Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room – What to do if there is an empty space in the living room? Do you have unused space in your living room? In this article, we give you some ideas that you can do with empty spaces in the living room. Posted by editors | Last updated: December 1, 2021

The living room is often the largest area in the house. And decorating such a large area is very complicated, so it takes a lot of creativity and imagination to make every inch of the living room look big and impressive.

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

We have often encountered a large room that seems unfinished. This happens because there are uncomfortable empty spaces in these living rooms.

Tips & Tricks For Small Space Living

To improve the look of your living room, eliminate or minimize these empty spaces. The easiest, most convenient and most cost-effective way is to rearrange the existing living room furniture and decorative elements to make these amazing spaces disappear.

If this method doesn’t work for you, don’t worry. In this article, we will give you some creative ideas to help you decorate empty spaces to make them better. Also, most of the tips here will encourage you to take advantage of these sites to make them more functional and useful.

You can use these tips individually or combine some of them for better results. Let’s begin.

If you are just moving into a new house where the living room is bigger than the old one, you will definitely make the living room empty with the existing sofa/chair. That is the right reason to replace the old sofa with a bigger one.

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This is very important as the sofa has always become the main focal point of the living room. If we use a small sofa in a large area, the room will look bad and messy.

Here are some examples of large sectional sofas that you can buy to replace your old ones:

If the empty space in the living room is not too big, you can place a decorative table there, such as a coffee table, an end table or a side table.

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

A great use, a practical decorative table will not only help to get rid of empty spaces, but also make your living room more beautiful.

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In terms of functionality, this table can be used to carry coffee, snacks or magazines. Or you can place your favorite decorative accessories to make the table even more beautiful.

If you have a separate living room and dining room, building a minibar in the empty space of the living room can be a great choice. You can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee in this small bar while you gather with other families in the living room.

For great results, you can build the right tree from concrete or wood. However, this method will cost you a lot and take up a lot of space in your living room.

Another easy and affordable way is to use a floating wall table to create your own mini tree, like the one pictured above. This type of table is not only good, but also very compact, useful and space-saving, so it can be easily folded when not in use.

How To Fill Empty Spaces In A Living Room: 14 Best Ways

At the time of writing, a major pandemic is hitting the world and working from home is being embraced by many different companies around the world. This work from home can be very tiring especially if you don’t have a comfortable place to work at home.

If you have unused spaces in your living room, why not turn them into a home office? In this way, you can not only get rid of boring sites, but also make them more useful.

You just need to bring a chair and a table and you are good to go. For better results, you can add some flash and a floating shelf to make the operations easier.

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

When we talk about the worst empty spaces in the living room, these spaces should be more than 3-4 meters, as if it is just a narrow space that does not benefit you. That’s why we don’t recommend using a few small plants or plants in these places, because they will take up too much, and using too much will not bring a good effect to the overall decoration of the living room.

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So we highly recommend using a large artificial tree to cover almost any empty part of the living room. Using these types of things not only helps to cover the empty spaces but also gives your room a fresh and natural effect.

Here are some great indoor artificial trees to fill the empty spaces in your room:

Often in a large living room there is an empty corner space, and another problem that often occurs in such a living room is the lack of light. To solve both problems at the same time, you can use a decorative floor lamp.

Such lamps can have two advantages. First of all, it can be the best decoration that makes empty spaces more beautiful. Second, this lamp emits light that brings additional light into the large living room.

Ideas For How To Decorate An Awkward Corner

This additional light also creates a layered light that creates a great atmosphere and makes every living room feel romantic at night.

If you have a large family, this method can be useful, but it can also help to solve the problem of space. Yes, you can create additional seating in empty spaces by placing more seats or seats.

This method is much more affordable and effective than replacing your old sofa with a bigger one, but still provides the same effects and functions.

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

Do you have collections? Why not display them in the empty spaces of your living room? This way, you can show off your collection while eliminating empty spaces.

How To Make Room For A Home Office In Your Small Living Room

Just add a large closet or open shelves and fill them with all your collections and boring spaces will suddenly become more useful and interesting.

The last idea in this article is the simplest, the most direct, and the most convenient. Yes, adding a rug can make empty spaces look better.

For maximum results, choose a rug with a beautiful design and texture that will stand out without additional decoration.

If you need ideas, we recommend reading this complete guide to decorating a living room with rugs.

Empty Corner In The Living Room? Not Anymore With These Beautiful Ideas!

And that’s all. We hope you will get a lot of new insights and inspiration so you don’t have any more empty space in your living room. As we said before, you can use one of the above tips or combine some of them to get better results. See it in the next article!

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For years we had a corner in our living room that I didn’t know what to do with, so I left it bare – after it was painted, I saw what a difference the decor made! I’m sure I’m not alone in having a bad corner, so I thought I’d write a post sharing my favorite bedroom corner furniture. Starting with my own solution, I have seven tips for saying goodbye to the empty corners of the living room! (

Ideas For Extra Space In Living Room

In our previous home, the corner of the living room is where we put the Christmas tree in our family room:

Clever Bonus Room Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Extra Space

So the rest of the year I wanted something that could easily be moved to another room to get donuts. I added the current corner painting – (mine is the 7ft version):

Sources: TV Console (type) | Chandelier (Satin Bronze) | Antelope Pillow Case | White Pillow Case | Blue Linen Pillow Case | Fiddle fig leaf | carpet | Pair of floor poufs Photo prints (details here |  Acrylic Coffee Table (type)  |  Coffee Table Tray (28″)  |  Rattan Chair

It took me a while to work out the cost, but after shelling out two real fiddle leaf figs that cost $100 each, I made the investment and I’m glad I did – it brings so much life to this room (and it doesn’t turn black on me)! It comes with a simple base wrapped in burlap so you need a container or basket to put it in – mine is in:

Pottery Barn has arrived

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