Ikea Bedroom Dresser Hacks

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Ikea Bedroom Dresser Hacks

Ikea Bedroom Dresser Hacks

You can do a lot with the IKEA Malm chest. The Malm series was popular among IKEA customers. And the collection includes six different storage cabinets, all simple, beautiful and versatile.

My Favorite Ikea Hack Ever! Step By Step Tutorial Of How I Turned My Hemnes Dressers Into This! — Design Of Your Life

This flexible canvas gave IKEA hackers a lot of work. And over time, they came up with all kinds of interesting IKEA Malm wardrobes. Of course, these hacks range from simple DIYs to full upgrades. But the two reinterpreted Malm’s old items from IKEA, turning them into something new.

Whether you already have Malm drawers that you want to keep, or you’re looking for furniture to buy and replace, you’ve come to the right place. There are plenty of IKEA Malm dressers worth repurposing, and they’ll give you all the inspiration you need to turn a classic piece into a classic.

The IKEA Malm drawers have self-adhesive strips, which means that each drawer front is flat. But by adding a little trim, you can get the Shaker look you want instead. Fill the outside of each box with the pill lines. Then find this cut to match your outfit. Once you add the foil, you have an outfit that looks like a luxury piece, not an IKEA purchase.

IKEA Malm furniture is offered in four main colours: black, white, gray and natural wood. But because the Malm plasters are flat, they are easy to paint. Find a color you like and paint your Malm from top to bottom. Then use tools like drawer pulls and different guides to pull the piece together.

Top 23 Ikea Dresser Hack Ideas For Your Bedroom

Malm wardrobes do not come with wire handles. The boxes have sloping sides that can be grasped by pulling by hand. Therefore, adding hardware is the easiest way to dress them up. Look for bright cuffs, and when you find an option you like, add beautiful cuffs to any dress.

For a great change, save some thin wooden slats and cover the sides of the cabinet with them. Make sure the wood slats are even and straight when you join them – you want the lines of your drawers to look as clean as they did before you added the boards.

If you want to cover things with a layer of paint, take a coat and wood

Ikea Bedroom Dresser Hacks

Add a touch of personality to your chest by decorating each drawer with wooden balls. Hold the round wooden handles, attach them to the front of the containers and pull the bottom of the container chest. This unexpected statement takes the form of Bobbin furniture, which you won’t find at IKEA.

My Ikea Malm Dresser Hack

Why do you only have one box of Malm? If you want larger furniture that fills more space, take two similar items and combine them with plywood. With a little thought, you can create a larger desk, drawers or, in this case, a large dressing table.

You don’t have to use the drawers that were on the dresser. Many brands make doors and drawers for IKEA furniture. So you can change the drawers and sets that add color, style and contrast to your simple wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a simple upgrade, get a marble slab and attach it to your IKEA Malm chest. If cut to size, the slab looks and acts like a top coat, making the piece more attractive.

Your clothes don’t have to be fancy or expensive. With a few scraps of leather and a lot of nails, you can make DIY leather handles that are comfortable, stylish, and make your drawers easier to open.

Ikea Nordli Hack: Modern Nightstands

One easy way to reuse your IKEA Malm chest? Cover the boxes with small sticks. The touch adds a modern look to your chest, depending on the shape of the beadboard, reeds or flutes, depending on the type of wood you are using.

The pleasure-style chairs, named for military use, had handles and hinges that made them portable and easy to assemble. With a little creativity, you can make your Malm outfit stand out from the crowd. Gather on the hot copper wire and add it to the corners of the drawer knees. Then finish it off with matching containers and you have a really cute (or vintage) looking container box.

Cane ribbon is a favorite in mid-century modern designs. And with a few drops, you can make your Malm dress look more expensive than it actually is. Line the center of each drawer front with a carefully cut strip, then close the ends of the strip with trim. Add finishing touches like fancy pulls and a fresh coat of paint, and you have a piece that looks completely different from the outfit you started with.

Ikea Bedroom Dresser Hacks

The IKEA Malm wardrobes are on the floor. But yours should not. Buy good dresser legs and attach them to the base of the dresser. This option will raise your dress a few inches off the floor, giving it a sleek, low-profile look.

Ikea Tarva Hack

To take the IKEA Malm wardrobe to the next level, store popsicle sticks and cover the drawers with them. Arrange the popsicle sticks in a zigzag pattern to create a herringbone shape, then finish by trimming the edges of your boxes with the popsicle sticks. This project gives you an outfit that looks worldly, well made and unique.

Your cabinets should not be hard or dry. With suede stripes, you can make your luggage look good and soft to the touch.

Enjoy the fun color. Instead of painting the dress the same color from top to bottom, get the same pattern. An unexpected choice should make your outfit more beautiful, and it should make your DIY easier.

For a more traditional look, don’t just limit your inventory – limit your workload too. Trim the edges of each drawer. Then hold the trim to finish

Ikea Malm Dresser Hacks Anyone Can Diy

Their borders Encourage circular pullers with a circular pattern, or come out with decorative panels.

There are many ways to mount an IKEA Malm chest, and many of them are incompatible. So fill the edges of the paintings with wooden slats, find the drawers,

Invest in beautiful containers. Take all your favorite IKEA Malm drawers and combine them to create a chest of drawers to suit all your needs. It’s hard to find an amazing dress that’s also affordable. Big clothes and money (both in terms of budget and street style). So what do you do when the dream doesn’t exist? An IKEA stick, a can of paint, new pens and a little more.

Ikea Bedroom Dresser Hacks

From Hemnes to Malm and Tarva, the offerings of Swedish retailers can be varied if you want to dig into your toolbox and grab some extras in hardware. Choose your favorite look from IKEA’s 13 wardrobes and set aside a week to work on it.

Our Ikea Rast Hack

After struggling to find country clothes under $1,000, Elsie Larson of A Beautiful Mess splurges on Malm and Lewis Dolin bar fixtures (they cost more than furniture, but she says the money’s still worth it). . Continue? The brackets were painted to match the shiny brass rods.

Instead of dropping $4,000 on a piece like Blake’s Serena and Lily outfit, Drew Scott, the YouTuber behind Lone Fox, stole the show with his $220 Tarva. After applying a small piece of raffia fabric to the front of each drawer with Mod Podge, she attached a strip to the edge of the door and painted pieces of wood Benjamin Moore’s Pale Oak.

Ria Jones (the blogger behind Kin and Kasa) didn’t need pajamas for her daughter, but she did need a nightie. So he turned IKEA’s Rast dresser into a perfect storage unit for $75 by removing the drawer and bottom drawer, adding new legs to the base, installing sideboards and wooden planks, and paint the whole thing blue.

For less than $20, Paper & Stitch blogger Brittni Mehlhoff recreated her Moppe mini dresser (a great way to dress up a small space or nursery). The trick: ¾ inch thick pine dowels. Cut the pieces to size, sand them and wrap them

Diy Ikea Dresser — Krista Horton

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