Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas – This built-in IKEA wardrobe is made from a combination of a wardrobe and a bookcase. A place for everything and everything in its place.

Here’s what we did for the living room to store toys and media instead of a huge entertainment center! Another IKEA hack with Billy’s bookcase and loft!

Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas

Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas

When we moved into our house last summer, we quickly realized that we needed to come up with some creative storage solutions for a house built for 4 people, not 7. We gutted the bedrooms and living room and put everything else into the formal dining room. Now, many families actually use their formal dining room, but we never had one. We eat in the kitchen dining room, so this space is the only open room we have.

Ikea Hack For Built In Dining Room Storage…when You Have To Work Around A Radiator.

We went back and forth on what to use the room for and finally decided it should be a storage room with lots of shelves. The room where we store all our games, DVDs and crafts. That’s a lot of weight for a single room. Especially if it’s the first room you see when you walk into the house.

Many IKEA-made hooks use open shelves. I could buy a bunch of billy bookshelves and add the glass doors they offer (I think they’re glass top and wood bottom), but I don’t want to see the inside of the cabinet. It is designed to hide things. I think we came up with a good balance of decor on the side shelves and functional cabinet storage hidden behind the cabinet doors.

I have spent hours designing a space that I hope will work for our family. IKEA’s DIY design program leaves a lot to be desired. This is as useful as some of the instructions for building some other IJEA products. It froze several times and I had to restart. It also lacks the ability to mix and match items that should be in separate rooms. ie: I want to use mixed bedroom closets with office bookcases, but it doesn’t allow me to combine both items in my digital design.

When all was said and done, I had a layout of what I wanted and my husband began the construction process.

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Every room is different, but at the bottom of the post I’ll share the products I used for the IKEA built-in hack so you can mix and match to fit your space!

He built a platform for the wardrobe and bookshelves to stand on so he could frame and add panels.

Our unit does not go to the ceiling. There wasn’t enough room to add another type of cabinetry or storage, so I found some wire baskets at Target and use them to store fabric and other items. This option protects the crown molding installed near the ceiling.

Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas

Then he assembled everything and mounted it on the platform. We added drawers, wire drawers, bookshelves and doors.

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When all was said and done, we had 2 large closets, 3 narrow closets, and two narrow bookshelves. We added doors and handles and finished off the sides with derrick caulk, wood filler, paint and added baseboards to the front.

(2019 update: You can see what our unit looks like now with the basket and new wall paint in this Instagram photo.)

Because cabinets are deeper than bookshelves, they are better for storing toys and large items. Compared to the half glass doors offered for bookshelves, you can also put a full door. That’s why we don’t use bookshelves with full walls. The bookcase is shorter than the wardrobe, but you can buy a longer set that will lead directly to the wardrobe. As you can see, our bookcase doesn’t extend all the way to the center cabinet and I love the depth it adds to the look of the room.

I spent a few weeks working here and there while Derrick put everything together, and then I spent the day filling them in and organizing everything.

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When the door is closed, it looks like an open place, but we all know how many things are hidden behind those doors. Mission Accomplished! As you can see, the kids have their own in the toy closet and it doesn’t look as tidy as it did when we finished this project 4 months ago, but that’s life. At least it hides everything when the door is closed, right?

Ah! Join the choir of angels. Everything fits in this IKEA built-in room. It’s my favorite room in the house. I like that the handles are high enough for baby to reach, so everything is in his grasp when the door closes.

We added a small IKEA desk for our computer as a small home office and use our old dining table as a homework and play table. I may end up adding a bench seat between the windows for more storage.

Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas

Customizing this IKEA built-in unit is a lot of work, but it’s worth the effort. Here’s a quick before and after…

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It’s a definite investment, but one that pays off. This is a game changer for our storage issues and will one day become a selling feature if we move.

If you have any questions about our semi-handmade IKEA, I will try to answer them!

Welcome back! I’m Brandi, a mother of 5 lovely children and a cute black lab named Toby. My husband is in the Coast Guard so we live all over the place and every house is our home. I love to bake, sew, create cute things with the kids and share what I’ve learned with you all!

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A Dining Room With Details That Define

Over the summer, we turned our formal dining room into a multipurpose activity room, and today I’m going to tell you all the details, especially how we created a faux built-in wall for a fraction of the cost using a cheap IKEA bookcase.

To be honest, I’ve always hated this room. It ties in with our formal living room and if you know my family, anything formal is just a waste of space. 😉  When Jake and I first built this house 14 years ago as newlyweds, we thought it was huge at 1887 square feet. And that’s it for us. But as we’ve added 3 more members to our family over the years, the “big” space we once imagined has shrunk a bit!

Over the years I have come to believe that you don’t need a big house to be organized and happy if you make the most of the space you have. With more children, I believe more and more that a home should be as functional as possible, which means a formal dining room is not functional for our family, especially since we eat most of our meals at the kitchen table. So I dreamed and planned and sold a lot of stuff and kept most of the savings in cash in a little Tupperware in my desk drawer… (no light, but maybe…?)

Ikea Dining Room Storage Ideas

I envision a room with the biggest table that fits me, something strong and sturdy…where the kids can be at one end of the table, doing homework or painting, and I can be at the other end, sewing or creating. Instead of storing in drawers and cupboards, I want a place to organize all of our handy things that are easy to access and refreshing to be outdoors. Since built-ins are really out of our budget, I looked at a few ideas and finally settled on the most cost-effective solution…a cheap IKEA bookshelf with free moldings that looks like an awesome built-in.

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So we measured the space and decided that we could fit 4 bookshelves (31.5″ x 11″ x 79.5″) on the back wall, giving us plenty of storage.

(More pictures of the room are already at the end of this post, with details on the farmhouse table and benches, read on.)

So Jake and I went to IKEA… and came home with 4 boxes of books, Billy.

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