How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You – No matter how bad things are between you and your ex, a little humor can often help bite any negative feelings he has about you and allow him to open up enough for you to get back with him and turn around.

So, if you think that your ex is closed to you now and doesn’t have much (or any) respect, attraction or love for you, using humor when texting him is one of the easiest. way to lower his guard. and make him feel the spark of love for you again.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

So, don’t be afraid to make fun of him to remove the tension between you and him and he will be happy to hear you again.

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Then, once you get her to smile and laugh a little, you get to the part where you tell her you love her.

“By the way, I have to go now. I’m going to meet some friends. Love you Dan.”

“It’s very interesting. I really like to text him. I even miss him. Maybe I still love him. Maybe I’ll talk to him again on the phone or in person to see if I still have feelings for him or know- I’m just him because he makes me laugh.

He may be more open to the idea of ​​talking to you on the phone and seeing you in person, which is exactly what you want.

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On the phone and in person, you can easily flirt with him again, let him experience the new and better person you’ve become and win him back.

In some cases, a woman can break up with a man but still have feelings for him.

“I thought I wanted a breakup, but now I really miss him. Even though the end of our relationship was bad and we always fight and argue, I don’t like being without. him. I realized that I still have feelings for him but I don’t know if he still has feelings for me. I want him to tell me that he still cares. then we will get back together and try to work on our relationship. this time.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

So, if you feel that you miss your ex secretly (eg because he is still open to you, he always replies to your texts or messages in a friendly, open way, he is nice to you even though you broke up), then I will send he is simple,

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Then you need to take the next step (ie call her and set up a meeting) so you can completely win her over and win her back.

Remember: the text on the small screen does not have the same effect as the words on the phone, and above all, the words spoken to him in person, where he can see your body language and measure if you have changed and what you will do. feelings and how you react to them.

When he sees for himself that you have really changed and improved, he will naturally let his guard down and be happy to try the relationship again because it makes him happy.

“I think he said he loves me because he needs me desperately and can’t live without me, not because he has changed and is a better, emotionally stronger person and wants to do things that right with me. balls to get on the phone with me I think I have to accept that he is not the man I want and work on getting over him so I can move on.

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Although it’s fine to tell your ex that you still love him via text, don’t stop at the level of communication with him.

One of the biggest mistakes a guy can make when texting his ex is to take her too seriously (for example, being polite or formal and not saying anything that she might interpret as sexual or provocative, too polite and watchful of him).

Basically, he’s hoping that when he sees how beautiful she is, his walls will start to crumble and she’ll finally reveal her feelings for him so he can tell her that he still loves her.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

Most women will not open up or express their feelings to a man who is afraid of them.

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One of the ways to show a girl you have balls is to use funny humor when texting her.

“Hey, I’ve been worried about you since we broke up. How are you?” hoping she’ll respond with something like, “I’m ugly without you. I really miss you! Do you miss me too?”

Have the emotional courage to just say what you want to say to him and let him respond.

Even if he doesn’t show it right away, your ex will be impressed that you have the courage to tell him, instead of playing with him (like texting him hoping he’ll go easy on you). tell you how he feels first).

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He will start respecting you again because you are an emotionally strong and crazy man.

If he respects you, he won’t be able to stop feeling attracted to you and then be more open to contacting you on the phone and meeting you in person to see how things go from there.

Nowadays, texting has become the primary means of human communication, so it is natural for a man to tell his ex-wife that he loves her through text.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

So, if you want to tell your ex that you still love them via text, here are some common problems that men face when doing so.

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Regardless of how a woman feels about her ex (eg, hates him now and doesn’t want to see him again, doesn’t have feelings for him, still has feelings for him and secretly wants to get back with him) , in most cases he does not act. as if he was happy to hear from her when she contacted him.

“Why did you write to me? What we had is over and I don’t care how you feel about me. I don’t feel the same as you and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

Of course, when a man talks to his ex and gets rejected, he may start to doubt himself and his attraction to her.

The more she loses confidence and doubts herself and her attractiveness and value to him, the less attractive she is to him.

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If a woman thinks that a man needs to be nice to her to make her feel good enough to take care of her and win her back, she is in more trouble.

Women are attracted to men who are confident and sure of their attractiveness to a woman who does not feel her approval, charm or support.

In other words, a woman wants a man who feels confident and good about himself, with or without her.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

Therefore, if a man loses confidence at the first signs of resistance from his ex, he will not be able to reconnect with his respect and attraction for her.

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“Look, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time getting over me, but I don’t have feelings for you anymore. So, please accept. that we broke up and that we will never get back together.”

Therefore, it is very important that you keep your trust no matter what your ex says or does to hurt you.

If he sees that no matter what he throws at you, you remain confident and emotionally strong, he will never feel respect and attraction for you again.

He will then let his guard down and start interacting with you more and more (i.e. on the phone and in person) and then you can use those interactions to fully reactivate his feelings for you and return. he.

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2. Wait for him to make it very clear via text that he wants a relationship before starting courtship

Sometimes a woman is happy to answer her ex’s letters and even start a text message with him.

But the more he tried to gauge how he could get back at her, the less sure he was.

How To Tell If Your Girlfriend Still Loves You

“Maybe he’s interested in getting back together because he’s willing to text back, but I’m not confident enough to ask him out. I think I’d better wait a bit until he gives me a clear sign. He has a relationship, then I really do

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