How To Fill A Large Living Room

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We’re all obsessed with bigger rooms and more space, but honestly, having too much can have its challenges. While loud sounds sound better, it’s hard to fill all that space in a way that’s consistent and doesn’t sound awkward.

How To Fill A Large Living Room

How To Fill A Large Living Room

Luckily, we’ve got 10 examples of large living rooms (and style tips to match) to help you navigate the big space. Take notes and be prepared to rearrange some furniture.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas To Wake Up Blank Walls

Large spaces, and especially open concept designs, lack separation between rooms. The distinction between regions seems to be deliberate. A large rug can be used to create parameters and visually close off a space, preventing the design from spilling over into other areas of your home.

While small spaces can feel cluttered with decor, a larger space can handle an over-the-top design. This elegant living room features a red sofa, a patterned rug, chandelier lighting and a set of decorative coffee tables. Give it a sense of cohesion with matching colors and shades like a red sofa, coral cushions and pink light fixtures.

Having a large living room is no use when the dark corners fade into the background. Be smart with lighting to make sure your big design ideas are well-lit from every angle. It features stylish overhead pendant lights and gallery lighting along the living room wall to ensure every part of the room gets the attention it deserves.

While a large L-shaped sectional can fit in a large living room, it’s best to swap it out for two smaller beds. The design looks more sophisticated and fills the room in a way that encourages entertaining.

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Face them with a coffee table in the middle and two chairs facing each other, leaving as much (if not more) seating space as a sectional.

Built-ins can take up a lot of space, but when you have space, it’s the perfect time to add a custom design. A modern entertainment center with wood and marble elements hides all traces of electronic wiring and offers plenty of space to store and display your favorite decorations.

If a seating area doesn’t take up enough space in your space, add another. This vintage inspired eclectic living room creates two separate living areas with their own sofas, chairs, coffee table and rugs to fill this large space.

How To Fill A Large Living Room

If your living room takes up a lot of space, play with the proportions and add elements that make your room appear larger. Elements like a sprawling sofa and tall console with a tall fireplace will accentuate your already spacious living room.

Modern Living Room Ideas You Need To Try In 2023

A large living and entertaining room. Since you know your large space will quickly fill up with friends and family, we recommend always having extra seating to accommodate your guests.

Ottoman seating under the console table and comfortable cushions on the built-in window bench will make your guests feel right at home even with limited sofa space.

Patterns have a way of filling small spaces, but luckily for you and your large living room, you have plenty of room to play around with patterns. With a wide square footage, achromatic patterns can be mixed with leopard, checks and abstract art. In a larger space, more is always more.

When space is the name of the game, texture is always a good idea. Pairing greenery, pampas grass and potted plants with textiles, curtains and cushions, as well as natural elements such as wood and concrete, is a way to warm up large spaces and prevent them from looking empty or raw. Now put them all together in one place and you have a designer-approved room like this one. Filling a large space can seem daunting at first, but there are many ways to make your large room feel as cozy and inviting as a small space!

Easy, Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas

These sectional sofas are a great way to fill up the space in a large room or to divide the rooms if they are combined.

Even if you already have a place to sit, create a small space where you can sit in a chair and read a book. If you have a bay window, place a ledge and pillows for a cozy corner.

Place the coffee table in the center of your living room, but also use lamps next to your sofa or chairs and side tables for additional decoration.

How To Fill A Large Living Room

Rugs have the power to make a small space seem larger or to fill an entire extra space. Choose a design with many colors or stripes and combine it with cushions on the sofa or chairs.

How To Decorate Your Large Living Room

Don’t mount the TV to fill a void. Buy a good stand that fills the space well and can also serve as a cabinet for your movies and books!

There are many large and beautiful plants that can fill a room and are easy to care for. No need to put them in the corner. Plants are good anywhere!

Leaving the walls blank can make a room feel unfinished. No need to decorate with pictures. Use mirrors, bookshelves, lamps or even hanging plants.

Use neutral colors for walls and floors, but add color to the rest of the furniture and decor and throw in a vibrant pattern or two.

Ways To Add Color To Your Living Room

If you love books, display them all on a large bookshelf. It should not be used only for books. Also place decorations, lights, candles, plants, etc. on the shelves.

Buy a full set to fill the space and when your company is finished there will be a place for everyone to sit. If you have chairs or couches, it will take up even more space, so make sure you move them all around.

Filling a big gap can be difficult, especially if you’re on a tight budget. But there are plenty of salvaged furniture stores and thrift stores to find the extra decor you need. Let decorating be a fun experience to create a comfortable living space to enjoy with your family and friends.

How To Fill A Large Living Room

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