Ikea Dorm Room Decor

Ikea Dorm Room Decor – Is it time for you to finally go to university or college? If you live in a dorm, I’m sure you’re interested in decorating it to make it feel like home! Furnishing a small space can be tricky and limited, but IKEA has the perfect furniture and storage items perfect for your dorm room! IKEA saves the budget, offers delivery services if you don’t have the perfect transportation options, and lastly, they’re easy to assemble on your own. It’s important to remember that space is a key factor when decorating a well-designed dorm room. It is important to find a balance between decorating and not decorating. Here are 10 IKEA items you need for your dorm room right now!

Everyone needs a cork board in their room, especially in your dorm room! Hang it or lean it against the wall, whichever suits you best. Add photos, letters, anything special to give your room a unique look. You can also place a calendar on a corkboard as a little planner for yourself. This is very convenient for us students!

Ikea Dorm Room Decor

Ikea Dorm Room Decor

What better way to make your little dorm a little cozier than adding a cute, cozy and comfy rug! IKEA has plenty of stylish rugs for your room! There are minimalist designs as well as floral and patterned designs for everyone! This is important even during the cold months.

Personal Space In A Shared Children’s Room

These wagons are so underrated these days. They can be so versatile and help save space. If you have a bathroom this is the perfect storage cart for your essentials, if you have your own kitchen this is a great storage cart for drinks and snacks, and if you have a separate bedroom this cart might be perfect.” mini storage” for you! It’s perfect for storing cosmetics, skin care products, and whatever little things you might have in your room! Not to mention their minimalist aesthetic.

It might not be for everyone, but if you’re the type who always seems to be hungry in the middle of the night and don’t have a kitchen or place to eat, consider a mini-fridge! They are perfect for chilling snacks and drinks in your dorm room!

If you live in a dorm and don’t have enough closet space, look no further. These are the perfect shelves for your dorm room. Use them to store all your folded clothes without taking up too much space in your dorm room!

IKEA is the perfect place to find the right desk! There are smaller tables that are more suitable for your dorm rooms. Some of these tables also have storage options such as drawers.

Easy Storage Ideas For A Small, Beautiful Hallway

Are you tired of the things in your room? Grab one or two storage boxes from IKEA and your problem is solved! They are perfect for storage under a raised bed or above a closet! They are not heavy and bulky, which is a plus! Now you have a place for all your school notes.

Photo frames in the room are the best way to feel close to family and friends! IKEA offers many types of photo frames, so be sure to buy them in different colors!

Plants change the atmosphere in a room, so be sure to choose plants that match the theme of your room and an aura that matches your dorm!

Ikea Dorm Room Decor

I’m pretty sure every student will need to burn oil at midnight at some point, so what’s better than getting a nice, bright, powerful lamp from IKEA?

Make Your Shared Space Attractive, Fun And Functional

Are there IKEA items in your dorm that I missed? Let me know in the comments below! https://www.pinterest.com.au/pin/259801472240227203/ Leaving home and finally having your own space is, in a word, exciting. That is, until you finally see your new room. At first glance, this is boring at best. So we commissioned our interior designer, Emma Parkinson, to create two dorms, each with its own personality. The perfect space for sleeping, studying and socializing. (Psst. If that’s not exactly your style, we have another great hostel.)

“I spent my university days in a very tiny flat in Islington, North London with my boyfriend (now husband). It used to be a cafe with shop windows and everything. building and only 2m wide! We had almost no storage space and the kitchen and bathroom were in the basement. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time running up and down the narrow stairs.

Your mom is right: getting those 8 hours is very important. But let’s face it, there’s a lot more to college than just taking breaks. “When I went to school, communication and new acquaintances became an important part of my life,” says Emma. “I really wanted to make sure that this room could be a good meeting place despite its small size.” Use an extra mattress as a back support. If friends are visiting for the weekend, just place it on the floor to create a second bed.

“You’ll need all the extra storage space you can get. So I decided to use desktop organizers as a bedside table. They can store a lot of things and keep things organized.”

A Small, Budget Friendly Studio Apartment

“Think of a (small) wardrobe and buy an extra coat rack and some matching shoe boxes. And the volleyball net? Perfect for use as a room divider as well as for attaching hats,” says Emma.

“Even if you don’t have much space, you should always make room for things that interest you. It will make your dorm room feel like home.”

“When I was in school, I realized very quickly that the key to a comfortable life is to use these hidden, empty spaces. For example, a couple of storage drawers under a rolling bed are the perfect place to stash your shoes.”

Ikea Dorm Room Decor

When it’s time to buckle up and get to work, you need a super-organized and spacious enough space to spread out. That means lots of shelves, paper baskets, and a homemade board for your desk supplies. Emma even used metal mesh to place notes, drawings, and photos. Combined with the volleyball net on the other side of the table, you create a nice shaded area that helps you focus.

Ikea Brooklyn, Ny Event

“Even though this is a work area, I still wanted it to be nice and cool. LIXHULT cabinets have a sporty feel, while the bright colors and scattered wall placement give them a personality,” explains Emma. “I am also very happy to add some items that you can make yourself, such as plates. They are really easy to make, save a lot of desk space and showcase your hands-on skills!”

“There are so many fun aspects of the hostel! Shared showers are simply not one of them. When I was in school, I found that being ready for anything in the basement toilet helped alleviate the discomfort.” Use the trolley to set up a door station with all your belongings, hang a mesh bag with essentials (towel, toothbrush, toothpaste) and use the other side of the mesh to hang a laundry bag and wet towels.

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For college students, dorm room decor can show off a newfound identity. For parents, this may be the second stage of nesting. All this contributes to a great shopping experience.

Things From Ikea To Spice Up Your Dorm

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The “it” bag among knowledgeable buyers is adorned with gaudy logos, has a bright mix of two primary colors, and has some kind of fuzzy zipper. Despite all this, it is sometimes unavailable due to high demand. You can often find it at 300% markup on third party marketplaces.

Gucci? Trainer? No, it’s a Frakta bag courtesy of Swedish designer… Ikea. I just bought six directly from the seller for $4.99 each.

Ikea Dorm Room Decor

Frakta bags are made from the same blue plastic as Ikea’s large open shopping bags, except they’re shaped like a tote and have a zipper and extra shoulder straps that can be used as a backpack. I know them from a Facebook page called Dorm Chatter, a stronghold of 35,000 followers.

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