How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood – When we moved the plumbing in the bathroom, the result was significant holes in the boards from the previous plumbing. These holes weren’t going to be hidden by the bathroom furniture, so they spilled out like an ugly missing piece.

We had experience fixing holes in our last house and found this tried and tested method to be the best! It’s also very quick and very easy!

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

A makeshift piece of wood that fits perfectly into the hole. I’m using old parquet scraps here, but any decent cut wood should work! Make sure you hammer it a little so it’s very snug and secure so it doesn’t move.

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Using a multi tool (or chisel), cut the wood so that it is flush with the rest of the floor.

Using colored filler wood (preferably the same color as the existing flooring), fill in the gaps around the dead wood. I find it easiest to cover everything with stuffing.

Hi it’s me! Self-taught craftsman, restorer and blogger with a mission to make our house a home. Seven years ago I was ignorant and didn’t know how, but since then I’ve learned to build, tile, plumber and more. This is my little place on the internet where I share everything I’ve learned so you can learn too. read more

DIY Content: We are not builders or experts in the trade industry, so please take all information in this blog as a rough guide and our own experience only. This blog only applies to our home and you should always consult a professional if in doubt about the job. Please note that building regulations change frequently, so always be on the lookout. It never seems to fail:  if you have wood in your home, you will always have unwanted holes. Knowing the best way to fill different types and sizes of holes is essential to making them less noticeable, so if you think this might be helpful, keep reading!

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The easiest holes to fix are small, shallow nail holes like you might find in wood or like the ones I found in the seam of one of my chairs.

For these, we chose Minwax® Wood Putty®, a non-hardening, color-matched putty available in 8 popular wood-tone colors, as well as black and white. Just press it into the hole and wipe off the excess. Since the putty does not need to be sanded, there is no danger to the finish. See how this makes the hole practically disappear in the photo above?

When working with untreated wood, such as wood panelling, unfinished furniture or a finished project, small holes can be filled with Minwax® Stainable Wood Filler, a fast-drying wood filler ideal for repairing small cracks, knot holes, nail holes and defects in wood.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

Simply press the stainless wood filler into the hole, then press firmly with the tip of a screwdriver. I prefer to pour it gently so it shrinks as it dries.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood: Easiest Method

Quick tip: order is important! Do not spread the filler on the wood as this will cause additional sanding.

After it dried, which took about two hours, I sanded it flush with the wood using #120 sandpaper and then painted the entire shelf. You have to look carefully to see where the nail hole is!

I’ve found that holes larger and deeper than ¼ inch need to be filled with real wood, such as a dowel glued into the hole.

Quick Tip: Sharpen the blunt end of the wooden plug a bit to make it easier to tap into the hole.

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Coat the inside of the hole with carpenter’s glue before inserting the plug. Cotton is great for this – and avoids smearing the glue on top of the wood!

Instead of opening a can of stain, use one of the Minwax® stain markers — a felt-tip stain marker — to match the end of the wood plug to the board.

PS – Don’t forget to check out the Minwax® Facebook page – lots of tips, pictures and competitions!

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

Remember our kitchen project I mentioned recently? Well, it’s progressing, day by day. While the carpenters were installing the cabinets, Lee Ann (below, kneeling) returned to the stone yard to check on the granite we had ordered for the countertops. Stay tuned for a full review once it’s done! Thanks – Bruce

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I come from a DIY family, so I have great memories of helping with projects in my dad’s basement workshop and refinishing antiques in my grandma’s backyard. There I fell in love with the beauty of wood grain hidden under an old dark finish or accentuated with a new coat of paint. Since then, I’ve always had a project, whether it’s restoring an old house, recreating a new one, bringing old furniture back to life, or working with new wood. As my wife will attest, I love projects, but just as importantly, I love sharing my experiences with others through my books, articles, columns – and now this! I hope you like it. Have you ever found a beautiful piece that has fallen on hard times? A friend of mine was cleaning out her pantry and this piece was buried in there. I was glad to save him! It has incredible detail but looks like it has seen better days.

It appeared to have been locked at one point and the keyhole was retracted, not unlocked. What do you do to repair large holes in wood? Let’s figure it out.

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With a few furniture troubleshooting and repair tricks in your tool belt, you’ll be able to retrieve any old item that comes your way! Here’s a close up of the keyhole damage. The same technique I will show will work with any large holes in wood or veneer that you need to fill.

Refurbishing Cabinets. Can Anyone Suggest What To Use To Fill Big Holes Like This? I Plan On Sanding Them Down And Painting. Thank You!

First, you’ll need to use patch support. I grabbed my bud sticks, which I use for everything from placing holes to mixing paint. Attach it to the back of the hole with a little wood glue to hold it in place. This is my favorite carpentry glue for repairing and making furniture.

When dry, mix in the epoxy wood filler. I am using Bondo Wood Filler for this project. There are several types of Bondo – there is body filler (which dries pink) and this Bondo wood filler which needs to be painted (I haven’t tried painting it yet!). Either type will work for this fix.

Follow the directions on the back of the box – and mix in a small amount of the filling. You will add a hardener to the filler that will allow it to dry quickly. I always mix it on a disposable paper plate with another chopstick. It smells a bit so make sure you have good ventilation.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

Once everything is mixed, it will turn a bright orange color. Attach it to the hole. You will want to add MORE than you need to fill the hole. If you are too sparing here, the result will show up later.

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When everything is dry, take sandpaper – 120 grit – fold it and start working. This will create dust, but keep sanding until the area is completely flush with the surrounding area. If using a sander, use 220 grit sandpaper instead.

Vacuum up the dust and you’ll be left with a smooth finish that no one will ever know is painted or stained!

Cut off the excess wood (mine actually poked through when I went to cut it) and you’re done.

As long as you have the wood filler, fill all other areas of the piece in the same way and sand in the same way. It’s great to have a product that fills in small and large blemishes at the same time!

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Finish your piece however you like and it will be our little secret that there was ever any damage!

Fear not the next time you see a slightly damaged part – now you know how to fix it! The Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for serious contractors and customers. Registration only takes a minute.

The floors in this house are probably original from the 1920’s. The wonderful owners of the house didn’t take good care of me after it was rented and now we have tons of paint and holes in the floor.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wood

I will refinish the floors for excess scratches and paint marks. I would like to

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