How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall

How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall – Do you want a cozy fireplace on a cold winter night? If you’re like me, your answer is… yes! You’ll love this stone fireplace with barn wood mantel tutorial.

If you want to see how we build a fireplace that you can build your own, take a look below.

How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall

How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall

Scroll down to see how we DIY(ed) our stone fireplace and mantel from reclaimed wood.

Makeover: How We Replastered Our Mountain House Stone Fireplace

I have been looking for a fireplace and a wood mantel since we first moved into our house in 2012. Nothing compares to winter here in Pennsylvania and warming up next to a cozy fire.

When we lived in a Victorian-style house in Pittsburgh, we installed a gas fireplace, which was a little expensive, but it met our needs for what we could afford at the time. When I was interested in having that fireplace I always dreamed of a “real” antique.

Earlier this year my husband and I decided it was time to install a stone fireplace in our home! I was happy!

We chose propane gas because we live in an area without natural gas. Note: Our neighbors are cornfields and open fields.

How To Build A Diy Electric Fireplace Wall {a Reveal!}

To make this stone fireplace wood mantel, we lifted our wood mantel from our old farm shed. It comes from a barn built in the 1800s. This dress is beautiful and unique.

Next we make our own DIY concrete fireplace. (More on the DIY process to come) I love the look of concrete!

You can scroll down to see pictures of the steps we took to build our stone fireplace!

How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall

After building the frame and scraping, we begin the insulation of the stone and mantle bracket. For the fireplace stone we used Eldorado Rustic Ledge, a stone edging with long stones mixed with short stones.

Diy Stacked Stone Fireplace Reveal And How To

Adding stones to the oven is like a puzzle trying to fit each piece correctly. It was so much fun that even the kids joined in.

I plan to add some candles, greenery and a black framed photo of our family to highlight the stone feature of the fireplace.

I hope you like this DIY stone fireplace photo. If you want more like this, follow and create space! Limited time offer! Need help getting your discount code? Find help here and browse our inspiration gallery where possible

Heat source: If you can hold your hand above where you plan to put your hand for 10 seconds while the heat source is on, it’s okay to put it in the water, otherwise, it’s not recommended in that area. It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that all panels and accessories do not come into contact with flames or ignition.

Diy Fireplace Makeover

One of the most popular projects that customers complete with our stone veneer is a DIY fireplace design. This client was looking for a way to upgrade their home’s fireplace and chose North Stacked Stone panels for the project. You can see in the past and … Expand full text

One of the most popular projects that customers complete with our stone veneer is a DIY fireplace design. This client was looking for a way to upgrade their home’s fireplace and chose North Stacked Stone panels for the project. As you can see from the before and after pictures, the project transformed the client’s oven. Northern slate stone veneer looks better in the room than brown tile in its original location.

Our faux stone panels complement the traditional feel of the fireplace while giving the fireplace a fresh and professional look. Most projects can be completed in a weekend, including projects like this flat fireplace wall design. The convenience and cost savings of using our faux stone panels compared to natural stone make them ideal for your next DIY project.

How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall

Faux stone panels are a great addition to any interior or exterior project. Our lightweight panels are easy to install and spread over natural stone, ensuring an authentic look and feel, so no one can tell your fireplace is stone veneer. Our panels are simple and easy to install, and DIY projects like this fireplace can be completed in a weekend!

Stunning Stone Fireplaces For Every Style

Want to watch the panel live to see it, hear it, and buy a sample? BUY A SAMPLE NOW BUY A SAMPLE BUY A SAMPLE Previously I wrote about our fireplace making a change to our mantel. We start with a fireplace and bookcase like this one:

After painting the bookcases and covering the once brick fireplace with stone veneer, we replaced it with this stacked stone fireplace we love:

I thought fixing up our fireplace would be as simple as walking into a stone showroom/dealer, choosing my stone and planning to install it, but this seemingly simple task quickly became frustrating and time-consuming. All of that could have been avoided if I had gone into the program with a little guidance on the choices I needed to make and how to make them.

My goal with this article is to simplify the process for you to jump into a similar program. I’ve included five stone fireplace ideas to consider when designing a stone fireplace:

Can You Install Stone Veneer Over Brick?

One of the main decisions you will need to make is whether you want to use synthetic or natural stone. The advantage of manufactured stone (also known as “custom”) is that it is less expensive than natural stone and because it is lighter than natural stone, it is easier to install and less expensive. The pro of natural stone is its beauty – each stone has variation and the end product is beautiful.

If you have a big budget, natural stone is a great option and may be the way to go but I opted for manufactured stone veneer to stay within my budget. Considering the amount of money I saved and how close the stone veneer made me look to the “real thing”, I am very happy with my decision.

There are many different stone styles to choose from, including field stone, stacked stone, like the beautiful fireplace below:

How To Put Up Stone On Fireplace Wall

Nadi Kal et al. You can also use a combination of two different types of stone, such as fieldstone and ledgestone. Each stone style is available in a variety of color options, creating a dizzying array of options. I finally chose Ledgestone (Ledgestone by Stone Craft Industries) in warm gray and brown (the “Pennsylvania” color):

Diy Fireplace Makeover: From Old Stone To Lime Wash Perfection

The best way to choose a stone style and color is to visit several showrooms that have fireplaces on display with various stone options. Once you’ve narrowed down your options by considering the color and style of your home, borrow sample boards to see how the stone will look in your home. If the showroom doesn’t have a sample board they can borrow, ask if they can borrow stones (get a good look at size and color) from other options.

If you choose stacked stones, you need to decide if you want to “dry” the stacked stones or if you want the stones and mud to show between the stones. This photo shows both – the mud layered stone above and the dry layered stone below:

The best way to decide whether to add keystone or other stone trim to your fireplace design is to find inspiration online and in fireplace showrooms. While I choose a basic design without keystones or cutting other stones, you may choose to create a row of keystones and accent stones above the fireplace door.

A tall stone, one above the fireplace, or any other stone cut design/shape you can dream up. My advice – keep it simple with no keystones/cuts or simplistic design.

Your Fireplace Wall’s Finish: Consider This Important Detail With Tile Or Stone Cladding — Designed

If you want to have a dress that is well combined with stone veneer, then this decision should be taken along with the stones you choose. A variety of materials such as stone, painted wood, or natural or stained wood are used to create a mantle. My fireplace obviously does not have a mantle and I go back and forth about whether or not that is the best decision. I already have several closets and don’t need a dresser to display anything, I like the casual look, but a mantel would be nice to decorate for the holidays!

Most veneer manufacturers carry hearthstones designed to coordinate with your chosen stone veneer. However, beware – hearthstones

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