Ikea Bedroom Layout Planner

Ikea Bedroom Layout Planner – Ikea Kreativ’s detailed design tool allows customers to visualize how the furniture will look in their own living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Shoppers can remove existing furniture from the virtual representation of the scanned room and move items from the IKEA inventory.

Ikea Bedroom Layout Planner

Ikea Bedroom Layout Planner

Realistic furniture can be moved around the reproduced living space and rotated to desired angles.

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In 2013, home assembly company Ikea used a smartphone camera and augmented reality to allow shoppers to view furniture arrangements in their homes. Now the creative tool takes it a step further by removing existing furniture and replacing it with selected items from the vendor’s inventory.

The idea behind Ikea Kreativ’s AI-powered digital design tool is to allow shoppers to try before they buy to help them visualize potential purchases by displaying selected products in one of 50 predefined showrooms or in their living space.

This technology uses machine learning, computerized imaging technology, stereo vision algorithms and 3D mixed reality graphics. Users launch the Creative Scene Scanner in the Ikea mobile app and take a series of photos to create “a three-dimensional interactive copy of the space with accurate dimensions and perspective.”

Existing furniture can be removed from the online display thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms and replaced with items selected from the catalog, which can be moved around the already torn virtual environment and rotated to fit the space.

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A new layout can be saved to a client account for further customization later, or shared with friends and family for feedback. Virtual rooms are stored in the cloud, allowing access from anywhere with an Internet connection, and shoppers can transport their living spaces to a physical Ikea store to evaluate products while browsing the aisles.

At the end of the virtual model, the products that seem suitable can be added to the shopping basket and the order process is completed.

The Ikea Kreativ mobile or tablet tool was developed by Silicon Valley’s Geomagical Lab, which is owned by Ikea’s largest retailer, the Inka Group, and is now available for iOS users and tablets in the US, with an Android version coming to North America later. summer in the hemispheres. Customers in other countries will have access next year.

Ikea Bedroom Layout Planner

“Inka Group is passionate about helping people build better lives at home and we always strive to add value to our customers’ online and offline experiences,” said Parag Parekh, Group CEO. “With Geomagical Labs’ innovative technology and a simple digital experience, we believe Ikea Creative will remove barriers to home shopping, enabling people to move from inspiration to reality and design their ideal home.”

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