How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom

How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom – Large blank walls can be intimidating, but they don’t have to be! Here are my tried and true ways to turn a blank wall into something special for a nursery, nursery or play area!

Wallpaper provides instant gratification and great impact. I mean, why not?! Kids’ rooms are a great opportunity to do something temporary or different than you would in other areas of your home, and it’s fun! Why not try a better pattern? Or a print that really speaks to you at this time? While old traditional wallpaper can be difficult to remove, new stick-on wallpaper is relatively easy to remove and there are so many peel and stick options now that there’s no good reason to skip this fun trend. If you haven’t already, check out our collection of favorite wallpapers that will transform any blank wall into a vision.

How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom

How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom

Huge artwork, large letters, a large storage unit, even a fireplace all add a focal point as you walk into the room. Try to focus the key on the wall opposite where you enter the room to get the most pleasing details.

Ways To Decorate An Empty Corner In Your Room

You know I love them and they fill the wall so well! You can choose a simple grid pattern or get creative and create a more eclectic gallery wall; Both will work equally well to decorate a blank wall and add personality. A quick tip to keep your gallery walls cohesive is to space frames 2-3 inches apart.

Serving the dual purpose of adding decoration and functional storage, storage units or shelves can be a wonderful way to fill an empty wall! Consider at least one section of closed storage while leaving open shelving to maximize storage space, style favorite items or rotate seasonal toys. I like to use a mix of open and closed shelving to fill a giant wall like I did in the downstairs playroom.

The most affordable way to decorate a blank wall is to get creative with color. There are really many options – bold colors, half walls, mountain views, murals! This is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at colors and interesting colors. A blank wall can make your space look a bit dull and cold or unfinished, which means unless you go for an ultra-minimalist interior, you’ll fill it up somehow. How to make this piece of wall more interesting and attractive? Here are some ideas.

Your mirror can be oversized and in a sophisticated frame, it can be a piece of art with a unique geometric structure and shape, it can be an arrangement of colored mirrors or even a mirror with long edges for a boho feel – it all depends. You and what you want to achieve.

How To Curate A Gallery Wall With Avenue Interior Design

A smart sculptural mirror in white and gray, with a copper frame is a beautiful decoration that will add light

A semi-circular mirror with a long red border is a great idea for such a boho entrance

A large antique mirror in a silver frame and a mustard velvet bench make a beautiful entrance

How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom

Thinking beyond linear options for floating shelves is another great way to fill an empty wall. Go for live edge shelving to add a natural feel to the room (hot trend right now!), try hanging shelves in leather or strips, look for large shelves with lots of specific shaped compartments – the possibilities are endless and you’ll find something. Storage space too!

Need Help With Filling Empty Wall Space

Floating shelves with raw edges to stand out in the kitchen – such shelves are super trendy and popular

Yarn and fabric wall coverings are extremely popular for decorating boho spaces. You can hang macrame, tassels, fabric in different colors and looks, and you can make many of these wall hangings yourself, there are many tutorials you can use. With wall coverings, you can not only add style or emphasize an existing style, but also add color and texture, for example.

A beautiful boho wall hanging with a large brown border and wooden beads and natural branches is very nice

Hanging colorful fringes on a green and white wall will add color to your space and is easy to do

Ways To Decorate A Blank Wall

A bright and fun fabric wall hanging above the sofa adds color to the room and makes it bold and fun

A beautiful macrame wall hanging is a great idea for a boho room, it will add interest to the room

Cover a blank wall with a textured material: There are countless options for this, sculptured tiles, metal wall panels, wooden planks, acoustic fabric panels – more types of materials than you can imagine. The most popular material is wood with a natural texture, which never goes out of fashion and provides warmth and comfort.

How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom

Herringbone cork wall tiles can be used to create your own real wall art, not just as a wall covering.

Stylish Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas And Tips

A living moss wall is a real touch of nature inside and is a big trend right now and looks very attractive

Wallpaper has gone big and bold with all kinds of dramatic graphic and print options. There are many colors, prints and looks to choose from, and large floral and wall murals are also options to brighten up a blank wall, even in small spaces, as they make a striking statement.

Dolmata wallpaper is a beautiful and fun idea for a modern home and brings a touch of whimsy.

Moody floral wallpaper is a creative and elegant idea for a modern room, it will give it sophistication

Connie Oliver: When It Comes To Wall Art, Anything’s Possible

Lean the ladder against the wall! This is a great idea for many decorating styles, especially rustic and boho. Stairs don’t have to be tall, but if you use more than one, it’s important to vary the size and height for interest. A staircase is also a good option if you want some soft clothes as they can be displayed on the stairs and you can use them to display shoes, glasses and hats so it is a perfect entryway idea.

A white ladder with blankets and lamps will easily fill an awkward bookcase and give you storage space

A brown ladder next to the bookcase holds a blanket, potted greens, and a hat on top

How To Fill Empty Wall Space In Bedroom

It has a modern staircase with some containers for storing bags and small things perfect for the entrance.

Cozy Reading Nook Ideas For Small Spaces 2022

A small colored block ladder with a blanket, sunglasses and hat serves as both a storage unit and decoration. Decorating a room can be a fun task – especially if you have all these ideas for your space. However, styling the corners of your room can be difficult. What can you add that will add to your room without feeling forced or cluttered? You might even be tempted to leave it blank because you don’t know what to do with it. Well, you’re in luck! Today we share some great tips on how to style which corner of your room without ruining the rest of your room decor. So let’s get right into it!

We’re big fans of adding greenery to any room, and if you are too, you’re all set! You can’t go wrong by adding some plants to the corner of your room. Not only do plants have many health benefits like reducing pollutants and dust, keeping your room cool and reducing carbon dioxide, but they also add a nice touch to your decor.

Whether you want to spruce up your corner with a new tall floor plant or add a hanging plant to your ceiling, plants are a great way to breathe new life (literally) into an empty corner. Just make sure to fill the room with the right plants. If it’s a plant that needs tons of sunlight to grow, a dark corner near a window probably isn’t the place.

We all need a certain place in our home where we can go and relax, unwind, enjoy a good book or enjoy the view outside. By adding a chair, you can make that corner more comfortable and give it a purpose. Sometimes we feel inclined to leave a corner empty because we’re not sure what to do with it. By simply adding a corner chair, you can tie all your decor pieces together. Make sure it’s comfortable enough that you’re not just using it as storage for clothes you don’t want to put away just yet (don’t worry, we’re all guilty of it! 😉)

Diy Wall Décor Ideas Anyone Can Try

It doesn’t have to be just a chair, you can add a bench to share the space with a friend or family member, or if you have large windows why not make a window seat? Your furry friend can enjoy that spot for an afternoon nap!

If you have a small space, add a mirror

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