How To Decorate A Long Living Room

How To Decorate A Long Living Room – Check out all the photos from phase 2 of our living room makeover and check out some great pieces from the new Crate and Barrel collection with design star Leanne Ford!

Fields side chair; A clay vase full of fish; Natural wood cluster table (not suitable here, but similar here); natural woven basket (not applicable here, but similar here); Bunch of dried Osmanthus

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

I kept a big secret. A few days before ordering the house, we received new furniture for the second phase of our living room renovation. It has been over a month since then and this room has proven to be a relaxing place for our family. There’s a lot of dialogue, block stacking, puzzle solving, and dancing parties. The stunning view it offers is even better. I know this is the time when we all try to do our best. We don’t need to learn new skills or have new things, but since most of us are spending more time at home, I want your home to be a place of peace and comfort.

The Best Living Room Design Ideas For A Functional And Beautiful Space

Lots of people have been asking for an update on the second phase of our renovation, so I decided it was time to let you know how we made our long, narrow living room work for us. let me tell you more. We had the perfect opportunity to work with Crate and Barrel, using Lynne Ford’s collection to get the perfect space, but it still felt like a dream. It was even better than I imagined. But before I start, I want to make sure everyone understands our hotel design so far.

If you’ve followed on Instagram, you know our Minneapolis bungalow has had some design challenges over the years. Built in 1927, our Tudor home has wonderful detail and charm. However, it also features floor plan nuances that sometimes confuse us when designing our unique spaces. Particularly long and narrow living room.

When we bought this house 8 years ago, we tried to bring the living room into the 21st century by making the necessary improvements. Basically, we created a clean slate for the redesign. But, as any busy family with young children knows, life changes and our dream hotel is put on hold until another day.

We finally tackled the project a few months ago and completed the first phase of our living room renovation, focusing on the general layout and design of the back half of the room. It’s so perfect for us, I still pinch myself!

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The first phase of our living room renovation focused on the overall design and the design of the back half of the room

This front area is visible through a row of arches and is the first thing we see when entering the hotel from the lobby. It’s the perfect canvas for painting incredible views and showcasing the beautiful original windows in our home. But we also want it to be practical for our children. Helping us improve the design was important to create an open space with stylish seating for Brian and me.

I strongly believe in slowing down and really taking my time when designing my own home. By breaking down the living room renovation into phases, we can focus on what really matters at each stage of the process. We ensure that every purchase meets our goals. I know from experience that spatial design cannot be forced to an arbitrary schedule.

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

Plus, sometimes life is a bit of a fluke and the perfect piece comes at just the right time. For this project, it definitely is! I had an idea for this space for a while, but never felt like I found the right piece.

Living Room Decor Ideas

So when Crate and Barrel asked me to help renovate our living room, I really thought I was dreaming!

Although our house has elements of traditional architecture, I did not want to limit myself to one style. The right mix of styles can make all the difference! Crate and Barrel is one of my favorite places to shop for beautifully crafted, timeless and transitional pieces. Their quality is always amazing and I love their commitment to working with artists and designers around the world. If you haven’t seen their latest collection with star designer Lynne Ford, you have to! .

Every piece is so beautiful! The shapes and decorations are incredibly cool, interesting and a bit unexpected, somehow trendy and timeless.

I’ve shared Leanne a few times on my instagram because she’s my style obsession! I’m obsessed with every one of his projects, and have done the same with every piece in his Crate and Barrel collection. It takes minimalism and infuses it with the spirit, warmth and comfort that every home needs.

Apartment Living Room Design Ideas And Examples

When I saw these curved rattan chairs, I immediately knew that their balance of traditional and modern style was just what our living room was hoping for. They have a sophisticated feel and I love how the Austin pillows work with the blond wood and white fabric. Plus, the curved back creates the perfect cocoon to snuggle up with one of my kids and read their favorite book. We got our hands on this ultra-soft but mid-weight jacket for a comfortable feel (and because we’re not)

Fields side chair; Throw a grain of sand (not applicable here, but similar here); Ella White Candle (North America); Natural wood cluster table (not applicable here, but similar table here); Bunch of dried Osmanthus

Every seating area needs a table or two for coffee and vignettes – bonus points if you put a basket underneath. Since we’re aiming for an open area, a traditional coffee table wouldn’t work. These natural wood tables (not matching here, but similar here) are a wonderful addition to coffee tables!

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

They are strong, light and versatile, from a console against the wall to individual side tables next to each chair or an unexpected coffee table in between. The rounded corners make them a favorite with kids and I love putting these matching baskets under toys and games. For an elegant look, we chose life-size clay vases, white wooden vases filled with dried flowers and quirky vases. I love how different shapes and materials work together to add texture.

Best Living Room Layout Tips

The key to designing a long, narrow living room is to find focal points in each area. In the first sitting area, a fireplace and French doors set the scene for the space and add visual interest. For the second area I chose an abstract by the artist Alexandra Valentini. Although we have some ideas for hanging it, we haven’t decided how far it will go. So now it’s on the wall by the arched doorway and I love it.

The black frame really contrasts with the muted color scheme and I really like the size.

Bigger artwork seems obvious for lower ceilings like ours, but it actually makes the room feel bigger! So don’t be afraid to make your wall art bigger, especially in small spaces.

To mirror the tall plants next to the French doors, I chose a 7ft olive tree for the front corner. It really balances and pulls the two ends of our long, narrow piece together. I’ve wanted an olive tree for a long time, but I know I’ll never have one in the Midwest. This artificial beauty is very convincing and fits perfectly in this natural woven basket.

How To Make Your Living Room Look Better (the 7 Dos And Don’ts)

These three lessons were also useful the second time around. I’m really excited to see how it all turned out.

Natural woven basket; Olivier; Austin gray and cream pillows; Fields side chair; sand acorns; Ella white candles

Whether you’re looking to update your space with a complete room makeover or add some new accessories for spring, Crate and Barrel’s Lynn Ford Collection has incredible pieces at every price point. Check it out and share your favorites in the comments!

How To Decorate A Long Living Room

I hope you enjoyed the second phase of our living room makeover. Thank you for your attention! A virtual hug to all of you and I hope you are safe and sound.

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