Ikea Bedroom Closet Ideas

Ikea Bedroom Closet Ideas – In this post I’m sharing IKEA wardrobe hacks you should know when designing your pax system wardrobes! This post covers how to design your pax system, customizations you should consider, IKEA wardrobe hacks, how long it takes to build a system, and pax costs.

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Ikea Bedroom Closet Ideas

Ikea Bedroom Closet Ideas

If you are looking for a custom built-in wardrobe, I highly recommend the IKEA pax system. I chose this system because of all the customization you can add using items from the IKEA accessory line. Complementary accessories are key to this IKEA wardrobe trick! You’ve probably seen pax systems and accessories all over Pinterest because they make it so easy to create your own dream closet! This IKEA wardrobe hack takes your wardrobe to the next level.

Small Bedroom Ideas

The first step in designing your custom pax system is to take measurements of your space. You can enter your wardrobe dimensions in the pax planner on the IKEA website. I shared a tutorial on how to use a planner in this YouTube video. The tutorial starts at 5:48 if you don’t have time to watch the whole video.

There are two pax frame depth sizes. The larger frame has a hole for attaching a clothes rail in the middle, which allows hangers and clothes to fit completely inside the frame. I only had room for a slimmer frame, so my dress was sticking out about half of the frame. This doesn’t bother me too much, but if you have clothes on both sides of the closet, it can feel a little crowded.

This is an important part of the IKEA wardrobe hack to achieve the built-in look. I chose the tallest frame height, which is about 4 inches lower than the ceiling. I added 4 inch trim to the top of the frame to tie it to the ceiling. This IKEA wardrobe hack really elevates the look of your pax system and makes it look custom.

Here you will customize and design your pax system. In each of your frames, you can add shelves, drawers, clothes rails, pull-out baskets, etc. Be sure to note that there are different width sizes per frame and some inners only fit certain frames. My favorite customization is the pull out compartments with dividers that I use to organize my jewelry. The glass shelves I put on it make me feel like I’m picking things out of a store! I also love the hanger to keep my necklace tangle free!

Our Small Master Ikea Closet Reveal!

This is the ultimate IKEA wardrobe hack! I nailed the PVC skirting to the top and bottom of the frame as well as the front to seal all the frames together. This makes your cabinet look like a simple IKEA build to a luxury custom built cabinet.

They are sold at IKEA and you will especially need them if you are building a pax system cabinet. This is a small white plug that goes into an unused hole in the pax system. This cover plate really makes your cabinet look cleaner and more exclusive. I think each of my frames has about 280 holes, so consider how many packs you should order. I definitely underestimated how much I needed and had to order more!

While the pax system feels very durable, the back you nail to the frame looks and feels very flimsy. If you want to cover this up, I recommend using peel and stick wallpaper! I think this gives your wardrobe a fun feel.

Ikea Bedroom Closet Ideas

IKEA has different lighting options that you can add to your pax system cabinets. I don’t use this setting because I get pretty good lighting from the ceiling light in my closet. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, we found this rechargeable motion detector light that attaches to a magnetic strip that you can attach to the frame with double-sided tape. This might be my best IKEA closet hack yet!

Genius Ikea Hacks That Will Double Your Closet Storage

If you are adding more drawers to your pax system, remember that you will need to add a shelf above the tallest drawer to cover it. One of my favorite IKEA closet hacks is creating a collapsible laundry station! I placed mine in my 36 inch frame on top of my drawer. I left these shelves completely empty except for this cute little trash can. It’s the perfect place to throw my clothes after I take them out of the dryer and start putting them away and folding them. It’s crazy how much more motivated I am to put my clothes away now that I have this folding station, plus I want to keep my closet as clean as possible!

The cost of the IKEA pax system can be quite expensive depending on the size of your wardrobe and the customization you choose. I think the total cost of the IKEA pax system is about $2,000, the finish is about $300, and the new floor is about $60. Worth every penny in my opinion! Right now the price of wood is outrageous so it would probably cost the same or more to build it yourself plus it would be more work and we’re not very good at that LOL. I also love that I practically have 2 built in closets! Both me and my husband were standing in the wardrobe admiring how beautiful it was haha! Our golden retriever, Harvey, loves to sleep there too!

Installing a pax system is no joke! The frame is very heavy and the IKEA instructions are definitely not the easiest to follow. Once you’ve built the first frame, the rest of the building process is relatively quick. I think it took us about 30 minutes to build each one. I say “we” but in fairness my husband built most of it himself. We work on organizing closets every night after work and adding finishing touches like flooring and decor on the weekends.

The most frustrating thing about this process is that IKEA keeps pushing the delivery date forward and then not shipping all the parts. Apparently it’s hard to get anything from IKEA since the pandemic, so keep that in mind. Luckily, my sisters live near an IKEA store and were able to get me some items that were out of stock online.

Spacious, Stylish Master Wardrobe For The Family

In the end I will choose the pax system and do all this IKEA wardrobe hacking again! I actually want to put a pax system in all of our closets because customization helps you use every inch of space! I hope this post helps you if you’re thinking of building your own custom closet, and that this IKEA closet hack helps you improve your space. Thanks so much for reading and be sure to check out my YouTube video of the design and build process below. Are you dreaming of a beautiful wardrobe for your bedroom? Here is the solution for you! Start with a frame, then add the KOMPLEMENT range that holds all your clothes, shoes and accessories. Finally, just customize it by adding your favorite doors.

WardrobeKathleen S. I like the product, but it takes a phone call and a trip to Tempe and Denver to complete the order. We have everything now.5

Love My ClosetRobin F. I installed a full closet system. The design tools are accurate and everything arrived without damage. As long as you follow the instructions, everything will be fine. Love my closet!!!5

Ikea Bedroom Closet Ideas

It works, but not great. Aryeh A. I have owned 4 person lockers for the past few years. The new one is worse. It is less stable. The new substrate is more difficult to lay. It is less portable because it is very weak structurally. The drawers do not fully extend with the current hinge system. This costs more money and the quality and design is poor. If there are other adjustable options, I will consider them. This may be a good system, but it lacks attention to detail in everyday use. This product can be of the highest class. But at this very intermediate moment.3

Ikea Pax Vs Custom Wardrobes

PAX REviewDeepa Item looks good and installation is easy. But the stain layer on the wood seems to wash off easily. Overall good product .4

Very cheaply madeSYLWIA H. I have a lot of furniture and never thought it was high quality. Although it is good enough. But the boards that make up this wardrobe are just rubbish. The foil covering the pressing disc is very thin and comes off easily. Why is the quality not the same as the kitchen cabinet? I would be more inclined to use

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