Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room – Wall decor has always been my least favorite part of decorating a room. I’m always stuck on how to fill the void without making the room too busy or finding the right decor. I was recently thinking about what to do with one of my kitchen walls when a friend of mine (Hi Colleen! <- check out her blog!) texted me that she was having a wall fight in her living room! When you don't know what to put on your wall, I decided to make a list of good things!

A floating shelf or art frame is a great way to fill a space! In addition, you can change the decoration that appears on them at any time. You can dress them up with a bit of decor (mainly white/beige decor, or just a black and white print) or use them to display your favorite shelf accessories and art! Picture frames are wonderful for displaying children’s books in a nursery or playroom!

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

Chris Love made this DIY Art Ledge to fill the space above his bed with Julia’s Christ and Julia

Small Living Room Ideas

In my house, I have a simple decorative IKEA art frame and a small floating shelf on a chair in my living room.

A properly placed mirror can do wonders for a room! If you choose a sloped floor mirror or a wall mirror; They can help fill a void while brightening up a dimly lit room! Mirrors are great for when you want to fill a space but don’t want to overwhelm the entire design.

THE FLOOR DETAIL IN THIS MCGEE studio design is exactly what this wall needs!

I added these three because they help add texture to your room. Woven wall art can include macrame, glass art (those beautiful tapestries) or any type of woven seaweed art!

Ways To Fill A Blank Wall

When I was in high school, rugs were in style, but those were the crazy colors you got when you were going through your “hippy” phase. Today, they make wall art that fits any decor! The basket wall was a big time – almost everyone had a nice basket wall! I always love it, especially when paired with a little fashion!

This pin is so thrifty and I LOVE THEIR COLORS BUT NOT TOO OVER THE TOP!


Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room


Just Moved Into My First Home. Need To Fill Out This Empty Space Behind The Couch But Unsure What Would Look Good Without Being Cramped. Would Love Some Suggestions!

Hanging plants, plants on wall hooks, plants on floating shelves, wall plants – however you want to add them, plants are a great addition to any room! Bonus points if you can use real plants and keep them alive (I can’t say for sure)!!


What I love most about gallery walls is how different they can be. You can make them small and textured, or colorful and abstract – and everything in between! You can really transform your creativity when dreaming up a gallery wall.


Best Masculine Living Room Ideas

Wall hooks are the last thing you look to when deciding what to hang on your wall. There are many types of hooks (a few of my favorites

Hook: these + these). Hooks work great too! You can use it to hang/display your beautiful bags, scarves and hats. You can put hanging planters or hanging fountains. Or you can hang fun clothes in the kids’ room or playroom!

THESE WALL HOOKS WORK WELL, BUT PUTTING THEM ALL IN THE SAME POINT WOULD NOT LOOK PAINFUL. (via INSTAGRAM) * This post may contain affiliate links. If you use our links, we will earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Read our advertisement for more details.

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

The living room is a place where you spend most of your time relaxing after work or entertaining guests, so it is a good idea to decorate and decorate it well.

Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall {in A Kids Space} — Winter Daisy

But you may have a few common gaps when it comes to decorating. The point is that these empty spaces will be very visible and it will feel like something is missing.

Filling the empty spaces of the living room with specific items is very helpful for the overall decoration. A quick list of a few items might include tall plants, mirrors, paintings, shelves, tables, lamps, chairs, and hanging items.

There are some ideas that you can try to transform these empty spaces into wonderful living rooms.

It makes the space invisible, and if the space is not too big, you only need to add a few things.

Bonus Room Ideas: 17 Ways To Maximize An Extra Room

Playing with the arrangement of furniture and accessories can create a new style than before.

If you’ve seen other living room decorations, you’ve probably noticed the use of plants in tall pots to bring out the room’s decor.

If you want to leave the space empty, you can decorate the wall space.

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

Having a large picture will draw more attention to the beautiful painting on the wall, so it can draw attention to the empty space.

Ways To Fill Empty Corners With Floor Vases

It doesn’t matter if it’s a simple painting or a landscape, it’s a great way to prove that you can combine it with other things to decorate that empty space in the living room.

Consider looking at the light in the void, which will blend well with the rest of the decor.

Here you can add pendant lights, pendant lights or unique style high lights to decorate this empty space.

As long as it’s not too big or too big in the room or in the way, you can place the room divider in any style that suits the room’s decor.

Ways To Decorate An Empty Corner In Your Room

It can give the illusion of space by reflecting objects and light that make the room brighter.

If you want to bring that homey feel to your living room, consider adding a bookshelf to this space.

You can go for a regular tall bookshelf, or you can use a small desk cabinet to store just a few books.

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

Find a table in a color that contrasts greatly with the color scheme of your decor to make it stand out.

How To Make A Small Living Room Look Bigger

If you’re looking for an option that doesn’t require adding anything, you can choose a large, invisible rug to cover the empty space.

Not only will it solve your problem, but rugs can add color to your living room, making them a valuable addition to your overall decor.

If you have an empty space in the corner of the living room or on the other side of the room, here is another option.

You can place several decorative shelves in that area to display any collectibles or items that make your decor your own.

Ways To Turn Unused Space Into The Rooms You Need

This is another great way to add a little bit of yourself to your decor and it will give your living room a different feel.

Whether it’s plants, lights, or anything else, it’s another great option that fills the void perfectly.

I recommend hanging plants in wire baskets that will add a lot of value to your decor.

Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

They are affordable, easy to install, and a great addition to any corner of the room.

Corner Decorating Ideas

Not only does it make the living room look great, but it’s also another place to relax with a good book.

In a small, empty space, you can place chairs, bags or beanbags according to the current interior design.

When it comes to packing, there are plenty of options to choose from and some great ways to fill up the empty space in your living room.

Each of them will enhance your decor and the funny thing is that you will unknowingly change your decor like an interior designer does.

Pretty Ideas For Living Room Corners

Consider the area to decide the amount of space you need to fill and what options are best for that space.

Putting plants in an empty corner is one of the options that should be at the top of your list. Even if it’s a fake plant!

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Ideas To Fill Empty Space In Living Room

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