How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room – Wall decor is always my favorite part of decorating a room. I’m always stuck on how to fill an empty space without making the room too busy or finding just the right amount of decor. Recently I was wondering what to do with one of the walls in our kitchen…and then a friend of mine (Hi Colleen! <- check out her blog!) texted me that she was struggling with a wall in her living room! When you don't know what to do with the wall, I decided to make a list of some great trips!

Floating shelves or art ledges are a wonderful way to fill a space! In addition, you can change the decoration displayed whenever you want. You can dress these up with minimal decor (think: mostly white/brown decor, or black and white prints) or use them to showcase your favorite accessories and shelf art! In children’s rooms or playrooms, art wall tiles are great for displaying children’s books!

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

Chris and Julia of Chris Love Julia created this DIY art ledge to fill the space above their bed.

How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

In my own home, I have an art gallery with some simple decorations from IKEA and a small floating shelf above the chair in my living room.

A well-placed mirror can do wonders for a room! Whether you choose a tilting floor mirror or a wall mirror; They help brighten up a dimly lit room while filling that empty space! Mirrors are great to use when you need to fill an area, but don’t want it to overwhelm the overall design.

A large floor mirror is just the kind of statement this wall needs in this Studio MCGEE design!

Combine these three together as they all help add texture to your room. Woven wall art can be macrame, fiber art (those cute wall hangings) or any type of woven seaweed art!

How Do I Fill A Large Living Room Wall? 9 Features Interior Designers Love |

Tapes were in style when I was in high school, but when you passed your “hippy” phase they were just crazy tie dyes. These days, they make wall hangings to suit any style of decor! Basket walls were definitely having a big moment – ​​almost everyone had a wall dedicated to their beautiful basket collections! I still love them, especially compared to the very minimalist style!

I’ve been saving this pin for a long time and I love how colorful it is, but not over the top!

I love how modern and minimal this wall art is! Something like this would be a super easy DIY.

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

I love how this macrame is styled in a traditional room. It just goes to show that macrame doesn’t have to mean boho.

How To Fill Empty Spaces In The Living Room: 16 Ideas

Hanging pots, plants on wall hooks, plants on floating shelves, wall pots – however you want to add them, plants are a great addition to any room! Bonus points if you use real plants and keep them alive (I sure can’t)!!

The mix of greenery on these floating shelves adds so much to this room! (via Beautiful Confusion)

What I love most about gallery walls is how different they are. You can make them minimal and organized, or colorful and casual—and everything in between! You can really boost your creativity when you dream of a gallery wall.

This gallery wall makes a big statement with different sized frames, though keeping all the pictures in black + white keeps it from being overwhelming. (via PINTEREST)

Easy Ways To Decorate A Large Wall (without Using Framed Art) — House On A Sugar Hill

The last thing I love when deciding what to hang on the wall is wall hooks. There are several different hooks (my favorite

Hooks: these + these). The hooks are also very functional! You can use them to hang/display your beautiful purses, scarves or hats. You can put hanging plants or hanging banners. Or in a kid’s room or playroom, you can hang fun things from them!

These wall hooks are very functional, but hanging everything in the same color palette keeps it from looking cluttered. (via Instagram) I have to get this off my chest: Historically I didn’t know how to decorate the big blank walls in the corner of every house. As a design writer and former interior decorator, I think there should have been answers to this a long time ago. What do you want from me, Val?! How can I wear you?

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

A few weeks ago I moved into a new house and decided enough was enough. I have a few tips and tricks in my arsenal for this exact life-threatening dilemma. I took to the internet to find some ingenious solutions and today I am sharing the wealth. Discover six ways to decorate a giant, blank wall in your home, whether you have a lot of money to throw at it or nothing at all. (I’ll let you guess which camp I’m in.)

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas To Wake Up Blank Walls

This solution is great when you have a collection of travel or family photos to display, but you don’t want your home to look like the inside of a 90s scrapbook. To keep the look neat and cohesive, print all photos in black and white and display them in a grid-like format with matching frames.

If you have a big budget but little time, this decorating option is great – you don’t have to spend a lot of time collecting materials, getting frames, or making sure everything fits together. Pick a model that strikes your fancy, call the wizard from TaskRabbit to install it, and kick those feet up while enjoying the view!

If you don’t have the time or a lot of money (that’s me), I recommend embracing minimalism and embracing a blank wall. Negative space is really an important element in design and is simple and purposeful when mixed with decorations and minimal colors and patterns.

Some say the gallery wall is “out there,” but those people are terribly, terribly wrong. In my humble opinion, the key to making a timeless gallery display is to really embrace the scale of the wall: take art from floor to ceiling instead of filling a small area, and don’t be afraid to mix media.

How To Decorate A Large Wall

Use a blank wall to display your findings or special interests. Hang up your tools, display a collection of mirrors you’ve found in the past, or display old maps you’ve saved over the years. If there’s something quirky in your life that you love, go ahead and let your flag fly.

Ah, the magical moment where form meets function. Long rows of wall shelves provide plenty of space to add interest to trending art, antiques and sculptural pieces, while also providing plenty of extra storage space for boxes and bowls that elegantly combine contrast and finish.

Sign up for our weekly newsletters, Trader Joe’s articles you won’t want to miss, delivered straight to your inbox! A blank wall can make your space look a bit boring and cold or incomplete, which means if you’re not going to at least go indoors, it’s better to fill it anyway. How to make this thread more interesting and attention grabbing? Here are some ideas.

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

Your mirror can be a large and refined frame, a piece of art with a unique geometric structure and pattern, a set of colorful glasses or glasses with long rims for a boho feel – it’s entirely up to you and what you want to achieve.

Wall Decor Solutions For Wide Blank Walls — Designed

A chic sculptural mirror in white and gray with a copper frame is a beautiful decoration that adds light

A semicircular mirror with a long blush rim is a great idea for such a boho entry

A large vintage mirror in a silver frame and a mustard velvet bench create a beautiful entryway

Another great way to fill an empty wall is to think beyond linear options with floating shelves. Go for straight edge shelves to add a natural feel to the space (it’s a hot trend right now!), try hanging shelves in leather or ribbons, go for large shelves with lots of uniquely shaped drawers – the possibilities are endless and you’ll gain storage space too!

How To Decorate Blank Walls 7 Ideas For Renters

Raw edge floating shelves to make a statement in the kitchen – such shelves are trendy and very popular.

Yarn and fabric wall hangings are very popular for decorating a boho space. You can hang macrame, fringe, fabric in different colors and looks and you can DIY a pretty wall tapestry like this, there are tons of tutorials. By hanging on the wall, you can add style or emphasize an existing style, for example by adding color and texture.

A cool boho wall hanging with big gray tassels and wooden beads and a natural branch

How To Fill A Blank Wall In Living Room

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