Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas – It’s finally time to share the reveal of the IKEA B big boys nursery. I look forward to sharing this great project with you! 🙂 This room has been a few weeks of work and I’ve really enjoyed putting the finishing touches on it over the last few days. I haven’t shared much of my son’s room on the blog, maybe just a few. A few years ago

. My boys shared a room for a while but now that they are getting older and independent their personalities are changing. I know they will always be around, but I think they will enjoy their individual spaces – and oh my! This new space makes me sit and relax in it. Just so cool!

Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas

Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas

My oldest son turned nine this summer… (oh, I can’t believe I’m saying that) and I thought a nice big boy room would be the perfect gift for him. 🙂

Vertical Storage For An Uncluttered Small Bedroom

. We moved all the toys, stuffed animals and legos up to the attic while we worked on the floors. That was about 2.5 months ago. Here’s the real shocker… Ready for?! The toys are still in the attic!!! Believe it or not, they didn’t really miss them, and I realized that my kids are probably fine without loads of toys. I know it’s crazy! I think my boys are even more excited to play sports with their friends. And I wouldn’t change a thing!

Knowing that school is almost here and my son is in 4th grade, I thought it would be a fun birthday present to create a fun space that he will enjoy for many years to come.

!!! **Spoiler Alert** Before I get into the details of this Ikea room for big boys, I want to mention this awesome brick wall we created. I am working on a tutorial on how to create this wall look and will post it on the blog soon!!!

To update my bedroom I bought some amazing pieces from IKEA and today I’m going to share these fun finds with you!

Ways To Divide A Studio Apartment Into Multiple Rooms

IKEA SVÄRTA bunk bed This is IKEA’s coolest loft bed, folks! I like it for several reasons.

We never had a bunk bed because I always thought my kids were too small for them. But now that my son is older, I think it’s a great space-saving option for a room. It was so easy to put together and fits perfectly with the urban, industrial vibe I envisioned for her room.

We added the SVÄRTA desk, which is comfortable and an ideal center for my son to do his homework while you put him under the SVARTA loft bed.

Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas

My son wanted a corner where he could study and play his games. She asked for a small TV in the corner, but my husband and I are totally against the idea of ​​a TV in the nursery, so we are against it. The armchair is super comfortable and I know he will enjoy reading his books in the little alcove by the window.

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The black and white striped rug just had to come home. I’ve had my eye on it for a long time and think it’s the perfect addition to my son’s room. It is made from 100% virgin wool. what do you think Yes or no?

Now let’s talk about this amazing personalized print wall that I created for you. My son is into everything. There is ONE exercise. And I love it. So I wanted to record part of it and send it to his room to recognize it.

In her room I came up with a tutorial that hasn’t been blogged yet but will be soon. If only I had 48 hours in a day – haha.

Underneath the large print I added some storage for his toys and Legos (some of which we ended up rescuing from the attic – and some of which we moved to Goodwill – love a good tidy up!).

Ikea Sektion: Built In Wardrobes For Sloped Ceilings

We’ve always had trouble organizing his toys and these shelves make it easy to separate his reading blocks and display his books while keeping everything organized.

This next angle is small but functional. Did I mention he likes all kinds of sports? Yes, he really does and he likes to show what he’s made of.

Well, that’s it my friends! I just love how everything turned out and she couldn’t be happier! win, win! I really appreciate and appreciate your feedback – let me know what you think of this new Ikea big boy room. With sloping ceilings and few usable walls, it is always difficult to convert a loft into a living space. Combine these odd angles with a client who changed directions during the remodel, and many designers might have been tempted to quit, but not Hollie Velten. The interior designer became impatient as Molly Rudau’s plans for the upper floor evolved from a single function project to a single function project.

Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas

When Rudau first approached Walton about turning it into a loft, he hoped to turn the extra space into a “quiet, quiet place” for his leadership building and executive training firm. Rodau had already installed skylights and hired a carpenter to create storage under the roof, but needed a professional who could figure out how to make the most of the difficult area, especially as a backdrop. It worked for him. Client Calls Then, a few months into the design process, he decided to move his headquarters out of the house and use the third floor as an office, guest bedroom, etc.

Beautiful Ikea Bed Hacks For Bedroom

A playground for her and her partner, Daniel’s 4-year-old son Dex. Next, Velten takes us through the new and improved Renault.

After scouring local stores for small-space bed ideas, Velten landed on IKEA’s Utåker ottoman, which when disassembled allows the family to choose between a full-size mattress, two sleeper party twins, or a corner sofa swap. Make a decision. The designer wanted to personalize it, so she painted it in Farrow & Ball’s Bancha (a rich olive green) and finished it off with a large prop in Blockshop’s Sunwave fabric. To give the arrangement more presence in the room, Walton had her favorite local carpenter craft a custom Gothic-style headboard.

The designer strategically used the same green color on the bed for the room’s window trim, baseboards and bookcase to create a continuous color scheme. The uniform color of the appliance immediately unifies the architecture and furniture, but also almost acts as an accent to the overall design, revealing thoughtful updates.

In a room with a lot of doors like this, Walton says, “You can do your best to make them disappear or tilt.” When it came to openings to the crawl space, he clearly chose the latter. Embossed details and large handles make the front statement – don’t be afraid to open it and grab something inside. “Like everything else in the room, we tried to make it funnier but quieter,” he adds.

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An unflattering roofline can be distracting when you want to stand up straight, but it also has advantages: it’s a firm eye-catcher from the start. Here Walton took advantage of that, wallpapering the surface with a subtle Farrow & Ball print and placing a custom zigzag headboard below the window. Placing the mattress under the shade and framing it like a sofa with pillows in the middle creates a strong symmetry that draws the eye.

The affordable furniture was a choice Walton made with both sustainability and Rodau’s guests in mind. A base table from Olde Good Things, a tubular steel chair from Cherin Studio, and the iconic Componibili storage element support the Rodau work-from-home layout but don’t scream “office,” so no one feels like you’re intrusive. . Invited to stay again

Walton originally envisioned extensive bookshelves for Rodau’s working library, but when most of the books moved to his new office, the designer opted for freestanding shelving. It made sense to build it from the ground up so he could maximize every inch of angulation and also add features that most commercial products don’t have, like a top to accommodate very tall titles. Now the sky is the limit. Use your walls when storage space is limited – creating a neat and stylish look in a small home. And with the VITVAL loft bed you create even more valuable space.

Ikea Attic Bedroom Ideas

Turn off the world for a moment (or hide an unmade bed!).

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