How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall – Wall decoration is always the most favorite part of decorating a room. I’m always stuck on how to fill the empty space without making the room look too crowded, or finding the right sized decor. I was recently trying to figure out what to do with one of our kitchen walls…then one of my friends (hi Colleen! <- check out her blog!) messaged me that she was struggling with a wall in her living room! So I've decided to put together a list of some great things to do when you don't know what to do with hay!

Floating shelves or art ledges are a great way to fill a space! In addition, you can change the displayed decorations whenever you want. You can dress it up with minimal decor (think mostly white/cream decor or just black and white prints), or you can use it to display your favorite accessories and shelving art! In a children’s room or playroom, art ledges are also great for displaying children’s books!

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

Christ & Julia from Chris Love Julia created this DIY art balustrade to fill the space above her couch

Best Gallery Wall Ideas To Design Your Blank Walls

In my house, I have an art balustrade from IKEA with some simple decorations, and a small shelf that sits above a chair in my living room.

A well-placed mirror can do wonders for a room! Whether you choose a beveled floor mirror or a wall mirror; they can help a dimly lit room look bright while helping to fill some of the empty space! Mirrors are great to use when you need to fill an area but don’t want to fill the entire design.

IN THIS DESIGN BY STUDIO MCGEE, a large floor mirror is just what this wall needs!

I put these three together because they all help add a sense of texture to your space. Woven wall art can include macramé, fiber art (yarn wall hangings are great), or even any type of braided seaweed art!

How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

Rugs were all the rage when I was in high school, but that crazy tie dye thing you have when you go through a “hippie” phase. Today, they make wall tapestries to match any decor style! Basket walls are definitely having a moment – ​​almost everyone has a wall dedicated to their beautiful basket collection! I still love it, especially when paired with a minimalist style!

I’ve had this pin for a long time, love the color but don’t overdo it!

I love how modern and minimal this wall tapestry is! Something like this will also be a very easy DIY.

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

I love how this macrame is done in a more traditional space. SAYING, MACRAME DOESN’T HAVE TO BE OUR TREASURES.

How To Fill Empty Corners In Rooms

Hanging planters, plants on wall hooks, plants on floating shelves, wall gardens – however you want to add them, plants are a great addition to any space! Bonus points if you use real plants and can keep them alive (I sure can’t)!!

The mix of green in this floating shelf makes this room so much more! (via beautiful chaos)

What I love most about gallery walls is the contrast. You can make it minimal and organized or colorful and random – and everything in between! You can really unleash your creativity when creating a gallery wall.

This gallery wall looks great with frames of different sizes, but all the black and white photos keep it from being amazing. (via Pinterest)

Gallery Wall Ideas To Spice Up Your Blank Walls

Wall hooks are the latest thing I’m excited about when it comes to deciding what to hang on my wall. There are many styles of rods available (some of my favorites

Hook: this + this). Hooks are also very functional! You can use it to hang/display your wallet, scarf or hat. You can put hanging planters on them or hang banners. Or you can hang cute costumes from them in the children’s room or playroom!

THESE WALL HOOKS ARE VERY FUNCTIONAL BUT KEEP THEM HANGING IN THE SAME COLOR PALETTE TO KEEP VARIETY. (Via INSTAGRAM) Finding a large blank wall is one of the biggest questions I face when moving into a new home. In fact, filling up too much of a blank wall seems to be a problem that many people face as we get more into open floor plans.

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

A large blank wall in any home can feel cold and sparse. This does not mean that every wall in the room needs to be covered with something. If you try to put something on every wall in the house, you might feel claustrophobic and cluttered.

Living Room Ideas On A Budget To Update Your Space For Less

By focusing on just one large blank wall, you can often create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The best part about covering a large blank wall? The other wall can usually be left untouched as it already takes up space!

If you’ve taken a tour of an abandoned house, you might be able to spot a large room that opens in front of a door. It’s part dining room, part living room, part kitchen, and you guessed it:

The previous owner had some bookshelves in there, but it still felt a bit empty, so I had to come up with other affordable ideas to fill the empty wall.

We decided to start covering the large blank wall by putting in a black and white ocean canvas print that was previously in our master bedroom. Now that our ceiling is down, our bed is a bit firm at the headboard. As a result, I have nowhere else to put this work that I love so much. The only problem: There seems to be little spec on that big blank wall.

Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room

Obviously, for my job, we do a lot of photography. I know I want to do some sort of family photo gallery wall in our house, but I want it to be light on the eyes. We decided on a few things for our gallery wall:

We do this to create a unified mood. There’s a lot going on in this room with colorful bay windows and mosaic tiles on the kitchen walls. We wanted this wall to feel full but relaxed. Because color photos have different exposures and filters, we want them all to match to reduce clutter.

Like I said, we want to fill a big blank wall, but we also want to be quiet. I know I don’t want to be making tons of 4×6 and 5×7 photos everywhere. Without the expensive frame, the idea immediately seems crowded and cluttered. Instead, I decided to measure the height of the print in mid-ocean and keep things relative to that. Using Canva, I mapped out what it would look like:

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

We decided to use a custom print from Photowall. We got it just a few inches short of the main photo (we have 28×28 inches) and decided to use this hanging frame to bring the wood from the middle frame into our table and console room. That way, the center really pops, but everything feels cohesive with the black, white, and wood.

Picture Ledge Styling & Decor Tips

Tassels are one of my favorite affordable ways to warm up a blank wall or just an awkward blank space on a large wall. An added bonus is that they’re easy to change out as the seasons change to keep things lively and fresh.

Wallpapers have changed a lot in recent years! You can find some of the most amazing prints, colors, textures and artwork! Even better, it’s a rip-and-paste wallpaper like the ones I had in a themed nursery a month ago.

Photowall also offers some great wallpaper options! And they have the option to create their own custom background! How fun is that?!

As I said, the previous owner has installed some bookshelves against the large wall, which is empty when you enter. Whether you choose traditional bookshelves, floating shelves, or a hybrid, there’s no doubt that a shelf will fill an empty wall. Additional shelves provide more storage space and serve as a place to display more items or personal decorations to increase the space.

How To Fill A Big Blank Wall: 9 Affordable Ideas To Fill Up An Empty Wall

Don’t like wallpapers? Consider painting your own mural on a large, blank wall! Seriously, we have plans for one of the rooms in our house and I’m so excited! This is inspiration! I also recently found a really cute mural that a mom did on Instagram with a rainbow on her kid’s wall. It looks a lot like the top wallpapers you see all over Instagram.

One fun way to fill a large empty wall is with a large mirror (or a wall of mirrors!). This is great if your room is a bit dark, as mirrors reflect more light and can make a room appear larger. This is a large mirror that I have personally observed and it is a mirror that is in another part of our house!

Mother nature is real

How To Fill Up An Empty Wall

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