and counters cost around £140 ($166), and other items around £20 ($24), but I’ve got plenty already.”

“I wanted something to match the size of the windows I just found in my new house.

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

The window has ample space, but the border is uncomfortably low, so I wanted to draw attention away from that and towards my computer, which I have more control over.

Find A Gaming Room Set Up To Give You The Edge

I also wanted a desk with enough space for my two 32-inch curved monitors and my D&D books.

I don’t consider any other option than ALEX. It’s used a lot on the internet and I think it’s because it’s also aesthetically pleasing

Drawers on both sides are great for organizing items like laptops, cables, and other things like table miniatures or business cards.

The desk costs about $300 after tax, but if you include my monitor and desktop, the total cost is close to $3k.

Great Ideas For A 24 Hour Space With Style

However, I think any large screen with RGB lighting, controllable keyboard and mouse, and an interesting theme would make this table great.”

At first, I thought of designing a floating desk for my workspace, but I realized that I would lose a lot of storage space with the minimalist look.

I saw them in my office when I started working there and I liked their deep size and ample storage space.

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

I looked at a slightly cheaper option on Amazon, but the size was so different that I just opted for the ALEX drawer.

Utespelare Gaming Desk, Black, 63×311/2

In total, the ALEX countertop and two drawers cost me $300: $100 for each drawer and $100 for the Ethan Allen Harvest Table. I already have the necessary finishing touches.”

“I chose ALEX drawers because their flat top and bottom sides make it easy to balance things without having to buy extra feet.

Plus, it’s convenient that both the desk and the drawers are delivered from the same place, and it’s easy to track their deliveries.

It’s been a few years since I bought this desk, but if you only take into account the table and drawers, I think it’s around £200-300 ($238-356).

Cool Gaming Room Ideas For Your Dream Home

The table is quite economical, I would say. Regardless of the computer, monitor or other electronics in the photo, I spent about $300.”

However, gray is not available in Australia. IKEA only offers white and blue in ALEX drawers, so I went to the used market. I spent months on Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree searching for the perfect two gray ALEX drawers.

All told, I spent about $4,000 on computers and monitors; $250 for a KARLBY desk and about $100 for an ALEX drawer on the used market.”

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

I see many people on the internet using ALEX drawers, looks good for an affordable price, so I don’t consider other options.

High Performance Comfort

Here is a list of all my specs and peripherals. Keyboard with HyperX Pudding and Huanuo Dual Screen Air Spring Mount.”

I wanted a cabinet with drawers instead of drawers, but unfortunately, it has been discontinued.

The table on the right is my current desk. There is a 150×75 cm LINNMON board that I think has been discontinued.

It’s too deep for ALEX drawers, so I added a pair of ADILS feet in the back to prevent it from tipping over, since most of the weight on the table goes to the back.

I Modified An Ikea Bookshelf To Make A Console Cabinet. Very Happy With The Finished Product!

This workbench setup also has an ALEX storage device and an expansion device, both of which I believe have since been discontinued.

It’s a shame because the storage device is quite useful for hosting a small home lab with a network switch, NAS, and spare hard drive for Plex [streaming site] content.

This desk setup was originally set up when I was working from home in London before the pandemic and then had to share a workspace with my partner when the pandemic hit.

Ikea Gaming Bedroom Ideas

Then we moved to Cambridge, and now we each have a home office, which allows me to set up two desks.”

Ultimate Guide To 40+ Impressive Gaming Room Setup Ideas

I’m thinking about ALEX drawers because I’ve seen tables that use them before and I love the look.

It’s a big improvement over my old L-shaped desk and the layout gives me more space, making it a relaxing place to sit.”

“I chose the ALEX series of drawers because they offer a lot of versatility with different settings and styles.

They look very modern, so they go well with any fashion or style combination in our PC build.

Classic Ikea Gaming / Wfh Setup

I’ve been thinking about making my own stand, but I’m afraid my desktop stand design won’t be sturdy enough (I have a habit of banging my fists on the table every time I lose in Apex or Rust).

It may not cost that much now, but I usually have the latest hardware in my system, so I pay a premium as part of it

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