How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen

How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen – I love the new construction home, but the kitchen had a big blank wall that didn’t flow with the rest of the space. After we moved in, we added some floating wood shelves and wood paneling that made a huge difference to the overall look of the kitchen.

Shelves can be a fun way to display your decor, but they can easily look cluttered if you add too much. Let me show you how to decorate open shelves in the kitchen without making them look cluttered!

How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen

How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen

First let me say, I don’t really follow all the decorating rules you have around. Honestly, it’s too much for my brain to remember.

How To Decorate Open Kitchen Shelves

This is your home and decoration. If you think it looks good, that’s all that really matters. I will give you only one rule, the rest will be just tips that you can remember while decorating.

Before you start decorating, think about the color scheme you want to use. For my shelves, I wanted to go with a very neutral palate with some touches of teal and green. You can do any color scheme you want, from neutral to very bright and colorful. Whatever you choose, just be sure to carry this look across all of your shelves.

? forget about it. I’m here to tell you that you can have both! There is always a way to create functional beauty. Since these are open shelves in the kitchen, I wanted to make sure that the shelves were not only beautifully designed, but also usable. For this: I mixed the decoration with other usable parts, but not just any old ones. I made sure to use things that looked nice and flowed with my color palette.

Try to keep a balance. There are several different ways to do this: by color, types and sizes of decoration. Remember how tip #1 talked about the color scheme? Make sure the color scheme you choose spreads across all of your shelves. You can do the same with decor types.

Open Shelving In The Kitchen And Some Updates

Let’s say you have a few different pieces of wood or some framed pictures, make sure you spread them out on your shelves instead of keeping them all in one place. This is the key to maintaining balance, along with paying attention to volumes. You don’t want everything to be the same height. Using different sizes helps keep the eye flowing.

I love cutting board layers. I think it really adds dimension to your design. Just keep in mind the different height of each piece when layering.

One of my biggest tips on how to decorate open shelves in the kitchen is to take some time to play. Get whatever you want on your shelves, then place it and move it around until you’re happy with how it looks. This is how I always decorate. I move things around more often then I can count before I’m happy with where they are. At the same time, don’t be afraid to use something. Just because you have things doesn’t mean you have to use them. Remember, you don’t want your space to be too cluttered.

How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen

My final piece of advice is don’t be afraid to throw in your personal touch. This is one of my favorite parts of decorating. I like to put items that are really important to me. Even if these things don’t seem like decorations at first. When I started thinking about what I wanted to put on my shelves, I knew I only needed one thing and that was my grandmother’s recipe card that I got from my mom for my wedding. Now you wouldn’t immediately look at it and think of it as a decoration, but stick it inside a beautiful frame that matches your color scheme and you have a very personal design! I always say, think outside the box and you’ll be surprised what you can come up with.

Kitchen Open Shelving

Remember, these are just a few tips on how to decorate open shelves in the kitchen, or any shelves for that matter! After all, there is no right or wrong way to decorate. At the end of the day, you’re the one who has to live in your own space, so if it makes you happy, you’re on the right track. Let me know if you have any more tips to add, I’d love to hear them! Open shelves are the new standard for modern kitchens. I think the “trend” is here to stay and I personally love my kitchen shelves. So today I’m sharing simple and easy tips on how to decorate kitchen shelves no matter what your style is.

Before I get into my tips on how to design kitchen shelves, I want to dispel a myth! The first question I get about my open shelving is, “Are all your dishes dust free?”

My answer? No… because we use it every day! Shelves should be dusted in the same way as any other flat surface in your home. However, if you use your kitchen shelves for utensils that are used on a daily basis, then you don’t have to worry about ingesting dust at all. 😉

The second question I get when I post open shelves on Instagram (you can follow me here) is, “Where did you get your kitchen shelves?” Answer: I made them! You can find the entire guide, including the parentheses source,

Styling Tricks For Open Kitchen Shelves

Now, let’s get to it! Today I’m sharing my previous kitchen before we show the entire space of our new kitchen! I will show you how to design kitchen shelves for everyday use and only for decoration purposes.

My husband and I are slightly above average height. None of us have a problem reaching the top shelves. However, it can be funny (in the sweetest way possible) when highly challenged friends and family come over and try to reach our high shelf. So my first tip is to use the bottom shelf for your everyday utensils.

We store our boards here for this purpose. We can easily put bowls or glasses next to it if you remove the planter. It just allows for ease of use more than anything decorative.

How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen

Then, store your non-everyday items, which are still frequently used, on the top shelf. If you have to stretch for that extra cup of coffee once or twice a month, it’s less of a hassle than doing it every day.

How To Optimize Storage On Open Kitchen Shelves

I often see beautiful open shelves with nothing underneath! In the world of stylish and elegant design. In everyday life it’s a waste of space! If you need extra storage, be sure to consider your nightstand as a bottom “shelf.” It actually fits perfectly because the shelves limit the use of that space anyway.

I like to put our necessities here: coffee mugs. A day without coffee? No thanks. It also allows you to put something wider underneath it. Kitchen shelves are often less than 11 inches deep, so the wider items, like this coaster rack, won’t fit on those shelves.

Notice that I don’t keep only the essentials in this space. Simple greenery, antique bottles and a vintage oil painting added interest. Although these are not essential for everyday life, they give me pleasure! And all this is part of creating a shelter for me and my family!

You can learn more about my sanctuary creation philosophy in my book, Life Design: From Home to Sanctuary.

Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

The shelves here are an extension of our kitchen and beyond our dining room. I only use this rack for my favorite irons, jars and bowls. You can easily use this piece for everyday practical items as well.

You can see the image above (with diagram below) for an example of how to group odd numbers and alternate colors within the kitchen shelves.

First, you’ll notice that my sets are in sets of 3 or solo. Odd numbers are more pleasing to the eye.

How To Decorate Open Shelves In Kitchen

So you can see how I loaded the color scheme from top to bottom by alternating which side the colors lay on. My white/creamy starts at the top and goes from top right to left. My wood shades start on the second shelf and go left to right and left to bottom.

A Minimalist Approach To Styling Kitchen Open Shelving

One of the reasons many people struggle with shelf design is because they feel “busy”. My number one tip for getting around this problem is to keep the color scheme simple.

I have two main colors on this shelf. White/cream and wood/brown. Adding greenery and colors on top makes it fun without taking up space.

On the other hand, if you want to add more color, choose two matching colors that will match the design in the rest of your room. It keeps it cohesive without sticking to a neutral color palette.


How To Style Open Kitchen Shelving

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