How To Organize Shelves In A Closet

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How To Organize Shelves In A Closet

How To Organize Shelves In A Closet

Your bedroom wardrobe contains your most important clothes and your favorite accessories. Why is there so much confusion? Time to declutter and give your closet some decluttering. We’ve rounded up 20 of our favorite bedroom closet organization ideas to help you get inspired to organize your own wardrobe, regardless of its shape, size or condition. They are so good, you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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Stacks of sweaters and pants on closet racks can look disorganized. To avoid this, use shelf dividers. The shelf dividers separate the wardrobe space and clearly differentiate different types and styles of clothes.

When it comes to closet storage, it is important to consider all available storage space. Open bags are a great choice for storing frequently worn items, while closed bins can be used for less used or messier items.

Not every closet has to have 40+ hangers and 10+ boxes and bins. If you have a minimalist wardrobe, your wardrobe should reflect this. To create a minimalist bedroom wardrobe, hang only what you wear in season and put in boxes and boxes only the clothes you use or wear often. Barely worn formal or active wear can be stored elsewhere in the home if there is space.

For a clean and tidy closet (regardless of how many clothes are stored in it), use white shelves, cabinets and walls. Matching shades of white create a sense of cohesion and simplicity, bringing a sense of calm to an often slightly chaotic space.

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For an elegant look of a bedroom wardrobe, use all black: black shelves, hangers and storage. A monochrome wardrobe like this has a bold, sleek and patchwork feel. To really create a black pop, show your lightest color in the middle.

If you want to protect your clothes from dust and dirt while being able to see them, use glass doors and drawers. Glass doors offer protection and enough visual interest (as long as you keep things tidy).

If your bedroom doesn’t have a wardrobe, or is being used for something else, consider adding a coat rack to your space. Gone are the days of aluminum hangers—now you can find hangers that are almost as stylish as the clothes you hang from them.

How To Organize Shelves In A Closet

A good hanger can often make or break your closet space. To keep your clothes looking nice, try velvet hangers. These high-end hangers are slim, sleek and keep clothes from slipping.

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Another ideal hanger is a wooden hanger. These hangers give your wardrobe a boutique look and look pretty good too. In addition, they are more durable and last longer than plastic or wooden hangers.

If your shoe collection is the centerpiece of your wardrobe, make sure your wardrobe has enough space to display them. And you don’t need a lot of space either – a wall with a shoe rack is perfect for small hallways.

Wardrobe doors are often seen as curtains that hide our entire wardrobe. But if your closet is well organized, why not show it off? Removing the doors gives your bedroom a fun and unique look.

Closets Closets are perfect for filling your closet with colorful and patterned clothes.

How To Organize Your Closet — Closet Organization Ideas

To keep a small shelf full of multiple items, such as a wallet, organized, use small organizers to give each accessory a place so you can find them quickly.

Closets are not only boring and functional spaces, they can also be decorative. One of the easiest ways to add decor to your wardrobe is to use a print or framed picture, like the one shown above on this wardrobe from Laura Catano Organizational Design. Not only does it add personality to a forgotten space, but it also ties your style in with the rest of your home.

For a built-in look without the heft, add a dresser to your bedroom wardrobe. You also get extra storage and extra shelves. But for a custom look, choose a vanity that matches the color or finish of your existing cabinets.

How To Organize Shelves In A Closet

There is nothing sadder than putting together the perfect outfit only to find out you can’t see yourself. A full-length mirror is essential for any bedroom wardrobe, but don’t worry about not knowing where to put it – just mount it on your bedroom door.

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Bedroom wardrobe lighting is essential, but it’s time to move beyond boring overhead lighting. Instead, a cabinet light. It won’t be as harsh as a fluorescent top, and it will also give your cabinets (and their contents) a more upscale look. Not to mention, you will be able to find things more easily.

If you have the space (and the fashion accessories), use a bedroom wardrobe to display your accessories. This is an affordable bedroom closet idea that only requires shelves – no need to think or install rods, boxes or drawers. In no time, your shoes, bags and purses will look like a work of art.

To create as much storage space as possible in your bedroom, use multiple hangers to hang your clothes. Use the lower, more accessible shelves for seasonal or frequently used clothes, and the upper shelves for out-of-season or rarely worn clothes.

Do you want to quickly find what you need and add style to your wardrobe? Sort clothes by color for a rainbow effect. This works best if the color-coded clothes are of the same type, such as short-sleeved shirts. Otherwise, you risk mixing the turtle with the surface of the tank.

Easy Ways To Expand Your Closet Space: Space Saving Closet Ideas

Another helpful way to store and hang clothes is by size. Store shorter items like shorts and tank tops on one side and longer items like dresses or jackets on the other. Well, let me start by saying that of all the places in my house, this one is connected. My guest bathroom vanity is the craziest thing of the day. However, after finishing this hall closet, when it was done so quickly and I’m thrilled with the results, I can’t wait to tackle the hotel bathroom next!

I’ll show you what I did and how to organize your messy closet in one afternoon. Can you believe the before and after photos below?

Get all the boxes (seriously): So this is the only part that can be separated from your “afternoon” slot, depending on where your home store is and how many stores you want to go to to make ir – your research. parameter.

How To Organize Shelves In A Closet

I had to go to Target a day or two before my closet decluttering time officially started, so I found all the boxes. Basically, though, you’ll get all your favorite boxes in various sizes and styles, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to decluttering—just make sure the place you buy from can return the boxes you don’t have. need. Come back later!

Bedroom Closet Organization Ideas To Kick Clutter

I like to have a mix of opaque boxes to hide the contents (often for a cleaner overview) and some transparent boxes so I can quickly scan the contents without even opening the box. So I have many different sizes and shapes for both categories.

As you can see from the photo above, it was a little crazy on the way to the checkout (it wasn’t even something I took home!), but it was so worth it to have so many options for what I packed.

Don’t be afraid to clean: OK, now that you have your box options, it’s time to decide what to go with it! Since you’re putting everything in new boxes, it’s easy to throw things away if you can keep a trash/giveaway bag handy and make decisions about each item as you check the box.

Follow your instincts about what to keep, and try to move quickly—if you spend 20 minutes deciding on each item, it will take a long time. The cleaning phase also means removing “garbage” that has accumulated in the space, such as empty product boxes, expired vitamins, duplicate items, broken items, etc.

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For example, we have eight decks of playing cards, so I asked my husband to pick a few favorites and we gave away the rest.

Everyone’s categories will be different depending on their needs and what they keep in the hall closet, but group your main categories together and sort through your mountain storage bins to find the bin of the right size. .

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