How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall – Don’t know how to decorate a large wall? Instead of looking at it as a vast, empty area that needs to be covered, think of it as an empty canvas. Opportunity. Today I’m sharing 10 ideas for decorating walls and examples of each in our home, along with some tips and ideas to get you started with your projects!

Before you start filling the wall with *those* things, keep a few things in mind.

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

Now that we have the basics covered and what I try to keep in mind when planning my wall decor, let’s get down to 10 different ways to decorate a large wall!

Large Wall Decor Ideas To Fill Empty Space

If you’re trying to avoid spending a lot of money on something large, you can create a piece of wall art that doubles as a large piece at a fraction of the cost of a gallery wall hanging. There are many approaches and tons of options to do it perfectly

. You can choose a different rally or choose a single route. In the breakfast nook, I used the same frame from Ikea to display iPhone photos from some of our travels.

Source: pearl waterfall | Imitation olive wood dining table | Dining chair (equal) | Frame wallpapers gallery | curtain | curtain | bar stool | During the light

Each picture represents a different state and is a sign/clean picture I took with my phone. Unforgettable and unique, even though it contains memories of 12 different journeys, it works like a single and uniform work of art. Note that it also takes up most of this wall 😉 Make the frame images bigger than you think.

How To Decorate A Large Living Room

Another simple “gallery” that works as one item is the wall baskets on our gallery screen. They are all the same but in three different sizes. I just quickly made them in organic form and said “good!”

The lighted porch wall in our front room is currently out of sync with the rest of our home and will be soon. But it is a good example of being connected to one by using eclectic elements and mixing metals.

I have an art arrangement in my office that I call a “gallery wall” – I put one large piece, along with three identical foil prints that I just rotated when hanging, on a large square. Although the elements are different, they share the same framework.

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

Source: The Great Wall | Small wall art | Desk Tray | foot cup | Rattan container | gray rose | Journal Magazine | Document storage box | Shadow of the Romans carpet | Insect hands

Easy, Unexpected Living Room Decorating Ideas

There are some great galleries with black and white and color photos, and even frames and rugs in different sizes, as well as different frames, media, etc. If you’re adventurous and want to make a statement, mix it up.

Sometimes it’s not just space art that you need (or can use). This place was big and barren, and when I wanted a console, I got it

Some changes. I’ve always been able to find a piece on the narrower side and create a whole “moment” in the living room. Not enough console space? You can do the same with a bench or a set of stools!

Source: Console Table | Ice Rattan | Lamp (no longer available) | The net of the big shot | A small woven flower | Clear glass vase Rattan box with lid (similar) | Blue ginkgo art | Beyond the Art Trail | Artificial green plant (equal)

How To Decorate A Blank Wall Around A Tv [3 Genius Ideas] — Designed

Source for table books: Remodelista | Southern Area | Environment | Trays and Plates | New York Blooms Simple Elements of Family Style | Blue and white style elements | sophisticated simplicity

. I don’t want the artwork to look like something I have hanging on the wall; I want it to be part of the wall – does that even make sense?! haha This bleached wood sculpture measures 48″x48″…

Source: Large Tree Wall Art | carpet sofa | coffee table | Leather Bench X | bronze bucket | Screen Fireplace | White ceramic pot | Art map | Texas map art

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

Source: Biblioteczka | Woven shoe storage basket (similar). | Art of the Great Forest | Bunny art | Hedgehog art | Online game Bunny Hooded Towel | Enjoy the wooden beads

Best Living Room Layout Tips

The artwork on this living room wall measures 40″x54″ and while it’s big in person, it’s actually even bigger!

I like to stack paintings in rows, especially when I want something to be hung only on the highest part of the wall. This will also save you some $$$ since the two smaller frame items are usually smaller than that.

Glad the wall basket i was waiting for never actually arrived 😉 – totally a happy accident. I have many questions about this; The current Etsy shop that printed these songs shut down shortly after the reveal, but a similar option can be found HERE . The frames I chose are from the 16″x20″ option, but that is actually the size of a picture in the bed. Actual frame size is 23″x28″.

Source: Quote (same) | frame | cradle | macrame crib skirt | A checked bed sheet | Antelope pillow bunny | Cozy Tassel Throw online game

Ways To Decorate A Big, Blank Wall

I also like to browse art groups and pick two of my favorites to combine them into a group. It was old lily art from ZGallerie, about six years ago. Here’s a pro tip – mine

Finding broken art. While “joining” a series is not easy, they usually number the editions in the series with Roman numerals. In the search bar, I will search for “II”, which means “2”. When the results are displayed, I check the “art” in the filters, so it just gives me the artwork (instead of the card, paper, etc.) Most everything filtered is part II of the artwork series. If you find a song you like, click on the artist’s name and you can browse his other works. Nine times out of ten, if something is marked II, there is also an I (sometimes III and IV).

A more complicated (but certainly creative expression!) way to “decorate” large walls is to make the walls themselves a work of art. Adding artwork and molding is something we’ve done to accommodate different spaces throughout our home, and while you can add art on top, they can stand on their own without additional embellishments. In Eliza’s nursery, we added five individual boxes to frame the picture, but in our room we added two rows of boxes across the room. We even added a design detail around the vaulted ceiling. I outsourced all the work to a contractor, but kept the project costs down, which can add up quickly, by using brackets and gluing simple boxes directly to the drywall and applying paint.

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

Source: Chandelier | Bed | bench | carpet | taboo | Cut Out Glass Lamp | cover | Wall art 1 | Wall art 2 | Moses’ basket

How To Decorate A Large Wall In Your Living Room

I have a large wall in the living room that made the cut in the kitchen look too empty. I added a built-in half-column to match the columns on the other side of the living room…

Source: Great Wall of Art | coffee sofa | Round Accent Table | Rattan Tray| Wing seat | Floor

And added this detail that covers the bottom of the column, around the corner to match the new column. Functionally, it also helped to clean up the scratch marks that ran into that wall; previously, flat paint would just look bad. Making a semi-gloss wall detail is much easier!

While I’ve nailed more picture frame designs in my bedroom, there are plenty of great options if you’re looking for slatted and slatted or horizontal/vertical boards as well.

Ways To Fill A Large Blank Wall

I just ventured into the world of wallpapers earlier this year and… I’m totally hooked. I started in our little room where it’s easier to be adventurous and adventurous, and I think the risk totally paid off. I also stuck with the wallpaper only the top 1/3 while I went with the design on the bottom 2/3. I don’t have one extra piece of art and now I’m trying to figure out where I can put the last wall!

If you don’t want to get involved, there are also lots of great peel-and-stick options that are super easy to use. I actually used faux brick in our master bath a few years ago!

I’ve mentioned before that I’m easygoing and the first inclination is to examine said mirror. As with great works of art, the size you choose makes a HUGE difference. This mirror is 48 inches but works for measuring the wall.

How To Fill A Large Living Room Wall

Source: Pearl Chandelier | dining table | Dining chair (equal) | Round Ice | Sideboard (equal) | curtain | curtain | Floor

Living Room Ideas On A Budget To Update Your Space For Less

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