How To See If Someone Got Married

How To See If Someone Got Married – One couple’s union in Pittsburgh, another’s virtual wedding in Harlem, and another’s desire to spend time in the county jail in Raleigh, NC. These are just some of the ways that couples across the country are legally married despite the fact that the coronavirus has forced them to cancel, postpone and reschedule larger and more elegant events.

Faced with the country’s impending shutdown and social distancing requirements, some couples have stepped up. Like the couple married in a Roman Catholic church in Madison, Wisconsin, who danced for the first time in the church parking lot to music blasting from their car stereos while the wedding guests cheered from their cars. .

How To See If Someone Got Married

How To See If Someone Got Married

And there are those, like a police officer and a nurse on Long Island, who decide to get married right away rather than continue planning a more elaborate wedding. The next morning, both went to work, convinced that their time would be better spent trying to save lives in the fight against Covid-19.

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Below are some of the stories behind this wedding and the couple’s dreams for the future.

Nikita Raman and James Kennedy were married on April 3 at the corner of Elmer Street and Urn Way in Pittsburgh.

Nikita Raman and James Kennedy stepped out of their Pittsburgh home for Ms. Raman, “our government-mandated five-minute exercise.”

Under orders to stay at home until further notice due to the effects of the coronavirus, Ms. Raman, 25, a sophomore medical student at the University of Pittsburgh, and Mr. Kennedy, 27, is an engineer from energy storage. Mitsubishi uses his short time outside to indulge in various types of exercise.

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Accompanied by two witnesses, their friends Amanda Koustos and Aviva Hakanoglu, Mrs Raman and Mr Kennedy, who met more than six years after meeting at Dartmouth, exercised their right to marry in a union ceremony at self happened at the intersection of Elmera Street and Urna Road.

“We love each other and have a big wedding celebration planned for September,” said Ms. Raman. “But we’ve been reading and watching the news a lot at home lately, and it’s become clear that no one knows what’s going to happen with the virus. We’re married.

It was put by Mr. Kennedy was shorter. “In stressful situations,” he said, “you have to reach out and grab something tangible.”

How To See If Someone Got Married

They decided to marry on April 3, a 60-degree night under the setting sun that allowed Mrs. Raman, who grew up in Marlborough, N.J., with enough sunlight to exchange vows with Mr. Kennedy, who grew up on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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After the ceremony, the first phone calls to Ms. Ramen and Mr. Kennedy to their parents, Megan and Mark Ramen of Plainsboro, N.J., and Patricia Taylor and Allen Kennedy of Manhattan.

“I will share my life with you and let’s build our dreams together,” the groom told his new bride as the neighbors began to appear on the balcony to watch the inauspicious ceremony.

“I promise to give you respect, love and loyalty,” said the bride, who joined the groom in reciting one of their favorite poems, “The Master Speed” by Robert Frost.

Together they say, “From each other when we agree that life is life forever, wing to wing and oar to oar.”

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Anne-Karine Dabo and Scott Webster were married on April 2 in a living room in Harlem. On March 31, the couple and their daughter traveled to Yonkers, New York, to receive their marriage license, with Judge Thomas Quinyon and Deputy City Clerk Mike Ramondelli in attendance.

Yonkers City Court Judge Judge QuiƱones presided over the ceremony online while the couple watched from the living room.

Less than a month ago, Anne-Karine Dabo (40), who lives with her boyfriend Scott Webster (43) in Harlem, is in no rush to get married.

How To See If Someone Got Married

Dabo, Canadian, and Mr. Webster, an Australian, they have been living together for four years. (Their 7-month-old daughter, Chloe Margaret Dabo Webster, was born in the United States and is an American citizen.)

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“The subject of marriage has never been broached,” he said. “There aren’t any concrete plans in the works.”

But then came the coronavirus, which gave Ms Dabo a “deeper appreciation for family and community,” as she put it, and a sudden desire to get married. So while most couples are postponing or rescheduling their weddings, Ms Dabo falls into the rare category of getting married because of the virus, not in spite of it.

Webster, whose first marriage in Perth, Australia ended in divorce but produced a daughter, said he had no problem complying with Ms Dabo’s marriage request. “I’ve always been a bit of a contrarian,” he says, “so getting married at a time when other people were putting off their weddings was fitting.”

Ms Dabo, a Montreal native, said she had “stuffed” her emotions for most of March but couldn’t cope after the Canadian border was closed to non-essential staff. “That’s where I’m from, where my parents live,” he said.

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Seeking a functioning council office at a time when most businesses, churches and other gatherings have long closed, Ms Dabo stopped paying her salary when Thomas Quinyon, a Yonkers City Hall court judge, New York, just north of the Bronx, answered their call and made an appointment with the couple for March 31 to get their marriage license.

But they are not yet legally married, and the earliest date they can legally remarry is April 2, although Judge Quignon took into account the couple’s young children and the stay-at-home order currently in place. . in states across the country. He left them at home on April 2, choosing instead to FaceTime the couple for the first time in his career, using computers that allowed him to officiate and the couple to exchange wedding vows from home.

“Most of all, they are a beautiful, beautiful couple,” Judge Quignon said. “I noticed that in these difficult times people have different reasons than usual for getting married, because the future is uncertain for all of us.”

How To See If Someone Got Married

Kelly Donahue, a nurse at Winthrop Hospital, and Andrew Scherlein, a Nassau County police officer, were married on April 5 in North America, New York.

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The motorcade arrived at noon on April 5, with about 50 slow-moving vehicles pulling up the driveway outside the homes of New York Winthrop Hospital nurse Kelly Donohue and Nassau County Police Officer Andrew Scheerlein.

Most of the guests thought they had arrived for Mrs.’s drive-thru bachelorette party. Donohue of North Merrick, New York.

“Some of us are already dancing on the sunroof of our cars,” said Kiera Egan, cousin of the bride. But when they saw Ms. Donohue, 27, standing in her yard wearing a makeshift veil and white wedding dress, and Shirlain, 29, standing next to her in a blue dress, quickly realized they were there is a couple. wedding ceremony on the way.

“As the climate around the coronavirus develops, it seems more and more likely that our venue will be canceled because of us,” Scheerlein said of their induction ceremony, set for June 5 at the Milleridge Inn in Jericho, New York. , where almost 300 guests will go. “Kelly and I have been working 12-hour shifts, if not more, in this fight against the coronavirus, so we thought before we got back to work and help those affected by the virus as badly as they want to experience marriage for us and for Our children. families. We also think it will help brighten things up.

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Her father, Richard Scherlein, was ordered online and manned the couple’s garage door as their guests, including the bride’s grandparents Lois MacDonald, 86, and John MacDonald, 87, who live next door, all observed from a safe distance. .

The next day, the two newlyweds returned to work, continuing to help others in the fight against Covid-19.

“What we both do for a living is emotionally taxing,” Ms. Donohue. “When we are ready, we will celebrate bigger with family and friends. But for now each of us has our own work.

How To See If Someone Got Married

Kathleen Hensel and Paul Schiller were married on March 22. Leaving St. Pius X Church in Loudonville, New York, they were met with bubbles. We thank … Cindy Schultz

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That was the moment that prompted Mr. Schiller, 64, to marry Kathleen Hensel, 59, on March 22, instead of March 28 as originally planned, in St. Pius X Church in Loudonville, N.Y.

The moment was not created by a divine being, nor by the Reverend James Walsh, a Roman Catholic priest who remained in the couple’s presence even without the witness.

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