How Wide Is A 53 Foot Trailer

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How Wide Is A 53 Foot Trailer

How Wide Is A 53 Foot Trailer

Variations in length and height are common, but width is more standardized. Standard dimensions of a semi-trailer are:

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Flatbed semi-trailers are designed to transport long, heavy or odd-shaped goods that pose a challenge when loading/unloading the trailer. The open nature of the trailer allows rear, side or top loading/unloading; Allows forklifts and cranes to produce a uniform lift on the load. Flatbeds are suitable for loading/unloading from the ground rather than from the dock.

Step-deck semi-trailers, also known as drop-decks, are designed to transport goods that are too tall for a standard flatbed. The trailer has two tires, upper and lower. The use of a lower deck, or better, means that cargo up to 10′ high can be legally transported, while providing the same loading/unloading capacity as a standard flatbed.

Double drop semi-trailers are designed to carry large loads legally and with permits/escorts. Consists of three decks: upper, lower and better. The well’s low-profile means that cargo can be legally transported up to 12′ high. With many trailer variants, such as extended tires, double drops allow a wide range of larger loads to be transported.

Extendable double drop trailers are designed to carry legal and oversized (permitted, escorted) cargo, and are especially useful for items that are too long for the “fit” of a standard double drop trailer. The expandable double drop has the ability to expand the “well” by two (2) rods, allowing longer objects to be fully supported lengthwise. Double drops allow the transport of a wide range of cargo that can be loaded and unloaded by crane.

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RGN (also known as Removable Gooseneck, Low Boy or Double Drop) semi-trailers are designed to carry oversized cargo legally and with permit/escort. RGN is particularly useful for products that can be driven on trailers, such as tractors, special vehicles and heavy machinery. With the ability to detach from the cab and a pull-down ramp, the load can be easily put on and off.

Extendable RGN (Removable Gooseneck) trailers are designed to carry legal and oversized (permitted, escorted) cargo and are particularly useful for items that are too long to “fit” a standard RGN trailer. The expandable RGN has the ability to extend the “well” by two (2) rods, allowing long objects to be fully longitudinally supported. Also, with the ability to detach from the cab, with fold-down ramps, cargo such as heavy machinery can be easily moved on and off, or loaded and unloaded with cranes such as modular buildings.

Hot shot semi-trailers are intended for transporting goods of long or unusual proportions. However, they are limited to low payloads. The open nature of the trailer allows rear, side or top loading/unloading; Allows forklifts and cranes to produce a uniform lift on the load. The low-profile of the tire allows loads to be legally transported up to 10 feet high.

How Wide Is A 53 Foot Trailer

Dry van semi-trailers are designed for the most versatile dry goods transport due to the fully enclosed nature of the trailer, which allows the load to be protected from the elements. Palletized products are the most common because they can be efficiently and safely loaded/unloaded from the dock with a forklift or jack.

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Reefer semi-trailers are designed to transport goods that must be kept within a certain temperature or temperature range during transport. Reefers are traditionally used to keep cargo cold, while the reefer has the ability to keep the cargo at warm temperatures to prevent freezing, or to run dry cargo when the refrigeration unit is off.

Conestoga semi-trailers are designed to provide the enclosed size of a dry van, while providing the same loading/unloading capacity as a flatbed. A sliding screen, when opened, allows cargo to be loaded/unloaded from the side, rear or top. When closed, the curtain provides dry goods protection without the risk of the tarpaulin rubbing against the load.

Intermodal semi-trailers are designed to transport palletized shipments that require a fully enclosed trailer. Intermodal containers are particularly useful for saving rail transport costs for goods that are not time-sensitive. These cost savings are greatest when shipping in/out of major market routes greater than 1,500 miles.

Pup semi-trailers are designed to pick and deliver local palletized freight. The reduced length of the dog trailer allows for easier maneuvering in non-commercial areas that are not suitable for larger trailers. Puppy trailers are the most common type of equipment with a lift gate attached for unloading/loading without a dock or proper load handling equipment.

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Since every project is unique and needs may vary, contact us or visit our Trailer Dimension Tools page Standard dimensions for dry vans are:

How Wide Is A 53 Foot Trailer

Among the best and most reliable manufacturers of dry van trailers are Utility, Wabash and Vanguard.

Semi Trailer, Autocad Block

Their trailers have proven to be reliable and well made, which is why they are one of our top 3 picks

Since it started as a small startup till today, Wabash has maintained a top position in the trailer market.

When you see a Strong Group truck on the road, it will have one of these three trailers.

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How Wide Is A 53 Foot Trailer

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X2 Tractor Trailer Configuration For 50 Ton, 51 Ton, 52 Ton, 53 Ton, 54 Ton & 55 Ton

Shippers looking to improve TL and LTL LCL capacity may consider this alternative configuration to improve productivity. DOT regulations can also be helpful

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