How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings – One of the simplest ways to “lower” the height of ceilings and walls is to create the same illusion. Large rooms with furniture and accessories underneath can convey a cold and impersonal mood. Painting the ceiling a richer color than the walls gives the impression of reducing the overall size of the room. Deeper shades like rich cocoa with a soft sheen like eggshell or pearl will warm and balance large open interiors. This also applies to adding texture to your ceiling, which also adds interest to the design. You can do this with painting, cork and tile techniques. Exposed wooden beams offer a natural warmth to your ceiling and a rustic element to your design.

Balance plays an important role in large spaces with high ceilings. Since most of the furniture is in the lower third of the room, the artwork and accessories in the middle, the upper third can use design elements to match the rest of the room proportionally. Chandeliers draw the eye upwards and at the same time offer a striking way to set a living room apart in a large space. A sparkling chandelier adds elegance to a dining room, while a modern chandelier can illuminate a cozy living area. With this type of ceiling lighting, you can destroy the ceiling decor to match the rest of your design.

How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

As mentioned, special attention should be paid to scaling in dimensional space. High walls are best decorated with big, bold pieces that add balance to a room’s decor. Dramatic mirrors, art galleries, or floor-to-ceiling bookshelves can make the most of ample wall space. If your high wall has windows, consider curtains to soften the look and add pattern or color as needed. High ceilings were first introduced in the 20th century for homes built in warmer climates. This is intended to help warm, stale air move up and away from living spaces to keep them cool. Today, however, it is an architectural element that is specially created for aesthetics. High ceilings can look big and expensive, but without the right decor, walls can appear bare and bare.

Room Reveal! 5 Tips To Decorate A Family Room With High Ceilings

The way you hang your windows or curtains can affect the look and feel of a room. For example, placing a window exactly the same size as you will close off the room and create a separation between the ceiling and the top of the wall. Instead hang floor to ceiling curtains to create a sense of openness with harmony between the floor, walls and ceiling.

Interior designers use lighting for a variety of reasons. Strategically placing lights around a room can add depth, height and dimension, drawing everyone’s attention to certain details. The lighting of buildings with high ceilings is no exception; if anything, it matters more because there is more space. We recommend accent lights above prominent areas in the room to add style and dimension.

When decorating a room with high ceilings, shelves can be your best friend because it fills up empty space and provides extra space for more items like knick-knacks. Floating shelves are more modern and contemporary, but if you’re brave, you can install a bookshelf as high as the ceiling. Whatever you decide, shelves are essential because it functions in large spaces.

High ceilings are one architectural feature that never goes out of style because they allow more space for decoration and create an atmosphere that you cannot reproduce with other architectural elements. Creating an accent wall with your favorite artwork is a great way to fill up an empty space. When you​​​​​​​​are placing this art, you should be sure to add some elements to the top of the wall. Leaving this empty space will only isolate the area.

Luxurious High Ceiling Cabin Interior Living Room Design With Roaring Fireplace. Photo Realistic 3d Model Scene. 3d Rendering Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image 134339697

Are you decorating high walls and high ceilings wrong? Try making one of these changes in your home and see how much it will transform the room into a more inviting and personal space. What else can you add to your decor to accentuate your high ceilings? High curtains with drapes, modern chandeliers and pictures help fill the space under these high ceilings.

While high ceilings are a feature most Dallas home buyers seek, they can also present some unique design challenges. People are often caught trying to figure out what to do with all the extra wall space above the door frame.

The key is to bring it all together by visually connecting the furniture, walls and ceiling. Read on for eight design solutions to help you make a room with high ceilings feel inviting and intimate.

How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

A framed series of the Gournay wallpapers adds drama to the tall staircase of our designed home in Dallas.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room With High Ceilings

One way to fill your extra wall space is with art. One large accent piece, gallery of small pieces, or rugs are great choices for rooms with high ceilings.

Artwork should hang at eye level unless you have a very tall and narrow piece. If you want to hang something above eye level, I recommend a wall clock.

Very high ceilings require very high windows, which usually have to be specially ordered by the designer.

The basic rule for tall windows is to hang curtains from the ceiling. On the other hand, if your windows do not point to the ceiling, you can add shades to make them more proportional. In any case, the curtains should hang so that they almost reach the floor.

Sizing It Down: How To Decorate A Home With High Ceilings

Depending on how high your ceilings are, you may need to order custom curtains. Although expensive, this is an option worth considering. The softness of the curtains helps make a room with high ceilings more comfortable. Don’t worry that the high curtains are too much for you: as long as you choose a solid color or a subtle pattern, the effect will be spectacular.

The wooden ceiling beams in this kitchen complement the hardwood floor while contrasting the elegant metal.

One way to create a sense of depth for high ceilings is to add exposed beams or large crown molding. While beams are usually associated with country houses, they can also fit into contemporary style homes.

How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

Hanging a distinctive light fixture, such as a pendant lamp, is a classic solution for drawing attention to the ceiling. In general, a chandelier should hang above a coffee table or dining table in the middle of the room.

Decorating Ideas For High Walls

For this North Dallas project, we reused a dining room chandelier from our client’s old home and hung it above the sitting area in her new master bedroom.

Another way to visually connect the upper and lower levels of a room is to turn one wall into a feature wall. There are several ways to do this. Painting one wall in a solid, dramatic color from floor to ceiling; paste walls with wallpaper; or extending the brick or stone around your fireplace upwards are a few ideas.

An alternative to floor-to-ceiling walls is to follow the rule of thirds and visually divide the wall into thirds. For example, the lower third of your wall could be paneled, the middle third for artwork, and the upper third could be left as is.

The paneling shown above, plus two rows of framed molding above it, visually divides the wall into thirds.

The Right Way To Lay Out Your Living Room: The 7 Formulas Interior Designers Rely On

However, not everything in your room has to coordinate with these three segments. Breaking up the visual “horizon” of the room (for example by including some bookshelves) adds variety to the topography of the room.

If you want your walls to be shorter and the ceiling closer together, paint the walls two colors, one above the other.

Some owners take advantage of the extra wall height in their rooms by installing floating shelves or buying tall bookshelves. If you like green plants, you can also add a tall pot in the corner of your room.

How To Decorate A Living Room With High Ceilings

Rooms with high ceilings need furniture and accessories that match the scale. Do not fill your room with a collection of small objects or small furniture.

How To Decorate Rooms With High Ceilings

A custom 4 poster bed and oversized rug are the perfect choice for this high ceiling bedroom we designed.

Your furniture should be grouped into different seating areas and secured with appropriately sized rugs. Space between furniture will make the room unbalanced and uncomfortable.

Having high ceilings is a problem that many people envy. However, there is no denying that taking advantage of the extra height can be difficult without design knowledge and experience.

By working with a professional interior designer, you can have access to their resources, which include custom window treatments, beautiful artwork, beautiful chandeliers, and other design elements that bring out the best in a room with high ceilings. To schedule a free consultation with us, call our Dallas office at 214-232-9501 or email us at info@. Walk into a room with high ceilings and you hear an immediate “ooh” and “ahh.” The challenge came with figuring out how to decorate the resulting tall walls and make the ceiling a part of the interior design floor plan. If you are in need of

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