How To Fill Holes In Concrete Wall

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I was removing old self-leveling cement in an area while getting ready to grout it when the 6-inch demo chisel and hammer I was using sank at one point. I found that this particular place was filled with debris and approx. 1″ of cement was poured over it. It was clearly not enough and the end result was a crack in this area and an open sound here. I removed the debris and was left with a hole of approx.

How To Fill Holes In Concrete Wall

How To Fill Holes In Concrete Wall

There are no pipes that I can find underneath and the 6mm plastic vapor barrier is in good condition, just a few small tears that can be repaired with glue. Two roots run down; They rotate and last enough as long as the door goes from the right in the picture to the pit I plan to widen and deepen the crack a bit and repair the crack with cement repair compound.

Would Like To Fix Up These Holes In Exterior Wall But No Idea How To Go About It

What products should I use to fill large holes? El Quick or another cement? Total or not? Any specific PSI rating I should look for, or other prep work I should do in addition to washing the area I expect the new concrete to bond to, and is there enough clearance under the cement thread?

I would be more concerned about your wire showing through the bottom of the concrete, rendering it useless. Concrete is very strong in compression but very weak in bending. The steel plates are there to take and should be roughly in the middle of the concrete. Be sure to use a concrete binder and degreaser Ditra will provide enough of a barrier so that cracks don’t occur Personally I wouldn’t put in a big pile of tiles thinking it would crack

Well, I went to the big blue box store, read every bag there and answered my questions.

As Corey (correctly) pointed out, the mesh at the bottom of the pit doesn’t work very well, there appears to be a “peak” in the sand that forms the substrate for my foundation, the sand slopes down to a depth of approx. inches on each side I’m not sure why it’s built that way, but since I can’t fix it now without doing a lot of work that I don’t want to do with the vapor barrier and other aspects, I extended the wire . I was able to fit the rock under it and now have about 1/2 to 1/2 inch clearance between the wire and the bottom of the chassis.

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I scrubbed it with water and let it dry overnight and tomorrow when I’m ready to mix I’ll apply a primer to help the concrete set.

I bought this bag of fiber reinforced Quikcrete because the size of the board I’m attaching over a certain area, I don’t need to have a lot of contact with the wire to get the strength I’m looking for. The sand should protect it from any subsidence, and even if it cracks at the edges, there won’t be much room for anything to be placed over it after DITRA is installed.

My property in the garage floor was not prepared, I was not compacted until I emptied a gap between dirt and cement. I dug out the old compaction where the crack formed and then I put gravel under the existing cement and poked with a stick, after that I leveled the soil into a pit filled with a stone centimeter in diameter and then I dug the pit in front of the compaction and filled with a rod leaving a space between the stones | The bar is then filled with sakcreat 7000 mix while 52000 pounds should be fine for a level built to not slip, now this can lead to cracking if leveling a cell using crack filler is a very hard material.

How To Fill Holes In Concrete Wall

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The Best Concrete Crack Fillers Of 2023

Or rather a very big thing: a big hole in the concrete wall that separates our garage from the basement. Here is Brad in scale

It’s a bit of a bad thing, especially large holes from the inside out are very bad for energy efficiency out of willful ignorance, we didn’t even know how big it was because the previous owner filled it with exposed fiberglass insulation and covered it with a bookcase on the other side .

I was very nervous about this phase of the garage project, I had no idea how to fix a large hole in a cement wall and I was concerned that it might be a structural problem for the house, especially since I had some visible cracks in some of the concrete blocks after I cleaned off all the old insulation. . .

But I emailed the wonderful contractor who did our remodel before I moved in and he wasn’t concerned about the structural issue and said I could go ahead and fix it.

Repairing Concrete Holes: The Fast, Easy Way

I considered several options and the guys at Home Depot were very amused that the hole was there before it started and then suggested I build a form on one side of the wall and fill it with concrete. After hearing this, I seriously just glued a piece of plywood and called it a day.

Instead, I decided to split the difference and fill it in a way that would be more accessible to DIY newbies like me, but also powerful.

. My plan was to whitewash it and then cover the brick with a thin layer of concrete so it would blend into the wall after everything was painted.

How To Fill Holes In Concrete Wall

I picked up random bricks lying around in our garden. I also grabbed some mortar mix, cement sand and a towel for about $16. (If I had to buy bricks, that would add about $7 to the total cost.)

What Type Of Materials To Patch Small Holes In Mortar And Cement Where Bugs Entering?

I cheered myself up by telling everyone I worked with that I was going to study contract this weekend, hoping they would think I was brave and interesting. (I’m very popular.)

I also read a lot of manuals and saw a lot of YouTube videos (most useful for working with mortar and making bricks). Turns out I shouldn’t have been nervous because this project was super easy!

I started by mixing the mortar I did it in relatively small batches so I was sure I got the right consistency and it wasn’t difficult to mix.

I could tell it had good stability when it looked wet and cloudy and when a ball of it attached to the rig easily at a 90 degree angle.

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It was a little tricky to get the blocks to line up nicely because I didn’t start with a flat surface, but it didn’t really matter because it was covered in cement.

I then used a towel to apply a small amount of mortar to the side of the brick (probably called “smearing the brick”).

It took about an hour to assemble them, and I went very slowly and wasted time adding a small amount of mortar to each batch. But I was so happy when I made all the bricks!

How To Fill Holes In Concrete Wall

The process was very similar (surprise). I mixed batches of cement, going for a nice thick consistency that would hold on a vertical surface.

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I used a damp sponge to wet the bricks and mortar to make it easier for the cement to get a good bond.

To apply the cement, I took a good handful and kneaded it properly, breaking up all the lumps.

(Always wear gloves when handling cement. It will burn your skin and you won’t feel the burn until much later.)

Finally, after I had it on an area, I slid it over the back of the troller for a nice flat surface.

How To Repair A Crumbling Concrete Foundation

It can’t be done completely flat my skill level was definitely mixed but the previous owner also did a poor application of cement on the outside

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