How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space – Finding a way to decorate a large, empty wall in your home can be daunting, whether it’s a large wall in the living room or the space above the bed, it’s not always easy to find the right solution that looks natural and expresses your personal style. Today I wanted to show you some ways that I have decorated the big empty walls in my house that can give you a solution for your spaces.

Perhaps the easiest solution to fill a large empty wall is to use one large piece of art or wall hangings.

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

In our family room, I hung an antique stained glass window above the console table to add texture and interest without making a big color statement. This allowed me to fill the wall in a very neutral way and still add some pictures around the room without it looking too busy or cluttered.

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I chose the strongest option in our dining room, placing a large bouquet of flowers on the bare wall between the wooden cabinets. This piece of art makes a big statement in the room and defines the style, but it is not heavy or steals the show.

If you decorate the wall with a banner below, consider placing the pieces for a three-dimensional effect.

Transposed mirrors are excellent solutions for decorating large empty walls and are a good base for a layered look. In our living room, I put a mirror and my favorite picture on the table to add texture to the wall while I allow myself to decorate with flowers and other decorative items around. In this case, I did not hang the mirror, but it could be hung on the floor of the table.

Do you remember the wall in our dining room with the big flower pictures? That’s right, it’s one wall with a gallery of four pictures and a layered decoration on the table below it. I like to use wall decorations as a base for a beautifully designed table. The important thing here is to add decorative elements long enough to coordinate with the pictures on the wall and give a cohesive look.

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My favorite way to decorate large empty walls is to create a collection of pictures or pictures that have the same frame.

On the oversized wall in our living room, I used framed music to fill the wall above the piano. Eight small works of art combine to make one large work of art.

On my office wall, I achieved the same look by using six botanical pictures with one frame to create one large piece of art.

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

The key to this look is that the frames are the same size and color and that the images are similar in theme, color or style.

How To Fill Empty Corners In Rooms

An electronic gallery wall can mix and match pictures, mirrors, pictures and hanging decorations for a cohesive and fun look.

The walls in our family room are difficult to decorate because of the door that separates the room. My solution was to use a neutral architectural piece (a leaded glass window) on one side, with a control panel below, and create an electronics collection wall on the other side.

I was able to combine the two by having frames and colors in similar tones so that even though they are not on the same wall, they look cohesive.

I also chose neutral prints as it wasn’t too bold to make sure it didn’t look out of place in the room.

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I decided to add a mirror that my great aunt gave me and it has a nice feel.

I love how it turned out and how cozy this corner of the family room is now.

I always have trouble organizing the spaces around the bed, but I have found a solution that works most of the time. I’ve found that hanging one or more pieces of art above the headboard and adding two matching mirrors or frames above each nightstand complements the wall well and adds dimension.

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

In our bedroom, I hung three botanical paintings above the bed and two matching mirrors above each nightstand.

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And in one of the guest rooms at the farm, I hung a horizontal picture above the bed, and added a framed mirror on one side and a matching bulletin board on the other. This filled the empty wall in a nice but subtle way.

I hope this gives you some ideas to decorate a large empty wall in your home. First of all, the key is to choose art, mirrors or decorations that you like. Remember, you can paint or replace the frame to match your decor or give the gallery wall a cohesive look if needed. So our kitchen has this big, blank wall. It has been giving me problems since day one and I don’t know what to do about it. In theory, I know how to fill an empty wall in my house, but something about this room keeps bugging me.

Nothing too offensive. It’s just a (mostly) blank wall. But several factors make it very difficult to know what to do there. You see….

It’s almost crusty and lately it’s been bothering me more and more. The letter board hanging on this wall was the first thing I hung in this house! But I no longer enjoy the letter board as much as I used to, it’s time for a change.

Ideas For Decorating Around The Tv

I’ve been thinking about a lot of different ideas lately about how to fill this wall. Today I thought I’d finish some of the ideas I’ve been thinking about. Maybe you can help me choose?!

I’m going to go through 10 ideas to fill an empty wall. These are all the ideas I thought of for this wall. Some are completely predictable and easy, and some are more fun! I will tell you what I like about the ideas, and I will tell you my worries about trying each idea in our house, if I have. It’s a great way to get a little out of my head and into my mind as I work on choosing a design for my home!

I often come across these types of choices that I find very difficult to make. Often, when I’m really struggling with a decision, I take it as a sign that I haven’t found the right solution yet. But sometimes (like this one), it’s such a shallow question that I just want to force myself to do it

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

. It’s easy to change on the go, and it always bothers me that this wall is empty.

Creative Wall Art Ideas To Fill Blank Spots With Personality

So let’s decide! If you have any other ideas or suggestions, be sure to leave them in the comments below.

I’ve loved the idea of ​​cutting myself since I saw Chris and Julia do it at their last house. I think this is a great (and effective!) way to add visual interest to the kitchen. I love that it’s not just another gallery wall and I love that it adds so many new textures and shapes. It will also hide the light switches perfectly!

I am only concerned about this in our room? Since we have such a great room going on here, I have to put a lot of thought into what I hang on the walls. It’s very easy to make things feel too busy, and I worry that too many wall panels can be overwhelming.

I love the somewhat industrial but very attractive look of butcher paper wall art! It’s a functional addition to the kitchen (which is always nice!) and looks great when done right.

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Are there any problems I see with this option? For one thing, my handwriting is nowhere near as good. More than that, I do

Will you post my shopping list on the wall for everyone to see? It looks great in the pictures, but I’m not sure how good it would be in our home.

The gallery wall above is obviously not from the kitchen, but you get the idea! It is clear that the gallery wall

How To Fill Large Empty Wall Space

A classic idea for any empty wall! This is a great place for an asymmetrical gallery wall that surrounds the light switches to help hide them, and I think it would look great here.

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The problem? We are still working on the planter shelves and the art border on the other side of the house. All within the same line of sight! I’m worried that hanging a large gallery wall here will feel too busy. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I feel like there’s a good chance it’ll be small as well

I’ve been fascinated by wood slat walls for a while now. me

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