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Raise your hand if you remember how many closets we had in our room when we moved in. The answer is zero. We used closets for a while (and got a small closet in our son’s room for our hanging things) and finally, 10 months later, we added floor-to-ceiling Ikea Pax wardrobes to our room and it’s like we’ve arrived. Having a closet is great. And – good news! – after writing this post, we added another Ikea wardrobe to that wall…so our current bedroom has as much storage as the FANCY WAITING CLOSET in our last house! I know. Really thought provoking.

Ikea Fitted Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Fitted Bedroom Ideas

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Meg & The Martin Men: Ikea Pax Wardrobe Hack

For comparison, this is the closet in our last house (it was an 8’x6′ room). Between each side is a 29-inch cabinet and two 19-inch cabinets (one on either side of the larger cabinet). That’s 67 inches of linear cabinet space on each wall, for a total of 134 inches across the cabinet.

Here we used the same Pax systems (floor to ceiling, still 8′ high, both 24″ deep), but in our current small bedroom, we ran them along the left wall of our room. The configuration here is three 39-inch wardrobes and one 19-inch end wardrobe, for a total of 136 linear inches.

No wonder our last house had 48 square feet of storage, and in our tiny room with no closets, we just ran the closets along the wall and still managed to fit a bed that was bigger than us . yes! Talk about living large even while downsizing. It’s so amazing.

So this post is to show you how we put all the storage in our small bedroom and make it look like it’s totally worthy. Plus, we took a bunch of updated photos of our living room for you (here’s a photo of our new bench and sliding glass doors).

Ideas With Ikea Pax Wardrobe System

We fell in love with the Ikea Pax wardrobe system 15 years ago when we first used it to add storage space and create a cozy corner bedroom in our first home. Not only are they a budget-friendly solution, they also offer plenty of customization and organization options, so you can really tailor Pax to your needs. So we’ve used them many times, including fixing the “coolest” closet in our last house.

You can check out all the details (how much it cost, before and after, how we fixed it, and even a video tour) in this closet reveal post, but back to our current home…

When we added the Pax closets to our current bedroom in 2021, we made room for an end door that we plan to move there (currently in the corner of the lower wall). At the time, we thought it would be a novelty to move the entryway to our bedroom, but after living here for a while, we know when we see the bed in the entryway/occasional chair. overall improve.

Ikea Fitted Bedroom Ideas

Right now, our bedroom door faces the opposite wall, where we only have a closet, so it’s not as “close” as seeing the bed or entry area below the front door. So glad we waited for him and didn’t open that door sooner. I think if we move here later.

Bedroom Storage Ideas

So “No. No door!” – We know that the built-in wardrobe you see below would look better in this corner of the room if we put another wardrobe along that wall instead of cramming it in there (you can see it on the wall that’s in the picture above). View from kitchen/living room).

I know the pictures above make the cabinet look like it extends to the wall, but it doesn’t. It really leaves most of the wall next to the bedroom door, so this corner looks really balanced – it always has.

We thought about using several very thick pieces of filler on each side to completely flush the cabinets with the door wall, but in the end we decided it was better without the large pieces on the sides of the cabinets.

I’ll share some more pictures of how the space fits at the end of this post, but let’s take a look at the construction process.

Genius Ikea Closet Hacks

Pax wardrobes are one of the easier Ikea parts to hack if your goal is to make them look like custom built-in wardrobes. The trick is to use trim or molding for a full floor-to-ceiling look. The Pax system comes in 79″ or 93″ heights, so if you have an 8 foot (96″) ceiling like us, fill that 3″ space. If you want it to go from wall to wall, you may also need to fill in the gaps on the sides (which we did here). This process is similar to what we shared in this post).

We actually got the whole process – from unboxing to painting! – in the timelapse video you can watch below. We have a more detailed step-by-step guide after the video.

We got this process down to 5 minutes, but in real time it took about 4 afternoons. The first 2 cabinets involved more assembly and construction, while the second 2 were mostly just the hood and waiting for the paint to dry. So it’s definitely something you can finish in a weekend.

Ikea Fitted Bedroom Ideas

In addition to your Pax wardrobe components (wardrobe box, doors, hinges, interior fittings, etc.)

Fitted Wardrobe Ideas

I’ll skip the parts of assembling and installing the wardrobe, as Ikea covers it very well in their instructions. If you want to see them in action, you can watch them in the timelapse above. and we added some notes to the video for you, like how I added the outlet hole. Below, we’ll start with the step where you install and wall-mount the Pax.

As I said, the main trick to getting it to fit is to fill the top of the Pax up to the ceiling. As you do crown molding around your cabinets.

The problem is that the Ikea doors don’t go all the way to the top of the box, leaving an open surface for you to nail your molding to. So before you add the trim, you need to add the “support piece” that will attach to it. A little summary of how we deal with it. The part labeled “trim” in the image below is what you see nailing me in the image above:

The “support piece” is a spare 1×3 I have, but it can be anything. It is attached to the top of the cabinet (nailed from below). Then using the visible trim, you can glue it to the 1″ side of the support. I promise it will make more and more sense.

Custom Ikea Pax Wardrobes + Total Cost

First, we used a miter saw to cut our 1×3 inch back pieces—one on each side—to size. Then comes the hard part: proper placement of the support.

If, like us, you think you want the cabinet flush with the door, avoid installing this piece flush with the front edge of the wardrobe box. This only works if your trim is as thick as the cabinet door. Since this is not the case, we always get ridiculed for the correct placement. This is where the little dog comes in handy.

What I did here was cut some scraps off the front of my backing fabric (aka 1×2″ that I will use as the final template). That way I can hold my back and double check that the final cut will go where I want it. In this case, it will match my existing decor (since we added the last wardrobe to it) and my doors.

Ikea Fitted Bedroom Ideas

Holding the handle firmly with my hand, I fixed it with a few nails with my nail gun. You can also see how this feature works in the timelapse video above.

Built In Wardrobes

Here’s another look at the process repeated here

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