How To Decorate Glass Shelves In Living Room

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A bookcase is a great piece of furniture that you can use as extra storage space and to display your most valuable possessions. Having a bookcase in your home can give guests a sense of your personality. It also helps you organize and store your book collection. Of course, you can use these tall storage structures to store more than just books. From sculptures to journals to treasured photographs, there are countless ways to decorate your home library. Here are some of the best tips and ideas for decorating bookcases in your home!

How To Decorate Glass Shelves In Living Room

How To Decorate Glass Shelves In Living Room

The style of the bookcase and the decoration of the bookcase is a bit artsy. From placing objects to comparing sizes and colors. This is something most people cannot do instinctively. It’s often not as easy as cramming a bookshelf in a reading nook! Don’t worry, we have some examples to guide you through this general decorating process.

Glass Shelves Simple And Beautiful

If you have older children or pets be sure to place all fragile items on top of the bookcase to avoid accidental damage to items! Items such as glass bottles, mirrors and vases should be kept out of the reach of small children. If something breaks, these amazing bookcase decorating ideas will end up wasted!

Even if your instinct is to fill as many libraries or bookcases as possible, don’t give up! When it comes to decorating your bookcase with less but more, you don’t want to fill up shelf space unnecessarily. Instead, it should feel light and airy.

A good idea is to choose a color theme for the library. If you live in a coastal house you may only want to include blue, green and coral colored objects. If your home is rustic you may want to use a more neutral color palette.

You should also consider incorporating some of the personal items from your home into your shelf decor. This may include family photos. Children’s art projects home diplomas and other personal items to make your home stand out and make you feel like it belongs to you.

Infinity Luxury And Elegant Vertical Bookcase In Wood And Glass

Don’t be afraid to add accents and stuff. to your shelves and let us adjust your decor accordingly when the new season arrives. In spring and summer, you may want a shelf with bright colors. Warm fall orange shade. In winter it is blue and white. One of the best ideas for decorating a library is putting things in place!

I hope these shelf decorating ideas have given you a better idea of ​​how to organize your bookshelves or bookcases at home!

Curated Interior uses affiliate links and we may earn a small commission if you buy for free from the linked retailer. We only recommend products from stores we know and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn revenue from qualifying purchases. Staring at big blank layers can make you feel like a painter staring at a blank canvas or a writer contemplating a blank page. The idea of ​​shelving is rarely talked about. And it’s often hard to know where to start. How to arrange everything to look good? How to group items together? Should I sort by size or color?

How To Decorate Glass Shelves In Living Room

If you’re like us at The Kuotes, here are some questions about different types of homes. Waking you up in the middle of the night Luckily, we’re here to give you some advice on how to overcome your shelving nightmare and keep your home looking healthy and inviting.

Morfell Contemporary Chrome Glass Shelf Bookcase By Furniture Of America

While this may seem like an easy and obvious step to many, it’s often one of the most forgotten or overlooked rules of shelf decorating. fix it. Get rid of clutter that should be thrown away. Give away everything that might be good but no longer loves you. The most common shelf errors we see are object formatting. (usually small) too much

Think of it this way: the more products you have on your shelves, the more merchandise you have. Each item will have a smaller impact. Some are large and eye-catching, and stand alone on shelves. When it comes to decorating shelves, it’s natural to have trinkets you love. But make sure to use healthy decorations and don’t leave anything superfluous. Especially on a shelf in the living room.

Now you’ve cleaned and organized everything. Think about libraries before you start. Don’t like your current job? Explore our extensive collection of shelving and display cases, the updated Brentley, Oriana and Worthington shelving is one of our best sellers!

Or if you have built-in bookcases try decorating the back of the cabinets with paint, fabric or wallpaper for a beautiful look. Drawing attention to the back of the shelf creates a sense of depth that might otherwise be lost. They can also provide a complementary or contrasting element to shelf decor. See the pictures above and below for inspiration!

Pewter & Cappuccino Contemporary Tv Stand W/glass Shelves

Whether you’re an avid reader, have a library full of interesting novels. Or maybe you just have a few favorite books to style. Decorating a bookshelf should start with books. how to start Divide your books into small piles. Then place them vertically and horizontally to evenly distribute the color for a neat but distracting look. Another way is to group by color. However, this formatting technique should only be used if you have a large number of books on your shelf. There are enough books of each color to make a huge pile.

Grouping by color is also best for styling bookshelves that are mostly books. Instead of vignettes for various lists, the number of books per stack varies according to the size of the books. Shelf height and width But in general, a stack of books should contain at least three books or more. More than a dozen or fifteen books might be too many. We also like to play with the arrangement of the bookshelves on our bookshelves: some shelves can be all vertical, some can be arranged horizontally, and some can be mixed!

Because there’s a lot of space on the shelf to fill. Therefore, visual balance and weight play an important role in getting it right. Make sure you don’t overcrowd your shelves so you don’t look like a New York Chinese goods store. But it’s too sparse and your decor will look lost in an empty cube.

How To Decorate Glass Shelves In Living Room

Large sculptures can stand alone when designing shelves. Definitely rather than a small sculpture, they should be grouped in pairs or used as vignettes or accent items in book stacks. Your shelf should also be symmetrical. Check out the shelving mockups we built for our newest clients:

Mdesign Metal/glass 3 Tier Storage Tower, Narrow Shelving Display Unit, Open Glass Shelves; Multi Use Stand For Living Room, Bathroom, Home Office, Hallway, Bedroom Organization

Note the symmetry between the upper left and upper right shelves and the lower left and right shelves. This creates four solid corners that surround the other corners. You can also see that each column and each row has a dense distribution of decorations. (black book) and lighter surfaces. How about (black and gold objects)?

As with anything else related to interior design, it is important to have a clear and consistent color scheme when designing your shelving. Check out the picture above for an airy look with white books and cream built-in shelves. Metallic finish combining nickel and steel. Easily make a room look seamless and sophisticated.

As you read this post and scroll through the pictures. You’ll find out whether they’re bright, neutral or dim. The color palette of predesigned shelves usually consists of base and metallic colors. This is usually good practice. But don’t be afraid to experiment and break the rules and add a complementary third color.

Artwork is often an overlooked piece of jewelry, but it can work wonders on the shelf. It adds character and allows you to express your creativity in your designs. Simply support the part, even hang large parts from the mold for viewing. The artwork also draws attention to the back of the shelf and lends it depth and depth.

Effortless Ways To Style Bookshelf Decor

When formatting your shelves keep in mind that artwork takes up a lot of shelf space. Therefore, a bigger shelf is a better solution. (instead of big shelves with too many small items)

That’s part of what makes decorating shelves so fun! Explore our decor collection and add all your beautiful items! Objects, sculptures, collectibles, containers, flowers… you name it. The key is to stock up on healthy ingredients and think sculpturally. Especially when used with a built-in bookshelf. One of Kathy Kuo Home’s favorite tips is to use organic materials for a super fresh look, like petrified wood or beautiful shells.

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