How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel – Learn how to easily create a beautiful Christmas wreath on your mantelpiece for a perfect holiday look. With order fabrics and different flowers, you will have a beautiful layered look in no time.

This year I had a TV on the Christmas mantle for the first time, so I challenged myself to use as much front space as possible for my Christmas decorations. Check out my entire Christmas home here.

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

I wanted a nice fabric with volume but I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I was able to use some garland I already had and just bought two new ones to get the look I wanted. And I will explain exactly how I did it.

Elegant Christmas Fireplace

By using several flowers together and using a cheap garland as a base, you can achieve a complete garland look without spending a lot of money. The first garland determines the shape of the whole design, so choose one that is perfectly organized, but flexible.

I decided not to use string lights because I don’t have an outlet near the mantel. But if there is a store nearby, I think the bright flowers would be nice!

If you really want to see this garland in action, watch the video below. This is easier to explain with a video than with words or pictures. This video is nothing special, but it will make it easier to follow each step.

In the past few years, due to factory closings and shipping delays, Green Wreaths have sold out in record time, so stores have sold out quickly. If you’re still looking for flowers, visit your local garden store. I found it in a few places just this week, so I hope you will too.

How To Hang Garland On A Mantle (or Mantel)

How to make a beautiful Christmas wreath without damaging the mantel 1. Place the instruction hook at the top of the mantel.

Place the three command hooks on top of the fireplace with the hooks facing outwards (1 in the middle and 2 at each end).

If you have a wood fireplace mantel or something darker than a white wood surface, you may want to use nails.

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

Be sure to clean the garland so that it looks nice and full. The more you stroke it, the richer the whole garland will look, so don’t skip this step.

Christmas Fireplace Mantel Garland Ideas — Melanie Lissack Interiors

I like to decorate the garland once it’s in place so I can see if there are any empty spaces, but you can also do this before hanging.

I used two 6 foot tall flowers and attached each to the center of the fireplace using floral wire. Each one is then hung over the mantel front with side order hooks (attached with floral wire) and hangs down the sides.

You will use this base to attach the rest of the garland, so make sure it is properly attached to the instruction hooks.

The second garland is also not attached to the command hook. Instead, use the curved stem of the first crown to “pick up” the second crown.

Best Christmas Mantel Ideas

Just repeat the previous steps with the last garland. From the first crown there are many winding stems that attach to this third crown.

These bells are sold in packs of 4 and are hung from a single hemp rope. They are sold everywhere, but they sell out first every year. I hope you find it if you are still looking.

Three sets of bells are used on the mantel, for a total of 12 bells. I hung the top of the bell over the command hooks in the corners and placed a large piece of jute string behind the memorial, weaving the bell into the fabric while keeping the bell visible in the front.

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

I hope the picture above helps you understand what I’m talking about, but it’s easier to see in the video below.

How To Hang Garland: Step By Step Guide

I then added some battery operated lights to either side of the garland and attached the battery to the twisted stem behind the original garland.

Navy ribbon just goes into the vulture at each point and stays in place. Red fruit is a great accent too!

I highly recommend watching the video as I explain and share each step in detail. I’m not going to break it down, but I think you’ll understand when you see it in action. I want to take a video so I don’t forget when I put it back together next year!

Again, I’m sorry for saying “really” and “and” so many times. 😜 This was done in one shot, but I didn’t realize how annoying it was until I finished editing.

How To Make A Christmas Garland For The Fireplace Mantel

I hope this helps you understand how to make a mantle garland. I was so happy to see how it turned out! We hope you enjoy adding it to your fireplace mantel. Tag us on Instagram to share: @turquoisehome. Command lines allow you to hang a beautiful Christmas wreath on your mantel without nails, making it quick and easy. Follow this tutorial to learn how to get the perfect look to match your holiday decor.

It has only two flowers, it looks a bit small, but it is still very beautiful. You can also just put two pieces on top of the mantel without using a hook, but if you want to cover it, you still need hooks.

This mantel has only two flowers, but also has a wire-tied flower ornament. There is a hook in the middle and on each side to hold the weight.

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

First, attach a bell or wreath decoration to the front of the fireplace using the instruction hook. I like to use both wire transfer hooks and large plastic command hooks.

How To Hang Garland On Your Mantel This Christmas!

Place the fabric instructions inside the top center and front center of the mantel. Allow to set for a full hour before placing the wreath.

Add one large command hook to each end of the flame. Again, wait an hour before attaching the garland.

Attach the first end of the garland to the middle top hook and tie the last garland around the large command hook at the end of the coat. Attach the second garland to the front command hook.

Adding a fifth garland of some kind to the top adds color and texture. I like to use Norfolk Pine as the main grade and one piece of cedar on top.

Glowing Layered Christmas Mantel Garland & The Best Indoor Christmas Lights!

Make two strips of your favorite ribbon (I like velvet) and attach the green floral wire to the back of the ribbon.

Do you want to see a video of me hanging a wreath? I shared a video on Instagram showing the process from start to finish.

Jenna is a self-taught designer and passionate interior designer who has helped thousands of people create the homes they love. I hope you enjoyed your Christmas trip home yesterday. Today I’m back to share some awesome holiday mantel decor and how to make a hidden gadget that won’t damage your wall or mantel. This layered Christmas carpet is very versatile and has many parts. I like to make a different coat every year, so it was fun to go a different route this year than last year.

How To Put Garland On Fireplace Mantel

Yes, the house still looks new to me, especially with the holiday decorations. This is our second Christmas, so the Christmas decorations are still looking fresh and new, but we picked up some new inexpensive items at Walmart this year that have made a huge difference. Just look. .

A Christmas Fireplace Mantel Garland

Are you ready to hear what my secret weapon is? If you’ve never used a Command™ product before, when you make this cap, you’ll be as excited as I am. I’ve used them for years and I know they won’t damage anything they’re attached to, so it takes a lot of stress out of the manufacturing process. Flawless decorating has never been easier, with no tools required. It’s very easy to set up and take down.

The first step is to hang the flowers. Start with Command™ Small Wire Hooks. They are the ones I love. Because it is transparent so you can see through (the design makes it easy to hide) and the hook rotates in all directions, you can easily change whatever you are tying or connecting.

To hang the wreath and your swag, add Command® small pieces of wire, one at the end and one in the middle of the top of the jacket. It is easy to wrap the garland so that the hooks are not visible when the garland is placed over the coat.

To spend

Creating A Farmhouse Mantle With Christmas Bell Garland

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