How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room – Moving to a new home comes with many design challenges. One of the biggest challenges for most of us is matching modern furniture to specific rooms.

We certainly encountered these issues everywhere in the new home, but the long, narrow living room was especially challenging.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

At 10 to 18 meters long, it is not a particularly large room. Add a railing to the fireplace wall, a wall of bookshelves, a back door, a step in the kitchen and a wall instead of a wall, and you have a ton of design challenges.

How To Decorate A Long, Narrow Living Room

So not only is it long and narrow, but we still have no walls to put furniture on.

This room caused me some sleepless nights, but I think I found a way to make it a comfortable place.

The first thing we do before moving in is find free online room design software and set up the room with the furniture we have.

I measured the room, including the bookshelves, the back door and the sink, and measured the furniture I wanted to use.

How To Layout Furniture In Your Narrow Living Room (or Around A Fireplace!) — Meredith Lynn Designs

I knew it was a really small space and it would be hard to fit everything I wanted.

The biggest piece that fit us was my couch. Since we had a wall that could handle it, it made sense to put it there.

Another requirement would be to place the TV above the stove or on a small wall next to it. Since the fireplace is solid stone, it will not be easy to hang, so I decided to put it in a closet.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

The last item was Roger’s chair. In an ideal world, his chair would be next to or right next to the couch for optimal TV viewing.

How To Arrange Furniture In A Long Narrow Living Room?

The sofa took up most of the room, and we had to keep a clear path from the back door to the kitchen, so the chair was placed in the far corner of the room.

With all the equipment in place, and an online project layout, I had to wait until I got in to see how everything worked.

Once we had the keys, the real work began. I had big plans for this place even before I installed the furniture.

The paneled walls were black. I certainly don’t like a moody wall with a black accent, but I wanted to open up the room and keep it bright.

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For this I glued and hung all the walls and painted them with several layers of Benjamin Moore Halo.

I also painted all the trim and bookcases white and the back door painted BM Revere Pewter (my new color).

As for the bookshelf…I was thinking of removing it when we moved, but if we did, we would destroy the paneling and trim on this wall and create a design monster, so we decided to keep it.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

A few coats of fresh paint and a slight reconfiguration of the shelves helped change my attitude towards them.

In My Living Room

When everything was painted, someone came to remove the carpet and lay the wooden floor. Normally we would do these things ourselves, but since Roger was still recovering from back surgery and my injury, we decided to let it go this time.

Ideally, I wanted a rug to anchor the furniture. The problem was that if I wanted something big enough, it would be too wide.

I didn’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom rug, so I chose the rug that best suited the room. Maybe one day I’ll buy something more custom, but I’d rather live in the space for a while before spending that much money.

The next step was to put the furniture in place. The first things we needed were 3 TVs, a sofa and a chair.

Decorating A Narrow Living Room

At FB Market I found a really nice vintage TV stand that fits perfectly in a small alcove next to a newly built fireplace. An added bonus for our small space… for storage!

I put it in the kitchen on the other side of the stairs, leaving plenty of room to cross the room when we got home, since the back door is our main entrance.

I found a great PB leather treat for a steal on the FB market (seeing the trend here?), and it fits well, even with the footer.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

There is no light in this room, so I put floor lamps next to Roger’s chair and sofa. I also put a table lamp on the console that I put between the shelves.

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A woven blind on the front window, baskets of different shapes and colors in the form of books, greenery (artificial and real) scattered around the room and very comfortable pillows.

This long and narrow living room was the hardest room I’ve ever arranged, but I’m glad I managed to pull it together.

It’s completely different from what I had in mind when we moved in, but everything went great. It is comfortable, cozy and an ideal place to relax. When I update my decor for each season, I find it best to rethink the layout of the room and organize the room. Arranging furniture in a long, narrow room can be difficult. Without proper arrangement, the living room can seem tight and cramped, making the room seem boring and uninteresting.

So where to place accent chairs, sofas and floor lamps? How do you create the illusion of more space while maximizing conversation areas and quiet seating areas for entertaining?

Best Living Room Layouts For Your Floorplan

It is important to choose this place in the right way and make the room as good as possible. With a little creativity and a few practical tips, you can create a functional and attractive living room that maximizes the available space. In this blog post, I’ll share some strategies for arranging furniture in a long, narrow living room that will help you and your family create a cozy and fun space.

Estimating the space in the living room is an important step in arranging furniture in a long living room. While you don’t have to completely empty your room, you do need to know what you’re doing. It starts with measurements.

It is important to measure the room carefully to determine what fits and where. Start by measuring the length and width of the room and pay attention to architectural features such as doors, windows, blinds and built-in bookshelves. Also measure the height of the roofs and note any obstructions or obstructions.

How To Decorate Long Narrow Living Room

My custom bedroom is 22’10” x 11’10”. It has four windows and two entrances with pockets. We redecorated this room a few years ago, adding moldings, a built-in bench and bookshelves. This change really helped to take advantage of the length of the room and make the most of it.

Narrow Living Room Ideas

Once you have determined your floor space, consider walking around the room. How do people travel in space and what are the natural ways? Is there a sensible seat? Is there a focal point, such as a fireplace, that people naturally gravitate towards?

Take a look at your current furniture layout and see if there are any pain points or annoyances. Considering the amount of traffic, the best equipment placement can be determined.

Choosing the right furniture is essential to create a comfortable and functional space. When choosing bedroom furniture, it is worth considering several factors: scale and proportions, functionality and style. Your choice of furniture affects how you use and enjoy your space. By taking the time to choose the right furniture for your living space, you can create a space that is comfortable and attractive for your lifestyle and needs.

The size and proportions of the furniture should be thought out so as not to overwhelm the space. For a large living room, consider choosing a larger sofa or an L-shaped corner to fill the long space. However, large furniture in a small room can make it feel cramped and uncomfortable, so you can decide on a mixture of sofas, couches or extra chairs. Choose furniture that is the right size for the room, leaving enough room for people to move around.

Expert Tips To Help You Arrange Furniture In Every Room

You can also think about how you will use the furniture. Do you need furniture sets to entertain many guests? Do you need a round coffee table, bedside table or console to store drinks or table lamps? Look for pieces that serve more than one function, such as a sofa bed, storage pouf or table

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