Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas – My IKEA Pax wardrobe is one of my favorite things in my home. After futilely exploring different clothing storage options and ideas, I finally decided to “pull the trigger” on this affordable, do-it-yourself system and turn the spare bedroom into a “crack”. (Cabinet-table.) I tell you… my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner!

Before finalizing the design of my own IKEA Pax wardrobe, I spent a lot of time browsing the web, Pinterest and Instagram for ideas and inspiration. Ultimately, I want something that is beautiful but works well for my space and needs.

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

The total price of this IKEA Pax wardrobe system is $1,120. Although it is definitely an investment, it is a

A Wardrobe Wall That Extends Your Bedroom

Cost effective purchase compared to other closet systems! I was able to save more money by building my own cabinets. (I love projects like this!) It took me a few days, but if you’re looking for something a little easier, many cities offer the option of hiring someone to install it for you through TaskRabbit.

I can honestly say I’m very happy with what I came up with and after two years of living with this wardrobe system, I’m happy to thoroughly recommend it.

If you’re thinking of installing an IKEA Pax wardrobe in your own space, I hope these details are helpful!

A fun and easy trick to add to your IKEA Pax wardrobe is to use a disc lamp on Amazon! It is battery operated, so the advantage is easy setup. No wires or electrical stuff to think about! (And it can be operated separately!) The downside is that changing the batteries for each light is time-consuming and, frankly, a bit of a pain. But I love the added economical pizazz! Buy here.

Create A Mini Dressing Table With A Wall Cabinet

Another way to personalize your IKEA Pax wardrobe is to add drawer pulls. I decided on this small acrylic pull for the jewelry tray and this large acrylic pull for the large drawer.

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When we built the house in 2013, I knew I wanted to use the IKEA Pax system in our small closet in the master bedroom. It is a robust system that offers many organizational possibilities with a choice of drawers, shelves, trunks and pull-outs. However, we couldn’t afford all the beautiful drawers and shelves as we ran out of resources to build our house.

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

I added wire baskets instead of the IKEA complement drawers because they were cheaper. The problem is that they always look messy and disorganized. Since we can see our closet from our bed, I wanted a more eye-catching look.

Ikea Home Storage Ideas For An Organised Life

Another problem is that we use narrow pax units for the interior of our closets and they don’t take up as much space as they should because they are too narrow. I thought it would make more sense to use this unit elsewhere in our home and turn it into the hanging storage that this area needs.

Watch my YouTube video to see how I transformed my small closet into something more functional and aesthetic with IKEA organization: Products used in our IKEA closet makeover:

Adding white drawers to the Pax unit definitely made our cupboards look tidier and more luxurious in an instant. It is easy to install and easy to install.

I also added some crown molding to the top of the cabinet and casing trim to the sides to make it look more built in.

Pax Add On Corner Unit With 4 Shelves, White, 20 7/8×13 3/4×79 1/8

We cleaned and organized all our clothes and attached hanging rods to the inside of the closet. This allowed me to make other parts of the cabinet much easier, especially the drawers and shelves.

We have some heating ducts that we need to access in the lower right side of our closet, so adding pax dividers and a pull-out laundry basket was an easy solution to hide that area.

A simple display shelf in the center of the closet allows me to display some of my favorite things like a yellow suitcase, some art and accessories. I also love how it looks when I see it from our bed.

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

Now tell me: what do you think of this budget IKEA wardrobe makeover? I’m really happy with how it turned out and I think it looks better than ever! Doors and hinges sold separately. Complete with KOMPLEMENT hinges for corner unit, pack of 6, sold separately.

SmÅstad Wall Cabinet, White Green/with 1 Shelf, 235/8×125/8×235/8

Do you dream of a beautiful wardrobe for your bedroom? Here’s the solution for you! Start with a frame, then add the KOMPLEMENT series that houses all your clothes, shoes and accessories. Finally, customize by adding your favorite doors.

Dividers make it possible to equip additional corner units with internal organizers, while still allowing access to corners.

Great job, Jim. I put them in the dressing room. The assembly was a fairly typical assembly. We prefer the gray color, but it seems to have been discontinued.5

Paxgen Cabinet I wanted a large cabinet because there was no storage space on my farm where I grew up. Pax is my answer that there are no more units with doors. Lots of shelves and drawers. It took me a week and a half to put it together, but now I have a bedroom that I don’t use as a walk-in closet. It’s nice 5

Best Ikea Furniture For Your Small Bedroom

Very versatile Melissa Great product. I use this and other PAX products to build my pantry. Very robust and versatile with available configurations.5

I love the new Jacqueline Closet System!!! The price is right and it’s beautiful! Now it is very easy to organize our closet. 5

A huge disappointment Karen I was very excited about this purchase but was really disappointed. None of the shelves fit, as if the shelves are for a completely different unit. I have to return it.3

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

Tameika F is very difficult to assemble. Of all the PAX frames, this one is the most difficult to assemble. You must ensure that you follow the appropriate instructions depending on the desired placement (left or right side). Then figuring out how to mount it to the PAX frame was another challenge. This frame alone took 3+ hours to assemble. Because of the size of the space I had, I had to adjust the connection to the PAX frame so that they both lined up on the wall. I hope the instructions provide both options. However, the final result after everything is installed and connected is good.3

Viv & Tim

You must use this product if you want a perfect fit when joining other units for a perfect fitCori L layout. I had to watch YouTube to put the cabinet together but once I got it down it was easy. I just finished a 10 piece PAX unit…completely transformed my closet into a showpiece.5

Corner DreamLaShondra I love how it unifies my closet and gives extra space at the same time. Areas that used to be dead spaces are now fully operational. 5

It will be easy to buy these things if you are in Kitty, Louisville, KY5

Just love this system. TheArgeon just loves this system. Quality and looks are worth every penny. It was my choice to spend over $5,000 for a very similar looking system and I’m glad I made that choice5

Ikea Bedrooms That Look Nothing But Charming

The designer is its own Want to customize the look and function of PAX to fit your space and style? Personalize it

Look around a bit – not too obvious, just a glimpse. No one dresses like you right now, even if it’s a different color of socks or a different color of scarf.

So, it goes without saying that our clothing storage should not be the same. This idea led us to develop the PAX/KOMPLEMENT clothing and footwear warehouse. Designed so that whatever your tastes, fashion or personality, your clothes and accessories have a practical home.

Ikea Bedroom Cabinet Ideas

We only have to look through photo albums to see some of the clothes we love and make us think, “What was I thinking?” As our clothing has changed today and over the years, so has our approach to storage. That’s why we’ve designed PAX/KOMPLEMENT clothing and shoe storage to adapt to how you want to store your stuff, rather than trying to cram your clothes and accessories into spaces that don’t fit. An idea that shaped his entire development.

My Ikea Pax Wardrobe Closet

“Most people dream of having an organized wardrobe where they can see all their clothes and accessories. But that’s where the similarities end,” says Bettina Twiss Larsen, who developed the PAX/KOMPLEMENT system. Traditional storage often forces you to do things a certain way, whether it’s folding a T-shirt.

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