How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom

How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom – Figuring out how to fill a large blank wall was one of the biggest questions I faced when I moved into our new home. In fact, filling a large blank wall is a problem many people face as they continue to move toward open floor plans.

A large blank wall in any home can feel cold and small. This does not mean that you have to cover every wall in the room with something. If you try to put something on every wall in your house, it can feel claustrophobic and cluttered.

How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom

How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom

You can always create a warm and cozy space just by facing a large blank wall. The best part of covering your large blank wall? You can leave the other walls untouched because it fills the room itself!

The Best Ideas To Fill A Blank Wall

If you’ve toured our vacant house, you may have noticed the great room that opens to the front door. Part dining room, part family room, part kitchen, and you know it:

The previous owners had some bookshelves in there, but it still looked a little empty, so I had to come up with some other cheap ideas to fill the empty wall.

We decided to cover a large blank wall by putting up a black and white ocean canvas that we previously found in our master bedroom. Now that our ceilings are lower, it looks a little tight above our headboard. As a result, I have nowhere else to put this piece that I love so much. The only problem: it looks like a small profile on this big blank wall.

Obviously, for my job, we take a lot of pictures. I knew I wanted to create a sort of family photo gallery wall in our home, but I wanted it to be eye catching. For the wall of our gallery, we decided on several things:

Diy Wall Hangings: 25+ Ways To Fill A Blank Wall

We do this to create a cohesive atmosphere. There’s a lot going on in this room with colorful windows and mosaics on the kitchen wall. We want this wall to be full but still. Since color photos have different lighting and filters, we want things to match to reduce clutter.

Like I said, we wanted to fill that big blank wall, but we also wanted peace. I know for sure, I don’t want to make a bunch of 4×6 and 5×7 photos everywhere. Apart from the more expensive frames, the idea immediately seemed clumsy. Instead, I decided to measure the height of the center of the sea print and hide the related stuff. Using Canva I sketched out what it would look like:

We opted for custom prints from Photowall. We cut it a few inches shorter than the original photo (ours is 28″ x 28″) and decided to go with hanging frames to bring in the wood from the center frame, table and console in that room. That way, the centerpiece really stands out, but everything else is tied in with black, white, and wood.

How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom

Sconces are one of my favorite inexpensive ways to warm up an empty wall or an awkward space on a large wall. As an added bonus, they’re easy to switch out with the changing seasons to keep things fresh and new.

What To Do With A Blank Wall

The background has changed a lot over the years! You will find some of the most amazing prints, colors, textures and artwork! Even better, have peel and stick wallpaper like I did in your themed nursery last month.

Photowall also has many background options! And they have the ability to create their own custom wallpaper! How fun is that?!

Like I said, the previous owners left a few bookshelves on the big blank wall when you walk in. Whether you choose traditional cabinets, floating shelves or a combination, there’s no doubt that shelves fill an empty wall. In addition, the shelves serve as additional storage and a place to display personal items or more decorations to increase the overall space.

No wallpaper? Consider painting your own mural on a large blank wall! Seriously, there is a bedroom planned for one of the bedrooms in our house and I am so excited about it! This is inspiration! I also recently came across a beautiful mural that a mom did on Instagram with a rainbow on her children’s wall. It’s very similar to this trendy background that you’ve probably seen all over Instagram.

Creative Ideas To Fill A Blank Wall On A Tiny Budget

A fun way to fill a large empty wall is with a large mirror (or a wall of mirrors!). This is especially good if your space is a bit dim as mirrors reflect more light and can make a room appear larger. This is the big mirror that I personally look into, and this is the same mirror in another part of our house!

Mother Nature is definitely one of my favorite places to find inspiration for our home, and the prices can’t be beat! Seriously, I have a post coming up in the next few months about our master bedroom reveal and how I made the branch I found walking into the center of the big blank wall of our master bedroom! So hit the subscribe button or follow me on Instagram so you don’t miss out!

If you’re not ready to paint an entire mural on your wall, buy canvases and make your own art! Trust me, you don’t have to be an artist to make this work for you! You can just paint a few lines on a canvas in a monochromatic color palette and call it minimalist art.

How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom

Or you can cut a large photo into three pieces and print them onto three canvases to create a three piece. In fact, there are many ways to reinvent canvas without requiring much skill.

Let’s Do This! Fill A Blank Wall In Your Home

If in doubt, just cover a large blank wall with a tapestry or other fabric! You may remember that I made this for the boho office that was revealed in our last video. The tapestry is perfect for warming up that corner of the room. I have one in my daughter’s room now. If you think tapestries have a bit of a “college” or “hippie dippie” feel, consider beautiful textiles.

Light rugs and beautiful fabrics make beautiful works of art for your walls! If you want to amp it up, you can use fabric to cover the canvas (just use a staple gun and pull the fabric over the canvas) to give it a fuller look!

I’ve also seen some great stuff on youtube where you can get long 2 inch pieces of fabric, paint them different colors and just attach them to a wooden dowel to create a fun edge effect. There are actually lots of cheap ways to set up textures!

Copyright 2021 – Confused Momâ„¢ Confused Millennialâ„¢. All rights reserved. Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer. Discovering an empty wall can make your space look a bit dull and cold or unfinished, which means it’s better to fill it anyway, unless you’re going for an ultra-minimal interior. How to make this wall piece more attractive and attractive? Here are some ideas.

Fun Wall Designs To Turn A Blank Space Into A Terrific Decor Element

Your mirror can be very large and modified in the frame, it can be a piece of art with a unique geometric structure and shape, it can be a collection of colorful mirrors or even a mirror with long edges for a boho feel – it’s completely up to you and what you want to achieve.

Elegant sculptural mirror in white and gray with a beautiful decorative copper frame that adds light.

A half-round mirror with a long blush rim is a fun idea for a boho entryway like this one

How To Fill A Blank Wall In A Bedroom

A large vintage silver-framed mirror and a mustard-colored velvet bench create a beautiful entryway

How To Decorate A Large Wall (10 Ways!)

Thinking outside the linear options for floating shelves is another great way to fill an empty wall. Choose living edge shelves to give the space a natural feel (hot trend right now!), try hanging shelves with leather or ribbon, opt for large shelves with lots of unique shaped compartments – the possibilities are endless, as is the storage space!

Floating shelves with a raw edge make an impression in the kitchen – such shelves are very fashionable and popular

Cotton and linen wallpapers are very popular for decorating boho spaces. You can hang macrame, tassels, fabric in different colors and looks, and you can make many wall hangings like this yourself, there are many tutorials that you should read. With a wall hanger, you can not only add or emphasize the existing style, but also add color and texture, for example.

The boho wall covering is very daring with lots of gray tassels and wooden beads and natural branches.

Cool Ways To Fill Up A Blank Wall

Add an edge wall of green and white blocks

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