Ikea Bedroom Ideas Australia

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The spare bedroom has finally been put to good use! With the help of the wonderful team at IKEA Australia, we transformed this lovely light filled room into a new guest room. Looking for #wildland house guests!

Ikea Bedroom Ideas Australia

Ikea Bedroom Ideas Australia

I love looking through the IKEA catalog every time it comes out. Because there are always lots of inspirational ideas for rooms, especially creative storage solutions and ways to maximize space. So when we finally started building the guest rooms, we knew that IKEA would be the perfect way to bring all of our ideas to life.

Bedroom Storage Made Easy

Known as the absolute sleep experts, IKEA offers plenty of inspirational and beneficial bedroom solutions. I am pleased to show below how I implemented that creative solution in my guest’s bedroom.

I love how with just a few key pieces you can transform a room into a beautiful little sanctuary. As well as being a guest room, it’s also versatile enough to be enjoyed every day as a daybed, with plenty of room on the sides for laundry and other items you want to dry indoors.

The most important decision we had to make regarding this room was the placement of the bed. This room is very small, about 12 meters. I wanted a king size bed or a double bed here, but I wasn’t sure if it would maximize the space. You will feel a little cramped. But we found the perfect solution with the UTÅKER stackable bed. Since this bed is a combination of 2 single beds (2 mattresses), we store the bed daily so that it can be used as a daybed if needed with space on the side. If you have more than one guest, it can be removed and used as two single beds, or two bed frames can be pushed together and he uses it as one large bed.

As for the lighting in this space, I wanted to keep the space bright and inviting by using light colored bedding, cushions and pillows to reflect the sunlight coming in through the windows during the day.

Ikea Bedroom Ideas: 11 Practical, Stylish Spaces |

Here we used beautiful decorative hats (Sanela, Skold, Aina, Veketåg). I chose these because of their different textures and colors. It fits your visitor’s style and is interesting at the same time.

Besides the bed, there are Nattjasmin sheets and her Ängslilja pillow. Just white items that give the look of a stark white hotel. The hoods used are Hönsbär. This is a versatile hood recommended by the IKEA team, a hot and cold hood with interlocking buttons that can be opened and closed depending on the season and desired temperature level. BONUS: If she needs 2 coats for 2 guests, unbutton him so he can have 2 separate coats.

I like to layer lots of throws on my bed to add warmth and coziness, so of course I finished the style with two of her favorites, her Ingabritta throw in blush pink and her beautiful Jofrid cotton comforter.

Ikea Bedroom Ideas Australia

I love having rugs in my home and I feel they can dramatically change the look of a space. For the guest room, we chose an Överallt rug made from natural jute fibres. It creates a natural atmosphere and is perfect for the atmosphere of the room.

Colour Ideas For Your Bedroom

I love the idea of ​​having a simple side table in my guest room, so the Mastholmen side table was the perfect choice for us. The design is very minimalistic, so the room doesn’t feel cramped and crowded. I love mice so naturally I had to have them somewhere in the room.

I love decorating my space with wall art. There are many talented artists in the world, so I would like to share and decorate my home. These gorgeous prints are by the talented Jan Skaselik, who I’ve been following on Instagram for a while. Painted on the Hovsta frame. I also have two small pieces of him framed in Mossebo that I have on my wall.

To complete the room, I added houseplants in a basket-shaped planter, a book, a cute cactus sculpture that I had already given as a gift at IKEA, and a handcrafted macrame that hangs from the window with his S-hooks His plant His hanger. I filled the vase with dried flowers and some nice travel souvenirs from Namibia. It always inspires me to go on adventures.

We hope this post has inspired you in your guest room (or bedroom) decorating adventures. I love looking at the front and back of a space and am amazed at how you can really transform a room, even on a tight budget. All it takes is a little creativity within us.

Ikea: Price Drop On Homewares Brand, Cost Of Living Crisis

Wear: Adventures of Will and the Bears | Arnhem Knit Cardigan | Dress Studio by Love Bonito | Shoes by St. Agni | For many people, it’s a one-stop-shop for all their interior needs, but others tend to combine inexpensive IKEA items with other standout items and timeless accessories to create a well-balanced and beautiful home. Whichever category you fall into, read today’s special story dedicated to IKEA’s 50 best bedrooms and you’ll be mesmerized and perhaps after running out of endless inspiration, head to his nearest IKEA store.

Most of these rooms use only IKEA products, while others cleverly add a Swedish design sensibility to the existing environment to create a truly special and comfortable environment. The bedroom is the personal sanctuary where many of us spend her third of our lives. Then it makes sense to turn this into a space that reflects your style and taste in the way you choose. These beautiful beds certainly do more than that.

At the heart of every bedroom is the bed, which determines the tone and mood of the room and is the focal point of the area. IKEA offers beautiful bed frames in a variety of styles, from elegant and minimal to rustic and Scandinavian. Many homeowners pay too much attention to their bedroom furniture and other decorations, but forget that what really matters is a comfortable, comfortable bed that meets their specific design and ergonomic needs.

Ikea Bedroom Ideas Australia

Whether it’s a twin or trundle bed that helps you get rid of clutter, or a large double bed that meets the needs of the modern couple, there’s a model to match just about any style imaginable. Many of the great bed frames in our 2015 catalog go a step further and allow you to customize your headboard. In fact, those looking for extra overhead storage can take the luxury home with them.

Natural, Cosy Bedroom Ideas

These have been a world favorite for years, from small apartments and studios to bedrooms. Just because you’re short on space and want to maximize your real estate doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style. These IKEA bedrooms demonstrate just that. A loft bed frame allows you to transform a small bedroom into a living room, bedroom and kitchen at the same time, and storage units, cupboards and side tables can also help keep this shared space more organized. When it comes to designing small bedrooms, IKEA’s versatile solutions and smart Scandinavian design are truly top class.

The bed is not the only bedroom furniture design. For those who tend to collect modern clothing, the need for versatile, comfortable and spacious storage is essential. Whether you want to sort and organize truckloads of clothes and shoes, or display small collections with a reason, our range of wardrobes, drawers and open units with clothing systems and hangers do it all. A free-standing dressing table and wall-mounted shelves make it easy to expand your bedroom without clutter.

From storage options and bed frames, pillows, cushions, pillows and rugs take center stage. this is part

We love it because you can get a change just by changing the bed.

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