Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas – Do you dream of working from home, but don’t have room to save? A home office doesn’t have to be an isolated space – it can easily be incorporated into one of your existing rooms. Writer and artist Margo shows us how she works from home, with a library in her bedroom.

“I display my artwork on the wall above our bed – it blurs the line between my office and the park.”

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

Add personality to your office with a favorite container to store important tools. “The vases and vases I’ve collected over the years make my desk feel like home,” she tells Margo.

Ikea Desk Hacks You Can Easily Tackle At Home

If you sit in a chair all day, it’s important to choose one that’s supportive and stylish. “My FJÄLLBERGET chair is very comfortable and matches my bedroom decor,” says na margo.

A table by the window creates the best natural light. Add a desk lamp to direct light where you need it while you work. On top of that, the view from the window is an inspiration: “I like to see how the atmosphere changes during work”.

Margo chose to decorate with neutral colors and lots of plants to create a calm and relaxing work environment. “The natural design and light colors make it easier to focus during the day and make it a great room to wake up in,” she says.

“I like to work at my desk while my husband sits on the bed reading a book. It’s good that we share space.’

Small Home Office Ideas (with Photos From Real People)

The website uses cookies that facilitate the use of the website. Learn more about browser cookies. Need a new desk but shocked by the price of the desk? They can be very expensive! Luckily, these amazing DIY Ikea desk hacks will give you a great workspace on a shoestring budget! These IKEA table ideas range from simply combining some IKEA pieces to completely changing the IKEA look to look like custom furniture.

When we decided my twins needed separate bedrooms, I moved from the office to Avery’s room. I started looking for desks for my “new” office (aka my kids’ playroom). I’ve had trouble finding exactly what I’m looking for in the table and found a few things that might work

So I started brainstorming and looking for Ikea desk hacks that could work in my home office. I can’t believe how many amazing ideas are out there! Ikea products are very versatile and many bloggers have come up with amazing Ikea table designs. I’m sharing the best ideas I’ve seen in this post!

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

I used an Ikea kitchen cabinet combined with drawers to make a long table in my study. It gave us plenty of room to work and Alex’s pickups gave us plenty of storage.

Best Ikea Desk Hacks For Your Home Office

This is one of the cutest table settings I have ever seen! Make a printer cabinet under the desk is a great use of storage space and it holds everything ready, which I also like.

Three pieces of Hemnes dressers and a long table make a beautiful table in this study above the garage. Built-ins with open shells full of beautiful decorations and light fixtures make this spacious space comfortable!

Think outside the box and turn this reclaimed door into a maid’s desk! Paired with antique brass and gold table legs, the horses upped the glam mark.

This Ikea hack takes an existing slim table and makes it even better! The gold spray paint accentuates the look of the metal legs and the end result is a sleek, modern table. It’s the perfect size – big enough for a laptop and some documents, but not so big that it takes up a ton of space.

Ikea Hack Desk With Cube Storage Shelves

Add a DIY Plywood Table and Seat to these Ikea Nordli Drawers and make something special! The contrast of wood and white, as well as the design, make it a great table.

This slim profile Ikea hack is a great space saver. Add legs to Alex Ekbe bookcases and you have a small desk with drawers that is perfect for a small workspace!

This is a half DIY, half pre-made home office desk. The main part of the DIY table and base are Ikea boxes. Copper accents and great seats make this model stand out!

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

Custom tableware and unique touches can put the Ikea hack aside. This pallet table with gold hardware, gold wheels and legs makes this Rast drawer unit almost unrecognizable.

Ikea Hacks And Builds Diy Projects Craft Ideas & How To’s For Home Decor With Videos

The L-shaped desk in your workspace is a game changer! This Ikea set offers plenty of storage and work space while only taking up one corner of the room.

Never underestimate a simple table from Ikea and a few shelves. A table top and several drawers will transform any area into a workspace. Adding color and decorative elements is all this set needs to be complete!

We transformed my office and craft room and replaced the IKEA desk you saw at the beginning of this post with a new desk from Ikea! We love the bright white light and all the savings the new joint offers us. We still use the Ikea Alex drawer units but these are white instead of black. We combine them with an Ikea Linnmon table on each side to create one table. The central part was then equipped with IKEA Kalax shelves and a Linnmon table top.

This extra long desk is designed to fit the work spaces of three home children. Alex’s drawers have a birch veneer top. Looks amazing with the countertop and bright green walls!

Hemnes Desk With 2 Drawers, White Stain, 471/4×181/2

To create this cute Ikea table trick, they started with Alex drawers, Adils legs and a Säljan worktop. A stick was added to the draw and also a modern puller on the edges. The result is amazing, especially in front of the wall.

Instead of the traditional two “table” configuration, these base units are designed to create enough space for a large Alex drawer that can be removed to create a second art space. Genius!

This work is simple but perfect. I love that she used an Ikea Alex sink and found this cute butcher block in the Ikea clearance section. Always check this area!!!! In combination with beautiful wallpaper, it creates a perfect office space.

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

You’d never know this project started with Ikea shelves! I like boxes that are connected in the middle and small spaces that provide comfortable work surfaces at each end. There’s something to be said for a small space when you’re working with someone!

Trotten Desk, Beige/anthracite, 471/4×271/2

This desk solves the problem of confusion in the workplace and allows you to work while standing or sitting in a chair at a height. The great thing about this project is that it adapts to almost any space.

Well, aren’t they the best Ikea table runners?! I like them all very much. Ikea desk ideas are perfect, no matter your needs or budget (just like these 50 creative Ikea hacks and these Ikea shelving hacks). There really is something for every price and space. I continue to be inspired by the amazing things people are doing with flexibility. not?

And for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes previews, be sure to register before you go! Maximize space at home with this corner workstation. Lots of easily accessible storage, although the desk is nice. Cable outlets, adjustable shelves and magnetic note boards are smart solutions.

You can keep your desk paperless with the white magnet desk on the back wall. Or attach your to-do list with magnets.

Good Looking Cheap Computer Desks You Can Buy Online Right Now

You can customize the shelves to accommodate different items and rearrange them whenever you need. Adjustable plans help you use your space more efficiently.

It’s easy to keep wires and cables out of sight and still close at hand thanks to the cable outlet on the back.

You can expand the work area by adding a table and a drawer. All tables and drawers from the MICKE series are the same height.

Ikea Bedroom Desk Ideas

Tighter than expected Wendy B. Fits tight and the space I need but it’s really only for one monitor and I have two monitors. I hope they have been reformatted to be more relevant.4

Desk Ideas For Small Bedrooms: Small Bedroom Desk Ideas

It fits perfectly in my daughter’s room ESTHER It’s not too difficult to build according to the instructions and it looks great in the corner.5

The DeskJackie has no drawer or place to put the printer. Not worth the price I paid. 3

NiceRoberto Z. It is a good product and it is very good. It is suitable for small spaces and looks very nice, clean and professional4

Bought for my 13 year old son. Jackie bought it for my 13 year old granddaughter. She was so happy that she was able to put it together herself. 4

Ikea Micke Desk Hacks We All Love

Easy assembly, small dimensions, shelves can be deep Glenn L. In addition to the narrow shelves and hooks, this small table is great. I’m glad for one

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