How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall – This post will walk you through how to repair large drywall holes (including ceiling holes) so you can save money without a handyman!

When I moved into this older 1973 house in 2010, I knew very little about home improvement. In fact, I really circled myself for 2-3 months

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

Not only do I have no idea how we’re going to pay for this big house (I miss our little 2-BR house), but we also have no idea how in the world we’re going to pay for everything that’s broken!

How To Fill Screw Or Nail Holes In Drywall

I have to laugh at the stupid 30 year old me, because I now trust the almost 40 year old me to handle almost any home repair or improvement!

(And if there are any repairs or improvements that I can’t do, I’ll hire a professional and stand over their shoulders like nobody’s business and learn about them!

But, even though I am very passionate about the maintenance and repair of the house, I still fail. In this tutorial I share a few mistakes on how I repaired a large hole in the drywall in our master bathroom. Hopefully, you’ll leave confident that these simple repairs can be done without hiring a professional.

Behind the screen, it appears that some lead work was done to the owners of the house years ago. As the job was done, they cut a big hole in the drywall but never did it (laziness).

Soto Large Hole Repair (up To 4

The old decoration has been removed, so that there is time to remove the wallpaper, paint and repair the large holes in the dry wall.

I’ll be honest – at first, I was too lazy. Besides, who’s going to see a hole in the drywall anyway?

But I’m going to build this beautiful DIY bathroom and the last thing I want to see when I open the cabinet is a big hole in the drywall!

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

When I have to play the tube, I can’t take it off. But everything must be removed, even the old and ugly film.

Steps To Repairing A Punch In The Wall

Also, the wooden parts of the old pipe where the first place was cut, must be removed first.

I can’t add drywall holes and stuff. So the first thing I did was to make it as square as possible.

This is a challenge because the tubes are sensitive and I’m afraid one of them will break! So this part took me a while, because I was very careful.

Instead, the idea is to use your ruler and draw a square or rectangle around the hole. Then just cut out the wrong parts until you are left with a square or rectangle that can be easily glued together.

M Large Hole Wall Repair Kit With 12 Fl. Oz Compound, Self Adhesive Back Plate, Putty Knife And Sanding Pad

The tools you can use to do this are a utility knife or an oscillating tool with a blade that can cut through drywall. I find it easier to use an oscillating tool because I can easily cut a hole in the drywall and it leaves clean lines. But a utility knife will soon work fine.

TIP: If there is a hole in the drywall that needs to be repaired by the studs, try to remove the drywall from the ceiling.

Don’t think you need to get one of those big 4′ x 8′ wooden blocks to make an easy drywall repair.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

I didn’t know until I hunted. All I’ve seen are huge pieces that look like you need a truck to get them home! lol

Sdhome Perfect Wall Patch Drywall Repair Kit With Compound, Back Plate, And Putty Knife

Just score a few times in advance (use a ruler or square to correct the line).

If your drywall repair is like mine and you need to cut a good notch, you can use a drywall saw, but I find it’s faster and easier to use a jigsaw.

(FYI…Sometimes you need to cut the electrical outlet. To start your jigsaw or drywall knife to cut through the center of the drywall, you need to drill a small pilot hole into the hole and then cut your blade into that hole to start through the center of the drywall).

But the part I needed to add was my crazy faucet. You’ll do something, right? lol

How To Patch And Repair Drywall

While I try to measure as much as possible, the best way is to drill a large hole in the drywall to test it as you go.

Again I used a jigsaw and tape to cut the pieces correctly. I had to make some adjustments to test it comfortably.

Bristle bars are nothing more than strips of wood (although they can also be metal) that can provide structural support (sometimes they are placed behind the crown to increase strength with crown nails). You can just go to Home Depot and ask for different sizes of wool rugs.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

In this case, I just used a little 1″ x 3″ piece of wood I had lying around.

Best Way To Fill Large Hole Through Wall?

The reason for this step is important because it will ensure that the new wood is attached to the drywall.

Usually if you can fit one long board, you should, but mine got in the way. So I had to attach different parts to the drywall door. (And if your hole is close to metal, you can clean off enough of the old drywall to put a new drywall cloth over the bumps.

You’ll notice that I put in the existing drywall, the wood studs in the holes, on the back of the existing drywall.

A few things you need to know: 1) how to use drywall screws, and 2) how to use drywall tools.

How To Fix Wall Damage Before Moving Out Of Your Apartment

I used these Grip Rite 1-1/4 inch drywall screws (See the orange packages in the rock aisle at Home Depot).

What’s different about the ANISOCYCLE drywall is that the little collar prevents the key from going into the drywall bit. And actually the divot in the drywall will create drywall screws with drywall mud (otherwise known as joint compound) so that the screws are not visible.

When the panels are installed, I will use additional drywall screws and apply drywall plaster to the wood for support. This will stabilize the drywall and prevent it from falling into the wall.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

At the beginning of this drywall repair, I totally forgot to add wood supports inside the drywall holes!

Don’t Hire A Handyman: How To Fix Big Holes In Drywall

I was about to clean the joint when I realized, “Hey, wait a minute. This chapter has nothing to do with it! They will fail!”

Once the drywall joint is coming to the back of the wood, I attached a drywall screw to the joint. I decided to get some non-sticky tape because it’s a wet bathroom.

The part was so hard that I decided to leave her without myself. I do not recommend it. But since it was so tight, I decided it was easier to leave him than to try to get him out. And also, since there is no point left, there is no way to push someone to fall.

After the joint is rolled, use a paring knife and run it around the rolled joint, so the fan is not too thick.

How To Fix A Hole In The Wall

If you need to add two coats, go back after it’s dry, add them well with 150- or 220-grit sandpaper, and add another coat.

Now that the wall is smooth and you can’t see the damage, it’s time to sand and paint the wall. Most paintings have background material, so I usually skip the background layer and just add two coats of the first mix.

It is difficult to transfer the clay pipe, so it is a swollen place where we cannot spread the mixture evenly.

How To Fill Large Holes In Wall

Then I added fine wire wool in the holes around the pipes to try and keep out any mice or spiders!

How To Fix A Large Hole In Drywall

Well… not this job. Drywall repair is an easy DIY project that you can do yourself in 1 hour or less.

That’s my very first hole shooting site. If I can, you can.

Here is a helpful video tutorial to help me repair my drywall hole that I think you will find helpful as well.

Leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve ever done this trick, and don’t you feel like blowing yourself dry right now, no professional needed? 🙂

How To Patch Holes In Drywall In 9 Easy Steps (video)

Frugi Tribuo encourages women to decorate, repair and maintain their homes using paint, tools and groceries! Use these 5 charts, checklists, and textbooks to get started! Knowing how to install and repair drywall is often a big concern when starting to move. Drywall is prone to cracks, holes and holes, but you can easily fix it

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