How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room – High ceilings topped with a stunning chandelier may seem like a dream, but decorating huge walls when you want high ceilings in your home can be a challenge. A small, floating piece of art or a painting in a large space on your wall looks simply insignificant. With a little attention, you can really add warmth and interest to your tall walls.

An ideal addition to large walls is a vertical piece of art. One bold image that’s perfect for standing out like this is a great way to incorporate the extra length into the rest of your decor. Find something you like that complements your aesthetic, not just to fill a space. Attach the artwork to the most empty place, in the middle of the top of the sofa, in the middle of the wall or between two accents.

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

A healthy mix of horizontal, square and vertical shapes and sizes will help you style your wall if you don’t want to use one large piece of art. The always modern wall collection is ideal for large empty spaces. All you need is a few frames or pieces of art grouped together nicely to turn the bland into the beautiful.

Decorating Tall Rooms: 3 Tips For Tall Wall Decor

One of the simplest ways to fill large walls is to enlarge your art. Large pieces hanging above eye level accentuate the entire wall and are strong enough to balance the emptiness of the room without overwhelming the overall decor.

Fill in the photos from your last vacation, open your grandmother’s old plates or take all the valuables and proudly display them for everyone to see. Vintage postcards or pictures, botanical prints from old books, vintage album covers framed and hung on the wall evoke nostalgia and create a personal and balanced look.

It can be a piece of art, a painting with bright colors, or a collection of colorful oil paintings of different sizes, using bright colors that draw the eye, make the large walls feel closer and connect the whole space.

A good way to decorate your large walls is to use textiles. Tapestry, textiles, vintage quilts or even antique quilts are too lovely to hide and fold in your storage. Instead, hang fabric on thin slats to give your space a unique sense of texture and cooking.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas To Reinvigorate Blank Spaces

Add architectural accents to your walls with wood paneling. Luxurious floor-to-ceiling wooden decorations turn your dull and boring wall into a work of art. For a rustic yet modern look, try incorporating stone as an accent wall on a tall wall. These various decorative wall treatments, from classic wood paneling to rustic shingles or geometric shapes, add texture and depth to your interior, turning them into a stunning piece of ambient art.

What could be better than turning a large wall into a wonderful library? Add a floor-to-ceiling bookshelf to display your book collection or perhaps a treasure. A comfortable side chair and a library ladder will help you make your large wall a functional addition to your interior.

There is nothing simpler and more attractive than a beautiful mural decorated on a large wall. These removable wallpapers are easy to install and give you the freedom to change your decor as often as you like. Nature or tropical wallpapers that transport you to wild forests, or chinoiserie wall paintings inspired by Asian art that add rich cultural realism to your interior. Confused about decorating a large wall? Instead of seeing it as a big empty space that needs to be covered, think of it as a blank canvas. One chance. Today I’m going to share 10 wall decoration ideas and examples in our homes, as well as tips and considerations when starting your projects.

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

Before you fill the wall with *everything*, there are a few things to keep in mind.

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Now that we’ve covered the basics and what I try to keep in mind in my wall decor design, let’s learn 10 different ways to decorate a large wall.

If you’re trying to avoid spending a lot of money on a large piece, you can create wall art that can function as a large piece for a fraction of the cost by hanging on a display wall. There are so many approaches and so many options to do these things completely

. You can choose a clustered, versatile or more unified route. In the breakfast nook, I used similar Ikea frames to display iPhone photos from some of our travels.

Source: Beaded Chandelier |: Faux Olive Wood |: Dining Table |: Dining Chair (similar) |: Gallery Wall Photo Frame |: Curtains |: Curtain Rod |: Bar Stools | flashlights

Effortless Ways To Style Bookshelf Decor

Each photo has a different space and a landscape/wilderness image that I took with my phone. Memorable and special, capturing memories from 12 different trips, it functions as a monochrome work of art. Note that it also takes up most of the wall 😉 Zooms more than you think when framing a picture.

Another simple “gallery” that works as one piece is our display wall baskets on the porch. They are all the same but come in three different sizes. I quickly put them into organic shapes and called it good.

Admittedly, our hall’s sunny gallery wall doesn’t match the rest of our house these days, and it’s about to get a makeover. Still, it’s a great example of keeping with them by using eclectic pieces and mixing metals.

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

I have an art arrangement in my office that I call a “display wall”. I put the large piece in a large square with three identical pieces of foil that I just rolled up when hanging it. Although the parts are different, they share the same body.

High Ceiling Living Room Ideas For Your Home

Source: Great Wall Art Small Wall Art |: Table Tray |: Eight Foot Cloud Box | Gray Box |: Magazine Box |: Document Storage Box | Roman Shades | Carpet |: pull out the crate

There are some beautiful galleries that combine black and white photos with color photos, projections of the same frames and different sizes, and even all different frames, media, etc. If you’re adventurous and want to make an artistic statement, mix it up.

Sometimes your space needs (or could use) more than just art. The area is large and rugged, and although I wanted to comfort, it

Part of the episode. I was still able to find a piece on the narrower side and create a whole “moment” in the living room. Not enough space on the dashboard? You can do the same with a sofa or stool.

Wall Decor Ideas For High Ceilings

Source: Panel |: Cloud Mirror | Lights (no longer available) |: Large Flower Vase Small Vase |: Clear Glass Vase |: Cloud Box with Lid (similar) |: Blue Ginkgo Art | Art Off the Trail | False Green Plant (similar)

Coffee table book Source: Remodelista | Southern Space |: Growing Place | Plates and tables Sparkling New York | Simplicity | Elements of family style Blue and white Elements of style |: subtle simplicity

. I don’t want a piece of art that looks like something I’ll hang on the wall; I want it to be part of the wall, does that make sense? haha This white painted tree measures 48 x 48 inches…

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

Source: Big Wood Wall Art |: Sofa Rug |: Coffee Table |: X Leather Bench |: Brass Party Bucket | Fireplace wall |: White ceramic vase | Georgia Map Art Texas Map Art

Living Room Decor Ideas To Up Your Styling Game

Source: Bookshelf |: Woven baskets (similar). |: Great Forest Art | Rabbit Art |: Hedgehog |: Rabbit scarf and hat |: Clutch toy with wooden beads

This living room wall art measures 40″ x 54″, and although it’s huge when viewed directly, it’s actually even larger.

I love putting art together, especially when I just want to hang something on the wall. It also saves $$$ because the two smaller framed pieces are usually smaller

Glad the wall basket i originally hoped for never arrived ;). – a complete happy accident. I get a lot of questions about this. The actual Etsy shop that printed these words closed shop shortly after the reveal, but you can find a similar version HERE. The frames I chose are the 16″x20″ options, but that’s actually the size of the projection image. Actual frame size is 23 x 28 inches.

Decorating Ideas For High Walls

Source: Lyrics (similar) |: Frame |: Cradle Macrame Bed Dress |: Gingham Crib Sheet | Linh Duong pillow |: Rabbit |: Comfortable curtains

I also like to search for fiction series and pick two favorites to tune in together. These are vintage water lily artwork from ZGallery from about six years ago. Here’s a tip from a pro. I

Browse Minted for art.

How To Decorate A Tall Wall In Living Room

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